15 Proven Health Benefits of Tulsi


Tulsi is an aromatic shrub tree that you can see at any Indian home. It has been considered one of the most useful trees of all, making it suitable as a home remedy for countless diseases. Tulsi is an oxidant in nature and protects us from different viruses. It also helps to cure the Kidney, Liver, Skin, Blood Pressure, and many more. In recent years, Science has shown a green signal to this wonderful nature’s gift to us.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the very 15 health benefits of Tulsi. Read the blog with a focus to know the miraculous power of the Queen of Herbs.

Natural Immunity Booster:

Tulsi leaves are a natural immunity booster, enriched in vitamin C and zinc. The herb performs as an anti-infection and keeps the bad bacteria away from the body. It is the best home remedy, anti-viral, and antifungal that helps the body fight against many kinds of outside infections. Basil leaves help increase T helper cells and also the killer cells activity thus enhancing the immune activity of the human body.

Tulsi Helps Reducing Pain & Fever:

Basil leaves have pain-reducing properties component Eugenol. Thus it is highly effective in relieving pain. With its antifungal & antiviral properties, Basil highly effective in fighting outside viruses reducing the chances of having viral fever. It is helpful in lowering the temperature when given to the patient.

Basil juice mixed with black pepper powder is very beneficial in lowering periodic fevers. Also, Tulsi leaves mixed with powdered cardamom and sugar in water & milk reduce the body temperature.

Helpful in Cold, Cough & Respiratory Disorders:

basil is an effective herb in respiratory disorders and cold & cough due to its enrichment in Camphene, Cineol & Eugenol. It responds quickly when given to a patient with a viral cold. People suffering from asthma, influenza, bronchitis, and cough & cold should take Tulsi leaves juice mixed with honey & ginger. It will reduce the signs and also will help in pain in the chest & neck.

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Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure

You may not know but the queen of herbs also has the ability to cure your mental stress. It has compounds like Oimumosides A and B. These two are effective in lowering stress level. These two compounds also increase the neurotransmitters serotonin & dopamine levels in the brain which helps the mind to gain balance in life. Basil is enriched in inflammatory properties hence reducing inflammation & blood pressure.

Anti-Cancer Properties:

Cancer is a terror on its own but old Ayurveda has many things to prevent it to some extent. (Does not give you any surety about full recovery). Believe it or not, Tulsi leaves can lower the signs of cancer. Due to its enrichment in antioxidant properties, it is helpful in skin, lung, oral, and liver cancer.

Improves the Heart Health:

It is also a beneficiary in treating cardiovascular diseases due to being a high antioxidant in nature. . Its leaves decrease the blood lipid content. Hence it suppresses the ischemia and stroke. Also reduces hypertension in us.

Helps in Treating Diabetes:

Diabetes is a common disease in India. Every 2 of 4 people in India are suffering from Diabetes. Whereas diabetes is a long-term disease and doesn’t leave you easily, Tulsi can be a super beneficiary while preventing it from going to dangerous levels. Tulsi leaves are very useful as they have a profound effect on diabetes 2.

Helps in Treating Kidney Stones & Gouty Arthritis:

The queen of herbs has highly detoxified compounds in it. It has diuretic properties that decrease the levels of uric acid in the body. Excess uric acid is the main reason why people suffer from kidney stone disease. Along with kidney stones, uric acid is also responsible for gout in humans. Hence, Basil leaves also prevent or reduce gout.

Increases Hairs & Skin Health:

Increases Hairs & Skin Health

The enrichment in antioxidant properties makes Tulsi leaves a great herb for increasing skin health. Tulsi leaves help to reduce acne & blemishes. Also reduces the signs of premature aging. This herb shows profound effects on hair health as it strengthens the roots of the hair and helps to grow new baby hairs. The antifungal properties also prevent dandruff & fungus development on the scalp.

Stops Insects Entering Your Home:

Tulsi has been used for centuries to prevent insects from reaching the grains. Mix some Tulsi leaves with the grains and insects will not come to your grain store.

Treats Insects Bite & Purifies Blood:

Tulsi does not only keep insects away from grains. But it also treats various insect bites. The extracts of Tulsi leaves help to reduce the pain of insect bites and stings. These are also beneficial in reducing swelling and irritation to a significant extent. If one consumes the Tulsi leaves daily, it helps in purifying the blood inside the body.

Enhances the Oral Health & Dental Health:

You must have seen a toothpaste advertisement promoting Tulsi as one of their components. Because Tulsi is one of the best herbs that gives super benefits to oral & dental health. For hundreds of years, the Indian Continent has been using Tulsi leaves as herbal toothpaste. It has high teeth & gum-strengthening properties. This also reduces mouth ulcers by acting on them as well. Ultimately, Tulsi is a powerful herb that can simply keep your whole mouth clean.

Treatment of Eczema:

As we have discussed, Basil leaves are highly effective in skin treatment. For treating Eczema, doctors have launched topical ointment and ingestible pills of Tulsi extracts to apply on the skin. Tulsi leaves are extremely helpful in reducing itching & irritation on the skin.

Helps in Reducing Stress & Fatigue:

Tulsi Leaves have been found to be a natural stress buster. There are several Tulsi drinks available in the market that you can use after a tiring day. This will instantly revitalize your cells and make you free from stress and fatigue. Basil leaves extracts to increase your focus. A student who struggles to focus on their studies can use Tulsi juice for increasing their focus.

Helpful in Preventing Gastrointestinal Problems:

Tulsi leaves are also useful for treating the problems of indigestion and increasing the appetite of a person. For flatulence and bloating also you can use Tulsi extracts as a remedy.

Consuming Process of Tulsi:
  1. You can easily consume basil raw. Take 3-4 leaves of Tulsi and eat them after a wash to remove dirt on them. In Hindu culture (Hinduism), people eat Tulsi leaves as holy food.
  2. Make a Tulsi Kadha by adding Tulsi leaves, Honey, water, milk, and cardamom. You can drink once a day to prevent a viral cold.
  3. Drink Basil Tea- Take 1 cup of water. Add 2/3 tablespoon of dried leaves of Tulsi and 1/3 tablespoon of powder. Leave it for 15-20 minutes for boiling. Now add honey for sweetness only if you want it. Now enjoy the basil leaves Drink.
  4. You can also buy Basil powders and supplements from any medical store.
Side Effects of Tulsi:

Tulsi has countless health benefits. No doubt it is called the Queen of Herbs. But it also has some side effects that you should know. It is for preventing any misfortune.

– One major side-effect on the reproductive captivity of women.

– If taken in a high amount, people may face nausea or diarrhea. So it is suggested to you start with a small amount at first.

– Basil has a profound effect on lowering blood sugar. Hence you need to be very careful if you are already on blood sugar-lowering medications.


Tulsi, the ‘Queen of Herbs’ is highly beneficial for human lives. It can easily make you strong and highly active from the inside. In this blog, we have discussed the benefits, ways of consuming Tulsi leaves, and side effects

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