How Does Ayurveda Help with Gynecology?

Ayurveda Help with Gynecology

It is time now that we consider the issues of gynaecology common yet a dangerous threat to our society’s health. Among all parts of the world, women are facing several gynaecological diseases. Menstrual disorders, infertility, heavy bleeding, and irregular periods are some of the symptoms of gynaecological disorders.

In the ancient texts of India, gynaecological problems are seen, well understood, and treated with the natural holistic approach of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda calls gynaecological problems as Yonigyavad. This includes all the gyno problems and their treatment. While the modern medicinal world offers complex medicines and supplements, Ayurveda deals with the problems with it with no or minimum side effect procedures of treatment. Although quite underwhelmed many times, Ayurveda does have a successful track record of treating such problems. 

Ayurveda manages all stages of women’s gynaecological problems at all ages. It can be the start of periods or peaks of women’s teenagers or motherhood or at the time of menopause. Ayurveda’s simple natural drugs and medicines have shown great improvement in women’s health. 

How do Gynaecological Problems Affect Our Society?

Gyno problems are a big concern for the world today. As per the report, 8.09% of the total burden of diseases goes under these problems. These are heavier numbers as malaria has a 1.04% contribution. Tuberculosis has 2.9%, her diseases have 4.2%, and maternal conditions are 3.5% of contributions to this burden of diseases. 

In quite recent decades India has shown a great inclination toward these diseases. Almost 52% of the women in India suffer from any kind of gyno problem. This figure makes the situation severe. India has a high population of young and teenagers alike. 

The gyno problems lead to infertility, mood swings, irritating behaviours, have you bleeding, painful bleeding, rashes, infections, hormonal changes, and much more. This can affect the overall health of women and our society as well. 

Ayurveda and its principles on gynaecological problems: 

Ayurveda and its principles on gynaecological problems: 

No one knows how old Ayurveda is remedies and treatments including natural herbs have considered almost all problems we face today. Ayurveda has a long list of gyno problems and their treatment in detail. While modern medicines have shown quite a good effect on gyno problems, Ayurveda has achieved it with simple procedures, easily available drugs, and affordable treatments with minimal side effects. In India, you will find prasuti and stri Rog professionals who specialise in this segment of women’s health. 

Ayurveda deals with all health issues on an individual level. The imbalance in body and energy combination known as doshas are the prime factors for any disease in Ayurveda. The treatment of any disease including gyno goes through a healthy diet exercise and a few natural medicinal drugs available to almost all households in India. 

  1. Vata Dosha: 

These patients see short but irregular periods, scanty menstruation, cramping, lower back pain, constipation, flatulence, low vitality, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and nerve sensitivity. 

2. Pitta Dosha: 

These patients face excess menstrual flow. In the medium duration of menstruation, they may go through rashes, acne, red eyes, short-tempered, irritability, diarrhea, flushed face, or fever and extra. 

3. Kapha Dosha: 

Patients with Kapha Dosha imbalance face continuous and moderate menstrual flow and feel fatigued, with heaviness, edema, and nausea-like symptoms. 

Effective Ayurvedic Adaption to Get Relieved from Gynaecological Problems: 

Focus On Your Diet: 

Women go through a lot of complexity in their health. They need more energy and a more balanced diet to healthy execute their daily life activities. Especially when they are menstruating they need more energy and nutrients to support their body. This makes a healthy diet for women more important than for men. 

Drinking, smoking, caffeine intake, processed food, and packaged food as much as possible. Grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables are your friend. Your dosa also suggests the type of food you need to eat. For example, if you have Kapha dosha in your body then broccoli, cabbage, garlic, and should be on your plate very often. 

Change Your Lifestyle: 

Modern times have distorted the healthy lifestyle that our ancestors used to have. Quality sleep exercise and waking up early with a stress-free lifestyle are all a dream now. But if you are suffering through kind no problems you must change your lifestyle to a healthy one to gain benefits. 

  • Start practising yoga regularly. 
  • Join a gym. 
  • Wake up early.
  • Eat Healthily. 
  • Be calm & stress-free. 
  • Say no to smoking and drinking. 

Take Herbal Remedies: 

Ayurveda has shown a great impact on treating gynaecological problems. Not only has it shown a reduction in symptoms but also improved the physical and mental well-being of a patient. It is available across India and is very affordable. Therefore you will not face any kind of economic problems when opting for these methods. 

For example, if you are suffering through painful periods then ginger, licorice roots, and saffron can help you soothe the pain. 

Severe gyno problems like infertility can also be treated with herbal remedies such as Triphala, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gurlduchi, Swedanam, etc. 

Gynecological Diseases that Ayurveda Treats: 

  1. Infertility: 

Ayurveda focuses on the individual body types to treat infertility focusing on the process and participant organs in fertilisation. Medical herbs enhance reproductive health compounds. Finally, Yoga and healthy regimes play an important role in it. 

2. Menstrual Issues: 

Ayurveda has described several menstrual disorders based on the doshas. These doshas help experts to design individual treatments for menstruation. 

3. Vaginal Discomfort.

4. Uterine Infections.

5. PCOs: 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is probably the fastest-growing disease in the gyno. Obesity, hypertension, acne, and mood swings are a few symptoms of it. 

6. Vaginal Discharge. 

7. White Discharge: 

Women commonly have white discharge from their vaginas. This is to keep their vagina clean. However, ayurveda describes an excess of white discharge due to an imbalance of Kapha dosha. It also offers multiple treatments for it. 

8. Breast Lumps.

9. Postmenopausal Syndrome:


Ayurveda takes gyno problems very seriously. The ancient medical textbooks have described these problems in a detailed manner. Whatever the disorder, Ayurveda treatments of gynaecological diseases are affordable, easy to get, and a natural cure for all. Moreover, Ayurveda offers complete treatment for all women of all ages. Right from the age of the first menstrual cycle to post-menopause, Ayurveda covers it all. This treatment is special as it focuses on individual doshas which govern the body and decide its primary nature. It treats the imbalance of Shukra or the female reproductive elements. 

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