What are the Benefits of Giloy Herb? Uses & side-effects of Giloy 

Benefits Of Giloy

One of the most famous herbs in Ayurveda is Giloy. It’s famous for its Holistic healing properties which are useful in treating more than 100 elements and diseases. Whether it is your immune system or digestive system Giloy is all good for boosting your health incredibly.

Ancient Indian civilization has been using Giloy for a very long time. We see its uses in the Vedic period. The book of Ayurveda mentions the benefits of Giloy and uses . 

The time of Covid-19 has highlighted the uses and benefits of the Giloy. Many Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies have made several Giloy products to sell in the market. 

In this blog of Ayurveda Sahi Hai’, We will discuss with you a detailed idea about Giloy and its benefits. Also, we will discuss the side effects of Giloy. Read the blog completely to know all. 

What is Giloy? 


Giloy‘- the term translates into English as ‘the root of immortality. The Sanskrit meaning of Giloy is ‘Amrita’. Another name for Giloy is ‘Heart Leaved Moonseed’. Its botanical name is ‘Tinospora Cordifolia’. 

Giloy is a very old Ayurvedic herb that the books claim to treat more than a hundred physical ailments. These ailments include fever, flu, arthritis, hair loss, and many others. It has high antioxidant properties which makes it great for fighting free radicals. Giloy also effectively repairs damaged body cells. 

What does Science say about Giloy? 

Science calls Giloy ‘Tinospora Cordifolia’. It belongs to the family Menispermaceae. These family vines have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. The whole plant of Giloy is considered useful in some kind of treatment process. Its roots, stems, and body are the sources of several active components such as alkaloids, steroids, aliphatic, diterpenoid lactones, and glycosides. 

Modern medical science studies have proved the effectiveness of the Giloy herb. The Ayurvedic herb has now become a source of most effective healing in today’s several common ailments. 

The studies have shown Giloy’s medicinal properties as follows. 

– Anti-diabetic 

– Anti-allergic

– Anti-stress

– Anti-malarious

– Anti-periodic

– Anti-arthritis

– Antispasmodic

– Leprotic Preventive

– Hepatoprotective

– Immunomodulatory

– Antineoplastic

Benefits of Giloy Ayurvedic Herb:

Giloy has been found to be very beneficial for a number of diseases. However, the number of experiments on humans is less. Thus before consuming Giloy or using any product of Giloy consult your doctor about your individual health and its response to Giloy. Below are some known benefits of Giloy. 

1. Helps Fighting Chronic Fever: 

In case of recurrent chronic fever, Giloy is very helpful. It boosts your immunity. As a result, it makes you strong enough to fight the ailment from within. It also helps boost your recovery process. The Giloy herb is known for its inflammatory properties. Thus it shows great effectiveness in reducing swine flu, malaria, and dengue. All of these are life-threatening diseases. 

2. Controls the Blood Sugar Levels: 

Controls the Blood Sugar Levels
Controls the Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar is a very common disease in India and other countries. It is life-threatening as well. Giloy is a highly beneficial herb for reducing blood sugar levels. It boosts the production of insulin components in your body. The production of insulin is very well important for the treatment of complex diseases of blood sugar such as kidney disease and ulcers. 

3. Boosts Digestive Health: 

Boosts Digestive Health
Boosts Digestive Health

Digestive health issues are a major concern for every Indian household. Giloy is widely used as a medicine for treating digestive health problems such as diarrhea, colitis, nausea, and hyperacidity. 

4. Helps Reducing Stress & Anxiety: 

Helps Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Don’t think that Giloy is just for physical diseases. This herb is beneficial for treating severe mental illnesses. It helps individuals to fight against stress and anxieties by boosting cognitive capacity and memory power. 

5. Aids in Arthritis and Gout: 

Aids in Arthritis and Gout

Giloy is enriched with pro-inflammatory cytokines. These compounds are highly beneficial in the activity and growth of blood cells and immune cells. Highly rich in anti-inflammatory properties, Giloy is highly beneficial in treating Arthritis and gout. It also gives relief from Arthritis pain. 

6. Improves Respiratory Health:

 Improves Respiratory Health
Improves Respiratory Health


We face a lot of respiratory issues when we face inflammation in our trachea. This causes high difficulties in breathing. The anti-inflammatory properties of Giloy help fight the respiratory system and pacify the mucous membrane.  Giloy highly benefits from respiratory issues such as tonsils, asthma, cough, and others. 

7. Increases Eyesight: 

Increases Eyesight
 Increases Eyesight

The antioxidants in Giloy help enhance the eyesight of a person. 

8. Give Glow to Skin: 

There is nothing more beneficial than Giloy for giving a glow to your skin cells. Giloy is a source of various antioxidants in high amounts which are good for repairing the skin cells and detoxifying the skin. The Giloy possesses anti-aging properties which reduce wrinkles, droopy skin, and fine lines on the face. The Giloy also regenerates the cells at a regular time. 

How to Use: 

– Boil 6-7 Giloy leaves in water. 

– Once boiled properly, leave them to cool down.

– Strain the Giloy water and apply it on your face. 

– Leave it for 15-20 minutes. 

– Wash it off with lukewarm water. 

9. Helps Losing Weight

Giloy is a natural boost for metabolism. Just like honey, Giloy also improves your metabolism, burns body fat, and improves digestion. Giloy juice is helpful in cleaning your stomach effectively. 

Giloy also reduces stress and hypertension which are indirect causes of weight gain. 

How to Use: 

– Take half a gram of Giloy juice. 

– Mix it with a spoonful of honey. 

– Consume it every morning with an empty stomach. 

10. Improves Hair Health: 

Giloy is called Raktashodak in Ayurveda. This means it treats scurvy diseases. Giloy is also helpful in treating split ends, dandruff, and dry scalp issues. These are some very common causes of hair loss. 

Giloy is high in antioxidant properties which helps fight stress. Note that stress is a major reason for hair loss in the whole world. 

How to Use: 

– Mix 3-6 grams of Giloy powder in water. 

– Mix until it becomes a runny paste. 

– Use this paste on your hair sections. 

– leave it for 30 minutes. 

– Wash with Shampoo. 

11. Enhances Immunity:

Enhances Immunity
Enhances Immunity

Giloy is a source of adaptogen properties. This helps in boosting the immunity of the human body. Giloy also works as a stress reliever. 

Giloy was one of the most wanted Ayurvedic herbs at the time of the Covid-19 virus. Giloy is high in boosting immunity and fighting foreign viruses. 

How to Use: 

– Cut the Giloy stems into small pieces. Add 2-3 Neem & Tulsi leaves.

– Add one glass of water and mix. 

– Now pour the mixture into two glasses of water. 

– Boil the mixture until it remains half of its original amount. 

– Now strain the tasty Giloy Kadha. 

– You may add honey to it for taste. 

12. Boosts Female Sex Drives: 

Giloy is also high in aphrodisiac properties. This property boosts the sex drive in women. It enhances the willingness to have sex and increases performance. 

Side Effects of Giloy: 

Giloy is responsible for treating numerous diseases. But it also comes with a few side effects. People suffering from liver issues should avoid Giloy as it can damage it. Also, Giloy can become the reason for low blood pressure and constipation. Simultaneously, it can start the process of autoimmune in your body. 


Giloy is an herb that has been used for thousands of years. Modern medical science has also approved of the countless benefits of Giloy and its uses in several diseases. However, it does not come without any caution. It can give you some side effects too. Thus before using Giloy, you must consult your doctor. 

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