Ayurveda Treatment for Diabetic Patients: Everything That Will Help

Ayurveda Treatment for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world. Yet being so common, diabetes is one disease that can completely change the course of your present life. It is a lifelong disease and doesn’t leave you very easily. Although doctors have a treatment for it the patient must continue his meds forever to keep it in control. Currently over 115 of the world’s population is suffering from diabetes.  You may be surprised to know that Ayurveda already has mentioned several types of Diabetes and methods to cure them in the ancient texts. Diabetes is known by the name ‘Madhumeha’. Ayurveda treatment for diabetic patients lies in your kitchen, herbs, and common plants & leaves. This article will shed light on all of them briefly.  

Ayurvedic Point of View on Diabetes:

Ayurveda treatment for diabetic patients focuses on the roots of the problem but the symptoms of any disease. The holistic approach to healing diabetes leads patients to a simple healthy lifestyle and active routine. Ayurveda Sahi Hai believes that only by improving our current lifestyle we can stop many health issues. It goes by the philosophy ‘we are what we eat’. However, Ayurveda proposes several medicinal remedies made up of natural plants and herbs. They show a lasting effect on diabetes with zero side effects. 

Ayurveda calls diabetes Madhumeha which means sweet urine. Diabetes mellitus is known as Vata Prameha and Diabetes Insipidus is known as Kapha Prameha. It believes that our unhealthy lifestyle is the root cause of the birth of Madhumeha. Some signs are below. 

  • No physical activities. 
  • Having excessive sleep, especially in the daytime. 
  • Ingesting too many sweets in your diet. 
  • Excessive intakes of curd. 
  • Excessive food eating results in an imbalance of Kapha. 

According to Ayurveda, the treatment of Madhumeha depends on your diet and lifestyle. Alongside there are remedies that help. 

  • Using Ayurvedic remedies regularly. 
  • Therapies to detox your body. 
  • A healthy diet. 
  • Change in overall lifestyle. 

Diabetes- Types, Causes, and Symptoms:

Among the 20 different types of Prameha mentioned in the Ayurveda, we see two types of Prameha- Avarana & Dhatuksyaya. Avarana refers to the blockage in channels due to aggravated Kapha. Dhatuksyaya is the depletion of tissues in the body. Digestive fire also plays an important role in treating diabetes. Weak digestive fire leads to weak processing of body functions and less production of all the natural hormones & enzymes to keep you healthy. 

Type-1 Diabetes Symptoms: 

  • Excessive thirst 
  • Excessive hunger
  • Mouth dryness
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting urges. 
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurry vision 

Type-2 Diabetes Symptoms: 

  • Extreme thirst 
  • Frequent Need to Urinate
  • Excessive Hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Slow healing of wounds

Causes of Type-1 & Type-2 Diabetes: 

Both types of diabetes have an intense relationship with the secretion of Insulin. Insulin is a hormone that the pancreas secretes to balance the glucose levels in the blood. 

In type-1 Diabetes, our immune system starts considering the insulin as foreign and attacks them as a result, glucose in our body increases uncontrollably. Several other environmental and body susceptibility causes type-1 diabetes but being overweight is not a cause. 

Type-2 diabetes occurs when your cells start resisting the actions of insulin and show no response to its work. Also, the insulin secretion capacity of the Pancreas drops down to negligible amounts. Several genetic and environmental factors are also the causes of this diabetes. Being overweight is a prime cause here. 

There is another type of Diabetes called Gestational Diabetes to keep the pregnancy healthy in women. The cells become resistant to insulin. However, the pancreas produces enough insulin to counter the situation, but it may not be enough to balance the blood sugar levels. 

Remedies of Ayurvedic Treatments for Diabetic Patients:

Ayurveda has suggested several home remedies and herbs to consume to balance diabetes. You can approach several available Ayurvedic meds in authorised shops. Ayurveda suggests not eating soft drinks, sweets, oily food, cold food, rice, wheat, and meat. Alongside you have to start body activities like Yoga & exercise. Good quality sleep and no stress life will be helpful in doing so.  

Here are a few home remedies that will help you with diabetes. 

1.      Bitter Gourd: 

Bitter Gourd is rich in hypoglycemic and natural biochemical substances to balance the blood sugar level. Doctors and Ayurvedic Vaidya highly recommend its juice once a day to diabetes patients. 

2.      Bay Leaf:

Make a fine mixture of bay leaf, turmeric, and Aloe Vera gel. Take it before meals to control your blood sugar. 

3.      Black Plum: 

Black Plum or Jamun has the properties to regulate and secretion of insulin in the body. It helps our body to control diabetes. Plus black plums are tasty. 

4.      Amla: 

Amla, being high in antioxidant properties and Vitamin C absorbs carbohydrates from blood. Also, it improves the secretion of insulin and the cell’s sensitivity to it resulting in controlling blood sugar. 

5.      Giloy:  


You will always find Giloy in the list of diabetes Ayurvedic herbs. It is a hypoglycemic agent and promotes the secretion of insulin in the body. But most importantly Giloy burns extra glucose in the blood resulting in low sugar levels. 

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6.      Neem: 


Neem is one of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs. It is highly bitter and works wonderfully on diabetes. Being rich in glycosides and flavonoids, it highly controls the blood sugar levels in the body. You can eat it raw, as supplement tablets, or as juice. 

7.      Vijaysar: 

Vijaysar is enriched with hyperlipidemic properties, helpful in managing blood sugar levels, reducing its symptoms, and improving digestion. Alongside it reduces cholesterol levels, low-density lipoprotein, and serum triglyceride.  

8.      Banyan Tree bark: 

  Banyan Tree bark

Banyan tree bark is a natural anti-diabetic. It has glycosides and flavonoids which are highly effective in managing blood sugar levels. 

Leave a piece of banyan bark in water overnight. Later blend the bark with water and filter it for consuming the extract. Banyan powder is also available in the market. You can mix it with water and drink it regularly.

9.      Gurmar: 

Gurmar is a famous herb for treating diabetes. It is a woody vine and warm orange in colour. It has a high amount of flavonols in it. Take one spoonful of Gurmar powder, mix it with one glass of water, and eat after 1 hour of having meals. 

10. Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seeds contain Galactomannan compounds that are highly effective in reducing the digestion rate and carbohydrate absorption in the body.  Soak 10 grams of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Have this Ayurvedic drink for diabetes every morning empty stomach. 


Diabetes is a common but very critical condition in people. Not only does it makes you weak but it gives the invitation to many other diseases and worse, hides their symptoms very well. Not to say that a huge number of people die either because of diabetes directly or indirectly. Ayurveda treatment for diabetic patients leads you to very natural remedies. Even the black plum and banyan tree bark have anti-diabetic properties. This article has described the very types, causes, symptoms, and home remedies to control blood sugar. If you have diabetes and want to treat it naturally, start applying all the above remedies. See the results yourself in a few weeks only. 

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