Know About the Natural Ayurveda Remedies for PCOs at Home

Ayurveda Remedies for PCOs at Home

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as PCO is a common issue among women. Medical treatments are available that ensure the healing of this disease. However, if you are one of those who love to go natural in your life, this blog is for you.First, let me share what actually is PCO. PCO is a syndrome that develops small cysts in a woman’s ovary.

It is not a life-threatening condition but it results in hormonal changes. Females see male tendencies like excessive facial or body hairs due to the excess secretion of hormones because of cysts. They become the reason for internal & external male tendencies in women. 

This blog aims to share the very Ayurveda remedies for PCOs natural treatment at your home. Read the article completely to gain insights in detail. 

Effects of PCOs on Women:

– Excessive body hair or facial hair or loss of hair.  

– Mood swings

– Suffer irregular periods. 

– Experience acne. 

Ayurveda goes by the philosophy ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. While there are treatments available, they can recur many times. Below are some natural Ayurveda remedies for PCOs. 

Natural Ayurveda Remedies for PCOs:

All these remedies are natural and have no side effects. However, you can ask for suggestions from an expert to get the right individual treatment.

1.  Exercise Regularly:

One of the main symptoms of PCOs is not being able to lose weight. This is very commonly seen in all PCOs patients. Plus if you are not in a regular exercise routine, it may cost you your health. To get relief from this, set up a daily exercise session. You can either go to a gym or run on the tracks. You can choose exercises according to your body type & comfort. First, you must not do too much in the early stages but gradually increase the intensity of the exercises. Focus especially on the lower abdomen exercises to keep your belly fat in control. 

All this may not give you results in the initial stages but slowly you will start noticing great improvements in your body. 

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet:

Ayurveda promotes a healthy diet for treating all diseases & ailments. A healthy diet is an effective Ayurveda remedy for PCOs and does wonders in preventing & treating PCOs. Here are a few tips for a healthy diet. 

Avoid sweets, fried, and high-calorie food items on your plate. Replace your sweets with fruits. 

– Breakfast is your main meal. Make it rich in proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. 

– Eat small meals frequently. This will help you avoid overeating. Also, you will feel less need for snacks. 

– Plan your meal for the day as per calories & other nutrients. This will help you analyse your food intake. 

– Include fibre in your meals. 

3. Maintain a Stable Ovulation Cycle:

PCOs often interfere with the natural ovulation cycle. It causes irregular periods and affects fertility in women. As a result, women face difficulty conceiving a child. Focus on your natural ovulation cycle. Avoid using unnatural ways of delaying periods. It means you need to completely cut off the period-delaying pills. If not possible, minimise the dozes as rarely as once a year. A stable menstruation cycle promotes good women’s health and reduces the symptoms of PCO. 

4. Eat Special Diets:

Ayurveda suggests many special diets that are extremely effective in reducing the symptoms of PCO. Following are some of them. 

– Bitter Gourd as a vegetable or juice can help you control your blood sugar level. You can also eat Indian gooseberry or Amla for similar results. 

– PCO patients face a high level of insulin in their blood for no use. It slowly increases high blood sugar levels. Eat Tulsi leaves or basil or fenugreek leaves for controlling insulin levels in your body. 

– For weight control eat one tablespoon of honey with lemon water. It is sweet in taste and also helpful in controlling weight. 

5. Keep Your Body & Mind Stress-Free:

Today’s lifestyle is full of rush. Each one of us faces competition in our career and personal lives. Ayurveda tells us that our body reflects our internal health. If we are not in a healthy mood, our bodies will never be healthy. Here are a few tips to be free from stress. 

– Adopt Yoga as your lifestyle. Yoga offers you a complete set of exercises for flexibility, strength, organ functioning, and mental exercises. These all-rounded exercises help you burn fat and gain a healthy body. Surya Namaskar is one such exercise set that stretches all your body parts.

– Be close to nature. Always take out time to spend with Mother Nature. Go to the beach, woods, some park, or even to your local water bodies. A breeze of fresh air will help you soothe all the mess in your mind. 

– Start doing meditation. Meditation helps you to concentrate on your inner self. You channel your energy to calm your mind and body. It gives rest to your body functioning and heals you from within. Meditation is one of the most effective Ayurveda remedies for PCOs. 

– The final act of gaining peace is to serve others. When you help others without any expectations, you feel a sense of goodness in your heart. The feel-good factor helps your mind to rest and calm down. 


PCOs are very common nowadays. It is not dangerous but has certain symptoms that can make you worried. However, Ayurveda suggests many home remedies to treat this.

We have discussed a few Ayurveda remedies for PCOs in detail in this blog. In our opinion, these are ideal lifestyle parameters that one must go as to live a healthy long life.

If you are not following these points already, it’s high time that you should start trying these for treating your PCO naturally. Ayurveda also provides some herbal medicines for the same. If you are moving towards Ayurvedic treatment, you can also ask for suggestions from an expert for Ayurvedic medicines. If you are going through severe conditions in PCOs, Ayurveda provides you with Panchakarma therapy. 

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