Enhance Your Metabolism Naturally with These Ayurvedic Herbs


Having a high metabolism helps you to lose or maintain weight. Nothing to surprise, we all don’t have that privilege. It depends on the body type. Generally ‘Ectomorph’ people or in general lean people have a high metabolism. Weight loss is an easy process for them. But people who are obsessed or in general have a wide body structure, face difficulty in losing their fat. 

The metabolism rate depends on many factors. The food you consume on a daily basis plays a vital role but this is not the only factor. Our regular life stress, metabolic health issues, our increasing toxic loads, and menopause/ andropause also has a significant role in the process.  Despite your aging, you actually can increase your metabolic rate. Indian ancient medicinal path Ayurveda has in-detailed expertise in this segment. In this blog, we will discuss some of the natural ways of enhancing your metabolism. 

Metabolism in a Glance:

Metabolism is defined as the rate at which our body cells convert food into energy. This simple definition has a lot of hidden information. The process in which our food turns into energy is a very complex process that involves many internal organs. Some of them are the thyroid, hypothalamus, pancreas, liver, and chemical messengers. Our whole body functions as a big organic factory. Alongside the organs and cardiovascular system, many chemicals and hormones work individually.  

In Ayurveda, we see a metabolism deficiency problem in the section Prameha. The Prameha section includes obesity, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome. Ayurveda also tells us the effects of our stressful life, age, diet, sleep quality, and extra. Not only the problems but Ayurveda also suggested some of the best ways to enhance it naturally. 

Natural Ways to Improve Metabolism:

Ayurveda is a Pandora’s Box for almost all kinds of natural healing processes. Dealing with metabolism is no different. We will discuss ways to naturally improve your metabolism without having any side effects. 

1. Getting Enough Sleep:  A healthy adult needs to have 8-9 hours of sleep each day. Sleep helps your body muscles to relax. It gives all your brain and body functions a restart for overcoming the next day’s challenges. But many don’t know that a healthy sleep cycle improves metabolism. Quality deep sleep lowers metabolic diseases. 

2. Regular Exercise:  Exercise has many benefits other than developing muscles in your body. It boosts your body’s function and helps organs to work more effectively. Exercise, especially High-Intensity Interval Exercise, leads you to high. Regular exercise demands more energy from your body and body cells start working in that direction. It also helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar. 

3.  Managing Stress:  People who often struggle with stress issues tend to have a slower metabolism. It is important for you to tackle stress in your daily life. Take some good peaceful sessions, start meditation, and start enjoying your life. Stress only gives you diseases and obesity. Controlling it will help you to control your sleep cycle, digestion, blood sugar, and various metabolic syndromes. 

4. Practice Yoga:  Yoga has always been a priority for improving the natural healing of the body. Yoga does not only help you to gain flexibility in your body. It lowers metabolic syndromes. Yoga is also effective in enhancing lipid metabolism.  In the Indian continent, Yoga is not limited to physical exercises but it also has spiritual benefits. It is a major stress-buster tool and improves your focus in life. 

5. Eat low calories:  Your body is a result of what you intake. From dieticians to doctors, all suggest not consuming food that is high in bad calories. People who always eat fast food tend to have a slow metabolism. Minimize your sugar intake and refined calorie consumption. These are two main reasons for you gaining fat and slowing down your metabolism. 

6. Go for a vegetarian diet:  Ayurveda tells that a vegetarian diet or plant-based diet is beneficial for weight loss. This diet helps your body to increase metabolism and maintain a lower BMI. Although more research is due in this segment. But nowadays doctors are also suggesting adopting a vegetarian diet to be safe from many diseases. 

Herbs for Increasing Metabolism:

Ayurveda suggests many herbs that can help us in enhancing our metabolism

1. Turmeric:  Turmeric in the list is no surprise at all. Turmeric is one such herb that is recommended in almost all kinds of Ayurvedic medical prescriptions. Turmeric has a huge impact on metabolism too. Modern medical science also approves its health benefits.  Turmeric helps you to increase metabolism, control inflammatory levels, improves liver & pancreas functioning, and lowers BMI, Leptin levels, and insulin secretion.  No doubt turmeric is a boon for maintaining your overall metabolism. 

2. Katuki:  According to Ayurveda, your metabolism has no magic element. It is a healthy lifestyle that can only improve your metabolism. You need carbohydrates, protein, and fat also to maintain a healthy life. In all these, kidneys and livers both play vital roles.  Your liver is your best friend in burning your fat. It also helps your organs in detoxification. On the other hand, your kidneys flush the waste from your body, maintaining your body fresh and healthy. 

Katuki is an Ayurvedic that improves the functioning of the Liver and Kidney. Hence Ayurvedic experts sometimes suggest you consume Katuki in your diet. 

3. Ginger: Modern medical science and Ayurveda both support the health beneficiary powers of Ginger. Indian families have been using ginger for thousands of years in their daily diet. Ginger increases taste in cooking.  Apart from kitchen benefits, ginger’s hot flavor helps to enhance the anabolism digestive fire, immunity, blood sugar, fat, and cardiovascular health.  

4. Sadabahar:  Sadabahar also known as Madagascar periwinkle is a very common flower in the Indian subcontinent. In Ayurvedic texts, sadabahar has many health benefits such as balancing cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation. This plant improves our cardiovascular system. Overall in Ayurveda, sadabahar is considered a key for balancing insulin in the body. 

5. Ashwagandha: The thyroid has a major role in deciding the metabolism rate in the human body. As thyroid problems are very common nowadays, we can see many people suffering from thyroid imbalances and also metabolism.  Ashwagandha, a popular herb in Ayurveda, highly supports the functioning of the thyroid. It is also helpful in reducing stress. Medical science has also proved the health benefits of ashwagandha.  

6. Cinnamon:  Cinnamon Herb is another Herb available easily in Indian markets. It is warm in nature and helps your body organs to function properly. Ceylon Cinnamon, a lighter form of the spice improves glucose metabolism levels and controls blood sugar in the body. It is also helpful in maintaining inflammatory, glucose, and Leptin levels. 


Low metabolism means obesity, higher blood pressure, and lower energy levels in the body. Ayurveda deals with low metabolism with a wide range of beneficiary herbs. Above we have discussed some natural ways and some herbs that will boost your metabolism naturally with zero side effects. However, before consuming any of it, you must consult with an Ayurvedic expert. 

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