7 Yoga Asana That Helps in Relieving Headaches

Yoga Asana

Headache is a major issue for many people. Elderly or young, everyone faces the headache more or less. Most of them are temporary and do not last long. But things may go wrong if you face it very often. Also, no medicine can permanently solve this aching problem.

However, your lifestyle can help you deal with it effectively. An unhealthy lifestyle automatically boosts the risks of headache attacks. Migraine, a specific type of headache is enough to make you cry in pain. 

Yoga, the ancient way of living a healthy life has given solutions for almost all the health-related aspects of life. Headache is no exception and therefore you will find many dedicated Yoga poses for getting relief from headaches. In this blog, I am going to discuss 7 different effective yoga asanas that help with Headaches. 

Yoga Asana to Heal Headaches:

1. Padangusthasna:

Padangusthasna is one of the most basic yoga asanas that you will learn. Any professional yoga training centre teaches this to its students. It is an easy pose but very effective on your headache. Follow the below steps to perform this yoga asana: 

– Stand up straight. Keep your feet slightly apart. 

– Bend slowly forward at the waist to the way to the bottom. 

– Now hold each of your big toes with your hands. 

As the pose needs flexibility in your body, you will find it difficult to start. Do not worry. Practice regularly. 


– Increase the blood flow to the brain. 

– Helps in gaining immediate relief from the pain. 

2. Marjariasana:

The Marjariasana pose or the cat pose is one of the easiest yoga asanas. Beginners can also do it easily. Follow the below steps to perform it. 

– Get down on your knees. 

– Place your hands on the floor. 

– Stretch your feet out. Keep your back straight and parallel to the floor. 

– Now start pulling your back slowly. Go as up as possible. 

– Slightly drop your head downwards. 

– Hold and release the pose. 

– Arch opposite to the previous pose. Push your back downwards and tilt your head slightly upwards. 

– Hold and release again. 


– Stretches your neck & back. 

– Relieve tension & stress. 

– Improve Blood Circulation. 

3. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana:

The name has the meaning of this pose. ‘Mayur’ means the peacock and ‘Pincha’ means the feather. Practise this pose by following the below steps. 

– Keep your hands & knees on the floor. 

– Keep your forearm firmly on the floor. Ensure that your elbows and shoulders are in a straight line. 

– Lift your back such that your hips come off the ground. Place your head between your elbows, touching the ground. 

– Now only your head, feet, and forearms should touch the ground. 

– This pose resembles the inverted V from English. Now hold for some seconds and come back to your initial position. 


– Gives you a full body stretch and relaxes it completely. 

– Improves the blood flow and provides oxygen to the brain. 

– Helps treat the Headache. 

4. Balasana:

Balasana or the child pose is one of the very basic yoga poses. This is easy and does not demand heavy effort from anyone. Follow the below steps to do it. 

– Sit down on your knees. 

– Stretch your thighs. Now let your bottom rest on your feet. 

– Bend your upper body in the forward direction. Go slowly until your head touches the ground.

– Stretch your arms to touch your feet. 

– Hold this position for a few seconds. 

– Release and come to the starting position slowly. 


– Calms the body and therefore helps with stress and anxiety. 

– Helps reduce the pain in the body. 

– Improve blood circulation towards your head. 

5. Supta Virasana:

This yoga pose comes under the intermediate level. This is known for improving the restoration of the body. To perform this pose, follow the below steps. 

– Sit on the floor on your knees. Make sure your buttocks touch the floor. 

– Place your feet on the floor facing outwards. 

– Keep your buttocks on the floor only. 

– Slowly lower your body backward using your hand’s support. 

– Feel the stretch in your legs. Keep your hands, feet, and head on the floor. 

– You will feel stretch in each part of your body. 


– Balance the body’s Hormones immediately. 

– Reduce anxiety, tension, and headache almost immediately. 

6. Paschimottanasana:

This pose is one of the easiest poses of Yoga. However, it requires a good flexible body so don’t worry if you do not see success in the first few tries. It is also famous as the Forward bend. Follow the below steps to do this Yoga pose: 

– Sit comfortably and let your legs stretch out straight. 

– Now inhale and raise your hands. Slowly bend your body forward until your head touches your knees. 

– Now curl your hands around your toes. 

– You can also clasp both hands together around the feet. 

– Be in this position for a few seconds. Now slowly come to the first position and relax. 


– Helps in treating severe headaches from stress and anxiety. 

7. Setu Bandhan:

Setu Bandhan or the Bridge pose is very effective for the full body to stretch out. You can follow the below steps. 

– Lie down on the floor. Keep your back and feet touching the floor. 

– Keep your hands parallel to your body. Starts taking deep breathing at a normal pace. 

– Lift your thighs and back from the floor. Make sure that your head, neck, and feet are still touching the floor. 

– Hold in this pose and breathe normally. 

– Come to your original position slowly. 


– Offers you relaxation. 

– Deep breathing helps steady the mind. 

– Helps in reducing stress. 

– Dissipates anxiety.


Headaches are common but they can be very dangerous. Especially the migraine effects in extremely bad ways. However, with a few lifestyle changes you can decrease or be completely free from the headache issue. Yoga has many poses which help in reducing all kinds of headache. Above I have discussed some of them which are easy and effective yoga asanas. 

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