Do You Know These Health Benefits of Methi? 

health benefits of methi

Methi is among the common ingredients of our daily kitchen activities. It is used to add taste to food and make it spicy. But the taste is not the only reason what we would suggest you add methi in your daily meals. Methi or Fenugreek has a number of health benefits too. Ayurveda mentions methi as a herb for boosting your overall health naturally. It boosts your metabolism, improves blood sugar levels, and more. 

In this blog, we are sharing with you the in-detailed natural health benefits of methi that  Ayurveda has mentioned. 

Role of Methi in Ayurveda: 

Methi is a medicinal herb and comes in use very often in Indian homes. Ayurveda calls it a heating energy element helpful in boosting the Virya in the body. It is also helpful in balancing hormones and improving your metabolism. Sweet in taste, Methi effectively lowers down your blood sugar level, improves digestive health, and respiratory system, and offers skin benefits. 

People having constipation issues should start eating Methi. 

In Ayurveda, methi is often used in the form of a powder or paste, which is applied topically or ingested. Indian cuisines commonly use methi in culinary preparations.

As with all Ayurvedic remedies, it is important to consult with a qualified practitioner before using methi or any other ayurvedic herbs for medicinal purposes.

Health Benefits of Methi: 

Health Benefits of Methi 
Health Benefits of Methi: 

In Ayurveda, methi is a common herb and has the following health benefits for humankind. Using methi in culinary preparations adds up taste as well as health in your plate. 

  1. Lowering blood sugar levels: 
Lowering blood sugar levels: 

The very first considerable benefit of methi is its ability to treat high blood pressure. Methi has potassium, dietary fibre, and saponins compounds. Potassium controls the amount of sodium in human blood. Therefore it naturally paves a path for its treatment. Dietary fiber or soluble fiber improves the 

Methi has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels, making it a potentially helpful supplement for people with Saponins may help to relax the blood vessels and improve blood flow, which can help to reduce blood pressure.

  1. Reducing inflammation: 
Reducing inflammation 
Reducing inflammation: 

Methi has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation and discomfort in the body. Methi contains compounds that can inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory molecules, such as cytokines and prostaglandins. The anti-oxidant helps in neutralizing the free radicals in our body. Free radicals are a rich cause of inflammation and damage to cells. Methi also reduces the immune system by reducing the activity of immune cells that contribute to inflammation. Methi contains compounds that can act as natural painkillers caused by inflammation. 

  1. Lowering cholesterol levels: 
Lowering cholesterol levels 
Lowering cholesterol levels: 

Methi is full of soluble fibre. Fiber binds cholesterol in the digestive tract and stops our body’s bloodstream from absorbing it. Also, the saponins present in it inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. 

Methi also helps break down the cholesterol & fat from the liver by increasing the secretion of bile acids. It is helpful in improving insulin sensitivity. Better sensitivity means better reduction in blood glucose and lipids in the patients. 

  1. Improving digestion: 

Methi seeds are filled with digestive enzymes, fiber, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Digestive enzymes such as amylase, lipase, and protease help break down the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the food in our body. The anti-inflammatory compounds help reduce the inflammation in our body which results in reducing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As methi seeds are a great source of fiber, it adds bulk to stool, promote regular bowel movements in the body, and absorb extra water from the digestive tract that results in reducing the symptoms of diarrhea.

Note that Methi is a soothing seed. It helps with soothing heartburn and acid reflux. It also prevents the damage caused by acid and other irritants in the body. 

  1. Boosting milk production: 
Boosting milk production
Boosting milk production

Methi seeds are rich in phytoestrogens which stimulate milk production in the body. Milk production improves because phytoestrogens work by increasing the prolactin hormone that is essential for milk production. With the boost in prolactin hormone, methi is home for many necessary vitamins & minerals. These are important to maintain good health & increase milk production. Methi has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in fibre. 

People use methi as tea or a supplement for increasing breast milk. Indian homes commonly use methi in curries for taste. You can also use it as a paste on your breast. 

  1. Promoting weight loss: 
Promoting weight loss 
Promoting weight loss: 

Methi is a great source of fiber, especially galactomannan. It helps control your appetite by making you feel full for a longer time. Galactomannan improves insulin sensitivity and boosts metabolism. This burns more calories efficiently and keeps you full for a longer time. This helps in preventing overeating and reduction in calorie intake. 

Methi is a low-calorie food. It means you can eat more of it without worrying about the excess calories would store in your body as fat. It inhibits the absorption of fat & carbohydrates in the body. It helps you feel full and satisfied for longer times. 

How to Consume Methi? 

Methi is a common ingredient of Indian cuisine. Methi is available in the form of seeds, leaves, powder, paste, and sprouts. You can use methi roasted or ground in various Indian dishes. Methi leaves give a good taste to dal, curries, and salad. Dried methi leaves also known as kasoori methi is famous for their taste booster properties in curries and rice dishes. You can also use methi powder made directly from methi seeds to use in dal, curries, or as a seasoning. 

You can leave methi seeds in water overnight and further leave them to be drained in a warm moist place for a few days. Wait until they sprout. Now consume it raw or use it in a salad. 

Note that methi has side effects too. It can give some unwanted allergies and issues afterward. So before consuming methi seeds or leaves or sprouts, you must discuss with your doctor about the usage and whether you should take it or not. 


As methi is so common in Indian households, we often ignore that it has so many benefits. From our digestive health to sexual health, methi improves our lifestyle and overall body functioning. In this blog, we have discussed 6 major health benefits of methi. Including methi will impact on your health positively. However, you must consult your doctor prior to using methi as it also has considerable side effects. 

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