6 Amazing Benefits of Neem Leaves

Benefits of Neem Leaves

Ayurveda has many herbs, seeds, and plants that are beneficial for our health. But the one plant that has surpassed most others is Neem. Neem is a highly available flora in India and is treated as the most generic Ayurvedic medicine for a long list of health issues. Since childhood, I have been using Neem water baths to keep my skin rashes-free. You must have seen television advertisements for soaps & toothpaste showing Neem as one of the prime raw materials. LOL! 

In this article, we will discuss why Neem is so important and what the benefits of Neem leaves are. Read the complete article to get complete information. 

What is Neem?

Neem is a common flora in the Indian continent and is a very important part of Indian holistic treatment, Ayurveda. Ayurveda calls it by the name Nature’s Pharmacy. It has gained a very high reputation for being highly active in healing properties. The medicinal flora is one of the most potent ayurvedic herbs and is considered very useful in treating skin health, blood refining, digestion, and many other health ailments. We will discuss these later in this article. Countries with a similar climate to India are investing money into the cultivation of the Neem tree in their home region for its medicinal properties. 

Benefits of Neem Leaves:

Benefits of Neem Leaves:

As per the Ayurveda, Neem leaves contain 130 active biological compounds that have the most complex structure for any plant leaf. It is helpful in several health diseases including life-threatening cancer. 

1. Neem helps treat Cancer:

Cancer-the name of this life-threatening disease is enough to scare a family. But how does it happen? Ayurveda says that we all have cancerous cells in our bodies. They are separated from each other and flow independently in our bodies. However, the problem arises when they accumulate in one place and become a visible disease. It depends on our daily habits such as smoking. Cancerous cells are dangerous only when they are organized. Neem leaves are known for their blood-refining properties. It is high in antioxidants and is a killer of such cancer cells. Neem has multiple chemical compounds that together attack the free-radical cancerous cells, kill them and keep you healthy. 

2. Helpful in Killing Bacteria:

Our body is home to many unseen microorganisms. Don’t worry as they are very important to us. They help us in digestion and work as an indirect energy source for our body. Without them, we will not be able to live our lives healthily. But when our body grows an extra bacteria or some unknown bacteria harmful to the body mechanism, they become a danger to our body. These types of bacteria damage our body’s mechanism from the inside and weaken us. 

For note, our body has a defence system to deal with such situations. But like all the soldiers, it needs help. Neem has properties that refine our body from within. Our body spends energy controlling bacteria. However, applying Neem internally & externally helps our body to fight against these. Neem is available in powder form in capsules. You can buy those or eat Neem leaves directly. 

Apply Neem if you feel your body smelling in certain areas of your body. 

3. Highly Beneficial for Skin:

 Highly Beneficial For Skin:

Each one of us has some minor or major skin issues. For major skin issues, we suggest you go to a doctor, regular or Ayurvedic, and get treatment. You can treat minor skin issues at home with some home Ayurvedic remedies. Below are some examples. 

– Use a Neem paste over your skin before bath. Leave it to dry and then go for a regular bath. It will help you as a highly effective antibacterial compound. 

– Soak some Neem leaves in water. The next morning bathe with this water to get radiant & clean skin. 

– Blood toxicity is also a reason for skin issues. In that case, you can eat Neem leaves or Neem capsules to treat it speedily. 

4. Reboots the Digestion Process:

Neem Leaves have antibacterial & anti-septic properties in them. When consumed, it boosts your metabolism and reboots your digestion process for exclusive benefits. It breaks our body fat and is helpful in your weight loss journey. Neem juice is beneficial for cleaning the colon and boosting the body’s excretion process. It purifies our blood by killing free radicals and unwanted bacterial growth. 

However, scientists still need more convincing results for making a conclusive statement in this regard. 

Neem is available in Juice & Powder form. You can buy it from any Ayurvedic centre at your nearby locations. 

5. Beneficial for Yogis:

Yogis are many respected people in the Indian continent. They are spiritual people who live their lives in very adverse conditions. People in India claim that they live in jungles and on high mountains. As they live life harder than any common people, they need extra energy to perform all their rituals, yoga, and meditation. 

The Neem generates heat in the body. Ayurveda mentions two different states of the body- Ushna & Sheeta. Ushna means ‘heat’ and Sheeta means ‘cold’. But it is not exactly what cold & heat means. 

When our body goes towards the Sheeta state, we see a rise in mucus in our body. It results in the common cold and sinusitis and several other health issues. Ushna keeps our body active & healthy. Neem is a natural heat generator and works as a fuel in our bodies. Neem works as an extra can of fuel for Yogis. When they go to unknown terrain & in adverse weather conditions, this helps them to be active in their day-to-day lifestyle. 

6. Versatility of Neem:

Versatility of Neem:

Neem is a very versatile plant which means each part of Neem helps us in some way. Some mention it as the most beneficial medicinal tree. Neem leaves keep insects away from houses. It is also compatible with beneficial insects and bees. The Neem tree is non-toxic and very friendly to the environment too. 


This article discusses the major benefits of using Neem leaves in your regular life. Ayurveda calls Neem by the name ‘Nature’s Pharmacy’. This suits it perfectly as it has probably the most versatile and beneficial medicinal properties. Above we have discussed them. I hope this blog has helped you in understanding the benefits of Neem. This blog is presented to you by the team of Ayurveda Sahi Hai. Read our other articles to get more helpful Ayurvedic content.

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