What is Spiritual Meditation? What are its benefits?

Spiritual Meditation

‘Spiritual Meditation’ or in other words ‘Meditation for Connecting to the Higher Divine’ is practiced all around the globe by different religions. There are more than 4000 different religions on earth and each of them has some spiritual traditions. 

People from all corners of the world are practicing regular meditation for its numerous benefits. It gives a stress-free, relaxed life with better health. The scientific community has proven its health benefits. However, they have still not measured the spiritual aspects of meditation. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the spiritual effects of meditation. 

What is Spiritual Meditation?

Spiritual Meditation is a practice that people do to connect with the holy higher one. The world has more than 4000 religions. All of them have customs to reach their own God. All these processes are called spiritual meditation. Below are some examples. 

  • The Sanatan or Hindus do Mantra Jap & worship to connect with God. 
  • Jewish practices are called Kabbalistic. 
  • Bodh does loving-kindness & metta meditation. 
  • Zazen Meditation in Zen Buddhism. 
  • Christian Contemplative Prayer. 
  • Muslims Sufi Dhikr to the God. 

Jen Alico who is a certified meditation coach says that Spiritual Meditation is a meditation practice that works alongside the desire of connecting with God or the ‘Higher One or the ‘Higher Self’ or the Universe. 

Spirituality goes beyond the limits of relaxation and stress-free benefits. It includes and follows a person’s desire to connect with something or someone higher. That makes it Spiritual Meditation. 

In India, people have already been practicing this type of meditation for thousands of years. You can easily find their traditional & mythology characters such as ‘Arjuna’ or ‘Ravana’ practicing this. Later Gods came to them and gave them whatever they asked as boons. 

‘The Spiritual Meditation’ starts with knowing yourself as a soul.’

Don’t Fall For the Supernatural Expectations around Spiritual Meditation:

The world is full of spiritual gurus who love to share their wisdom. However, most of them are liars and make people fool with their selfish agendas. They loot people for a few simple things that are easily available in the market. 

Spiritual Meditation Gurus are no different. They promise their followers supernatural powers as a gift from this process. Powers such as Levitation, Mind-Reading, Visions of the Future, Knowing about Past Lives, and extra. 

All these are bogus and must not be believed. These superpowers simply do not fulfil the most important aspect of Spiritual Meditation. The beauty of Spiritual Meditation lies with you growing in love, kindness, compassion, and peace. This practice makes you humble and enhances the humanity in you. 

Living a life of love, kindness, and compassion is itself magic. Inspect how many people around you live this kind of life. Inspect and believe that without supernatural powers, you will become extraordinary. 

Characteristics of Spiritual Meditation:

Spiritual Meditation is a long journey for individuals only. You do it as an individual and hence can’t compare your experiences to others. Different people feel it differently. 

In 2019 studies, the following are the claims of the practitioners of Spiritual Awakening. 

– Absorption or Loss of Sense of Separation. 

– Witnessing visions or voices. 

– Feeling a spiritual presence. 

– Become in awe. 

– A sense of transcendence. 

Spiritual Meditation is not a forceful practice as it goes deeper when you are still in your mind. The harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. During your sessions, you may feel nothing at all or something very deeper than you imagined. 

Meditation is not a contest. It makes you light especially when we talk about spiritual meditation, it is good to stay away from hearing people’s experiences because people can lie & promote the lies. While having the spiritual meditation sessions, relax and let the process mould as it progresses. 

This is a warning not to build any false or wrong expectations from Spiritual Meditation. You will feel different and have a unique experience. 

Spiritual Awakening from Spiritual Meditation:

One of the fascinating things in Spiritual Meditation is Spiritual Awakening. Many people have claimed to get into such conditions. They say that they have experienced a higher consciousness of themselves. In other words, they feel awareness as a soul and not the body. However, no study confirms it and it is still just some claims. There is no proof that it exists. 

As per the experts, these situations happen due to some life-changing experiences. One can also achieve it and grow in it by making conscious choices in leading a life nearer to the soul’s energy and less on a materialistic world. 

Spiritual benefits of Meditation:

Spiritual Meditation gives a unique experience to each one of its practitioners. However, the effects are somehow very common. Each one of the practitioners has witnessed the following in their life.  

– A more balanced lifestyle. 

– Feeling of stillness & peace in life. 

– Your mind & body becomes less reactive. 

– Inner Blessing that does not get affected by outside forces. 

– A sense of your existence as a soul. 

– Increment in creativity. 

– A greater sense of Belonging. 

– Increased self-confidence, self-trust, and self-acceptance.

– Finding your call of life or your life purpose.  

Meditation helps you to lead your life on choices. These decisions are not only big life-changing ones but your regular decisions. It deals with regular outside attacks. In each situation of your life, you feel your actions are more controlled and more logical. 

You start doing everything with the intention of long-term visions. You will also understand what your body is asking from you. Understanding the needs of your body is a sign of mindfulness and awareness. 

Note- Meditation is not a lottery. You will gain all the benefits but not quickly. It takes daily practice and dedication. With regular practice, you will see all the effects. 

Health Benefits of Spiritual Meditation:

Many people limit meditation to mental benefits but meditation has physical benefits also. A study on Spiritual Meditation reports that Spiritual Meditation can heal many ailments in the human body. Some of them are the following. 

– Depression

– Pain

– Organ health

– Anxiety

– Stress

– Opioids, Methamphetamine, and stimulants. 

Studies also suggest that meditation can also work as complementary support for children. 

Spiritual Meditation for Sleep:

Healthy Sleep is very important for all of us. Unfortunately, the fast-paced world has done major harm to the average sleep cycles of a person. Spiritual Meditation has been proven to have significant effects on the sleep cycle. 

How does this work? Spiritual Meditation helps in reducing stress. The body-mind medicine helps you to be more aware of yourself and your circumstances. Results you do everything with conscious & deeper understanding. 

All these actions further help you to get a tight sleep. Also if you are facing sleep issues, you can lie in bed and meditate on your breath. You will soon fall asleep easily. 


Spiritual Meditation, as a practice, is gaining popularity among the young generation. All around the world newcomers are joining and practicing it widely. Above in this blog, we have discussed all details of Spiritual Meditation and its benefits. If you are thinking about having a session with professional trainers, we are recommending you go. 

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