How to Treat Insomnia(Sleep Disorder) Naturally with Ayurveda


How to Treat Insomnia with Ayurveda: Let us first discuss what Insomnia really is. It is a sleep disorder where you struggle to sleep properly. Lying down in bed doesn’t work and you keep staring at your ceiling for hours and nothing goes right. In another case, you stay asleep till late morning and feel tired. An average healthy adult must sleep 7 hours a night to stay fit & healthy. Failing to do so, you may feel dizziness, frustration, irritation, depression, tiredness, ache, eye issues, and many more. Your sleeping pattern is directly connected to your mind. Both affect each other through neurologic connections. 

The manuscripts of Ayurveda explain it as a prime result of our mis-balanced lifestyle. It says that your sleeping pattern can decide your quality of life. We go through several natural remedies for insomnia suggested in Ayurveda that may do wonders in your life if you’re suffering from Insomnia. Read the full article and know about them. 

Home Remedies for Insomnia:

1.    Mindfulness Meditation :

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is one very common teaching among all Ayurvedic schools in India. The process tells you to slow your breathing. Slow, steady, and deep breathing increases oxygen in your body increasing your awareness and activeness. The process also calms your mind and helps you keep calm during a bad situation. Remember to breathe from the belly. Your belly should come out while inhaling & go inside exhaling. Deep breathing helps you to become an observer of your breathing, thoughts, feelings, mood, and sensations. 

The 2011 study reports that Mindful Meditation has several beneficial effects on the quality of life especially on our mind. It promotes good sleep, improves immunity, and concentration, and reduces stress. A 15-minute meditation each morning & evening would be fine for the start. However, you should increase the time for better results. 

2.    Chanting :


Start studying any cultural custom and you’ll land on some holy chanting. It can be prayers, Mantras, and even a single word. Repeating a single positive affirmation or prayer is called chanting. In Hinduism, we see loads of chanting Mantras. They are written in Sanskrit and are considered holy. However, you can go with any language for your specific Mantras. You also need not search for any specific Mantra written in books. Create one good positive affirmation in your words and start repeating it. Search Google for some great ideas people are already using. A good mantra will let you focus on the repeating sound giving your body, mind, and thoughts a direction to move. This will let you relax and go to sleep. 

A 2015 study suggests that participants who practised chanting daily in the morning and evening before going to sleep get an improved sleep cycle, reduce the level of insomnia, reduce stress, and increase energy. 

3.    Yoga:


The world knows Yoga today but not many know its mindfulness effects. Yoga indeed improves your sleep pattern and quality. Yoga has various poses known as ‘Asana’. These Asana stretches all your body parts including everything. They are generally categorized as Easy, Mid-level, and Hard. Some yoga poses to deal with breath and mind. What you need to do is perform an asana that affects your breathing and meditation and leave the forceful physical movements. They will help you improve your sleep with slow movements. Yin and Restorative Yoga are great options for beginners. You can begin with some easy Yoga postures like Shavasana and Kapaal Bharti at your home. For advanced Yoga training, you must go for a professional Yoga trainer near you.  

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4.    Exercise:


Exercise is one key solution to all your regular health issues. Only when your body adapts to the exercise routine, will you start seeing its health benefits. It enhances your mood, keeps you energetic, and helps you lose weight. Indeed it affects the mind and promotes better sleep quality. A 2015 study on two groups of people reports that the group who did exercises for 150 minutes each week had lower insomnia symptoms. Not only had this but they also improved depression & anxiety. 

Doctors suggest everyone involved in 20 minutes of moderate exercise each day to keep their body & mind fit. You can go for strength training or aerobic exercises as per your routine. Choosing a time totally depends on your comfort. However, you must work between evening and morning only. Afternoon and night are not considered for body activities. 

5.    Breathing Exercise:

 Breathing Exercise

The ancient texts of Ayurveda mention breathing exercises. As the name suggests, this exercise plays with the breathing patterns flexing them to improve our body’s internal health & activities. Controlled breathing helps you to use the full inhaled breath to utilise for better consumption of oxygen for the body. The Sudarshan Kriya is one such breathing exercise. 

Take note while practising these exercises, you may feel sleepy as it calms down your whole body functioning allowing them to relax, heal, and detangle the stressful complications. Make sure to practise this under the governance of a professional practitioner. 

6.    Massage:


Massage is another wonderful way to improve your sleep. There are many massage therapists out there whom you can go to for a relaxing session. A 2015 study on massage confirms that it helps with better sleep, aches, and anxiety, depression, and stress offering you better mind & body activities. 

If you don’t have access to a professional massage Centre, you can do it by yourself at your home. Take some lukewarm coconut oil or mustard oil. Start massaging your body in circular motions. Allow your mind to feel the sensations of the massage. It will help your body release tension. 

Generally, there are no side effects of massaging, However, check with a doctor if you have certain health concerns. Skin-sensitive people must go for a skin patch test before the massage. 

7.    Lavender Oil:

Lavender essential oil is famous for its beneficial effects on mood, pain, and sleep. It helps your mind to calm down and reduces any kind of stress. Experts think it is more effective when taken orally. Lavender oil capsules Ayurvedic medicines for insomnia improve your sleep patterns and help you with depression. Experts suggest intaking 20-80 mg of Lavender oil orally. You may go for lavender essential oil spray for your pillow, bed, and room. Test it for a few days first. If you see any side effects such as headache, constipation, or nausea, consider going to a doctor or completely stop using it. 


This article from the team of Ayurveda Sahi Hai consists of the outcome of several studies and views of experts in the field. Insomnia is a very common issue today but you can improve it by yourself only with Ayurvedic home remedies for good sleep. This article deals with 7 home methods to improve your sleep quality & cycle. All these methods are safe and generally result in no side-effects. However, you must not take them casually and must check with a doctor if anything goes unwell. 

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