How Do Unhealthy Lifestyles Affect Female Fertility?

Unhealthy Lifestyles Affect Female Fertility

The lifestyle of India’s young generation has changed dramatically. In recent years, the lifestyle has inclined towards fast food, unhealthy cycles, being overweight, and excess tobacco and drinks. All these have dramatically affected the young generation’s health including the fertility of individuals.

The common age of giving first birth in India is 29 years today which is more than in previous decades. Late marriages are also a reason for this. Indian men & women are facing infertility challenges more than ever. The past few decades have severely affected the child-producing abilities of men & women both.

Genuinely accept that 99% of young people are regular drinkers or smokers. The fast lifestyle doesn’t allow them to utilise their day for the best of their lives. If you are a young man/woman, it’s the right time to leave your bad habits or at least minimise them. This will help you to conceive naturally without any difficulties. 

In this blog, I am going to discuss some habits that are affecting your fertility. Read the blog to know everything in detail. 

Habits Affecting Your Pregnancy:

IVF and fertility experts have listed down some common habits which are harmful to your pregnancy. If you want to start your family without any issues, you must get rid of these. 

1. Stress:

Stress has a big role in degrading our living standards. Although I can’t call it a habit of choosing a mental state. Our fast life with an unlimited workload has created the mess we are living in. Although we can’t run from it. Recent studies from the University of Dubin in Ireland have reported that chronic stress affects the hypothalamus and its activity, promotes disruption in the natural pituitary hormone cycle, inhibits implantation, affects the cycle of periods, and disturbs ovulation. Regular stress also causes poor quality sleep and eating disorders causing weakness and irregular menstruation. 

2. Poor Nutrition:

Nutrition plays an important part in all segments of our life. But here is a catch in fertility. Poor nutrition affects it but here is something more. A study reports that women who intake high amounts of animal protein in their diet, they’re a 39% higher chance of being infertile 39% more than other groups. For a woman to have a healthy pregnancy, she should be inclined to rich plant-based protein. Such as nuts, seeds, legumes, and beans are good to choose for healthy conceiving. Also, you must not eat raw eggs, liver products, uncooked seafood, unwashed fruits, and excess caffeine. 

3. Chewing Tobacco:

Tobacco is probably one of the worst things to chew between your teeth. Reportedly, it decreases the ability to absorb vitamins & minerals in women, resulting in a disruption in the common hormonal cycle and menstruation. Chewing tobacco affects the fertility age and the age of menopause too. It has a drastic effect on women’s fertility, increasing the danger by 1.6 times

4. Excess of Alcohol:

Although alcohol has no clear effects on women’s fertility, it can cause issues in conceiving a baby. A team of Danish experts and researchers studied 6120 females aged 21-45. All females were in relationships and trying to conceive. The team alcohol intakes are standard , serving as 1-3, 4-7, 8-13, and 14 or more units every week. After the test, 4210 females got pregnant. 

The results were not in support of any effect of moderate alcohol consumption which is 1-7 units a week. The no-alcohol group pregnancy reports were not very different in number. In some cases, alcohol intakes boost fertility while in some it either decreased or had zero effect. However, doctors and experts suggest complete negligence on alcohol when you are trying to conceive. 

5. Bad Sleep Cycle:

A night of good sleep is required for the healthy functioning of all our organs. Especially when you are trying to conceive, it is a must for you to have a quality sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Poor sleep and heavy regular stress on the mind have a bad effect on pregnancy. Women who lead a poor sleep lifestyle have four times increased risk of infertility. Bad sleep affects each step of our body’s functioning. It means that you will have a disruption in each step of your pregnancy right from hormonal imbalance. Not getting enough sleep also affects mood swings and memory. If you are trying to conceive, it’s high time that you prioritise your resting hours of the day. 

Women who are having trouble conceiving due to poor quality sleep should try to contact doctors for surrogacy treatment. 

Visit for IVF/IUI/Surrogacy:

Surrogacy is a kind of pregnancy where the mother women do not carry her child. A couple makes a deal with a woman who carries their child in her womb and gives birth to the child. This may be due to some medical reasons or choice. Unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking, smoking, poor sleep, and chewing tobacco affect women’s fertility to some extent. Today, medical science has developed treatments to help women struggling with fertility, there is one option available to you if everything doesn’t seem working- Surrogacy. 

If you are struggling with pregnancy issues, you should visit doctors for surrogacy. It is one of the safest ways of producing a baby. Fertility and IVF experts will guide you in each step of the process.


India’s modern lifestyle has decreased the quality of life we used to lead. Excessive workload, poor diet, and not sleeping enough are major reasons for infertility in the young generation. This blog aims to give you exposure to how an unhealthy lifestyle has affected and still affects women’s capacity to conceive a child. 

If you are a woman trying to get pregnant, avoid this lifestyle and adopt a healthy one. This will increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy at an early age. Other than this, you can go for surrogacy which has a high success rate. A woman you choose gives birth to your child and you become a parent indirectly but legally. Also, keep a keen eye on the legal documents of surrogacy. 

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