14 Clinical Health Benefits of Turmeric for Daily Lifestyle

benefits of turmeric

Turmeric has always been an incredible health-beneficial herb. Our ancient Ayurveda medicine has been credited with the unlimited, wonderful health benefits of turmeric. Even turmeric has left its mark in our ancient Puranas as a divine herb. The use of turmeric takes us back to 1700 B.C.

Today, medical science also approves of the unbeatable medical benefits of turmeric. But many of us don’t know about those benefits. If you are also not aware of the healing properties of turmeric, read this blog, as we have discussed 14 health benefits of turmeric.

14 Health Benefits of Turmeric

1.It is anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is an important process of the body as it helps in protecting us from harm. But when it goes into overdrive mode, it becomes a disease itself. Therefore, people suffering from it must take some medicine to stop it.

Turmeric, however, is a natural substance that helps to stop the overdrive of inflammation. Turmeric has a curcumin compound in it that helps to stop the chemical that initiates inflammation by reacting with the molecules in the body. Research also says that curcumin plays a vital role in relieving many inflammatory conditions such as stomach pain, arthritis, and pancreatitis.

2.) It helps in the Digestive System:


The compound curcumin in turmeric is also helpful in improving the digestive system. It helps the human body fight against many digestive ailments such as gas, bloating, and other bowel diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

3.) It is enriched with Anti-Cancer Properties:

Dr. Rebcca says that turmeric has anti-cancer properties that can help with breast cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer, and many more. However, the research papers are limited in numbers. One more point to note is that it does not replace regular cancer treatment. You need to go for routine screening tests and other procedures as only turmeric can not fully cure cancer.

4.) Helps in Controlling Blood Sugar:

In India, almost every home has one diabetic patient. Turmeric has been proven to lower blood sugar due to the compound present in it- Curcumin. Curcumin is especially beneficial for Type 2 diabetes. The compound helps prevent the conversion stage of pre-diabetes into diabetes. Also, if you are a patient with blood sugar, try to maintain your healthy BMI, exercise daily for 30 minutes minimum, and avoid carbohydrates.

5.)  Helpful in Improving Heart Health:

healthy heart

Cholesterol and blood pressure are two complementary ailments of the human body. One comes with the second. Turmeric has a vital effect on cholesterol and hence effectively controls blood pressure. Controlling both means improving the overall health of the human heart. It helps to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases in the heart and even lower the chances of heart attack significantly.

However, if you are taking medicines for blood pressure, you must consult your doctor before consuming turmeric as it may lead you to bleed. Also, don’t forget to monitor all the changes during the process.

6.) It has Antioxidant Properties:

Turmeric has high antioxidant properties in it. That means it can reduce the free radicals in your body, making the body safer and giving it a longer life.

7.It helps in Virus Protection:

Turmeric increases the human body’s resistive properties against viruses. In the COVID-19 times, turmeric was one of the few substances that doctors were suggesting to use. When used in low amounts, benefits turmeric the body by increasing its capacity and strength.

8.) Turmeric may help treat Alzheimer’s:

In India, Alzheimer’s is not a common problem. The reason behind this may be the daily activity, routine, and daily food Indians consume. Turmeric may be one of the most reasonable substances for this as Indians consume almost 125 mg of curcumin every day.

Turmeric has been reported to slow down the process of Alzheimer’s if not prevent it completely. It also acts as a neuroprotective. People with Alzheimer’s are suggested not to eat processed food.

9.It helps in Arthritis:

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help it reduce the symptoms of Arthritis, joint pain, and osteoarthritis. Although the effects of turmeric in this segment are not completely proven, and more clinical tests are needed for it, people have been using it for centuries.

However, initial studies suggest that it has positive effects on treating arthritis and can provide similar results to NSAID therapies.

10.) Helpful in Depression:

It may be surprising but turmeric actually can help you with depression. Turmeric has a curcumin compound in it that helps to generate serotonin and dopamine- two chemicals that are responsible for happiness. Turmeric also can help you to perform better in adverse situations.

Note that more research is yet to come in this segment of the clinical aspect of turmeric, but you can go on by taking suggestions from an expert in the field.

11.) It aids in Liver Function:


Although the research results are yet to come fully, the initial reports say that turmeric can help us limit liver damage caused by iron overdose. Turmeric is a natural detoxifying substance and with its properties, it can lower the levels of liver enzymes and also reduce hepatic disorders.

12.Helpful in Treating Erectile Dysfunction:

Turmeric has high anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, theoretically, it can help men to treat their erectile dysfunction caused by inflammation. However, there are countless medications on the market for erectile dysfunction, and people may not see turmeric as the primary treatment for it.

13.) It improves the Skin:

This is the most known benefit of turmeric. In India, people use turmeric to improve skin health. In Hindu community marriages, people celebrate a function dedicated only to turmeric called ‘Haldi’- the Hindi name for turmeric.

Turmeric helps in various skin ailments such as eczema, ulcers, psoriasis, and wounds. Turmeric is inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial in nature.

14.) Turmeric is helpful in Weight Loss:

According to a report of studies conducted in 2018, Turmeric can be highly effective in your weight loss journey. It significantly decreases BMI and leptin levels. It helps to reduce weight, waist, and circumferences. It has also been an effective supplement for the management of the metabolic syndrome.

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In Ayurveda, turmeric is considered a divine substance. It has countless benefits. Although, there are some side effects of turmeric. Above are 14 health benefits of turmeric in short brief. Now you know how helpful turmeric really is for human life. Let me tell you that using turmeric powder in regular meals does not count as significantly beneficial. You need to consume it as a supplement. Before starting a regular dose of turmeric, you should consult about it with your doctor.

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