Different Types of Energy Healing and How Do They Work?

Energy Healing

Energy Healing comes in various forms from all corners of the earth. Different ancient civilizations have developed several energy healing processes such as Sound Healing in Ancient Greece, Ancient India, and Ancient Tibet and Nepal. China also had an energy healing treatment known as Acupuncture.

All these energy healing processes deal with the body’s energy reservoirs. They make the energy flow free from all kinds of bondages. The energy starts flowing in your body and mind, making you more calm, aware, and responsive. In this blog, we will discuss all the various types of Energy Healing, how they work, and their roles in our day-to-day lives.

What is Energy Healing?

Before discussing the types of Energy Healing, let us first discuss what actually Energy Healing is. We all know that our body needs energy to complete our work. Ancient Human civilization believed that with some specific techniques (physical & mental), we can actually use our life energy to heal all kinds of diseases. Using ‘Reiki’ or ‘Chi’ energy is one such kind of energy healing. In India, there is ‘Meditation’ & ‘ Yoga’ that our ancient sages used for healing. Ancient texts and evidence claim that energy healing is capable of giving extraordinary health to all for years.

Some scientific research has also proved that Energy Healing Processes do affect our body and mind. It helps our body to repair itself. Studies show that energy healing treatment affects cellular levels. For example- Sound Healing Therapy includes frequencies and vibrations that help our mind to be calm and body cells to regenerate the healing power.

Types of Energy Healing:

We find various traditional energy healing processes all around the globe. Their ways are different but all of them focus on the energy flow inside the body. They help you to connect with nature and the cosmos. Now we will discuss them, their origination, and their benefits.

1. Reiki Healing:

Reiki healing has its origins in Japan. The Reiki word is a combination of two words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. Rei means Universe and Ki means ‘Energy’. Originating from Japan, this technique is world-famous now. You can easily find an energy institution offering their services as a Reiki Healer around you. Reiki healers believe that universal energy is constant and only transfers from one to another. They claim to pass on energy that has healing properties from the universe to the patient. Reiki Healing has a history of 2500 years.

How Do They Work?

Reiki Healing is a no-touch healing practice. The practitioner asks patients to sit or lie down in a relaxed mood. The healer then places their hands on the different places on the client’s body such as head, hands, torso, limbs, and extra. It can be any injured place too. They keep their hands in one place for 3-10 minutes. Until they feel that the energy transfer has been completed. Then they hold their hands somewhere else.

2. Pranic Healing:

Pranic Healing uses ‘Prana’ Shakti of our body. ‘Prana’ means life in context. Prana is the energy that separates us from the dead. Modern Healing is based on the efforts of Chao Kok Sui. He discovered & founded this ancient healing process in our modern world. The principle is quite similar to Reiki healing. It says that universal energy is constant and we can use it to heal ourselves and others. Energy imbalances cause health ailments and diseases. Pranic healing first recognizes these imbalances and then cleanses the blockages.

How Do They Work?

Pranic healing is also a no-touch method of healing. It includes three steps to complete the healing. The first is Checking, the second is Cleansing, and the third is Replenishing & Revitalising. All these processes must be done by a certified Pranic healer only.

– A Pranic Healer will check all the imbalances in your aura and your chakras.

– He/ She then cleanses all the energy blockages in your body and mind. It deals with the proper functioning of the chakras too.

– In the final step, healers use universal energy to revitalize the patient’s mind & body. 

3. Crystal Healing:

Crystal healing

Crystal healing is another pseudoscience healing practice that is becoming popular these days. Its history dates back to almost 4500 BC. The great philosopher Plato mentioned that Atlanteans did use crystals for magical powers such as reading minds and transmitting thoughts. We also find signs of using crystal stones in India, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. British and Indian culture use crystals in Astrology and counter the effects of planets in one’s personal & professional life. Crystal Healing uses Sun’s energy and transmits it to the client’s body for revitalization.

How Do They Work?

A professional crystal healer uses different crystal stones during a session. It is according to the needs of the client. The healer either places these stones on various parts of the client’s body or surrounds the body with these stones. The placement of stones is done on the basis of Chakras, Grounding, or Energy Grids. They can even suggest you wear crystals as a pendant or keep them in your purse.

4. Sound Healing:

sound healing

Sound Healing is the oldest energy healing method we have ever come across. Its signs lead us back to 40000 years ago when Australians used to heal people through sound. Sound healing is also famous in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient India, Nepal, and Tibet. Indian Scripture has a rich context about Mantras which clearly approves the powers of chanting and sound. Tibetan still use the ancient method of singing bowls. The great mathematician Pythagoras was the first man to prescribe music for treating ailments.

How do they Work?

Throughout history, humans have believed in the magical powers of music and sound. Various medical experts have also claimed the effects of frequencies and sound vibrations on our cellular bodies. A sound healer expert exposes his/her client to several peaceful music and sounds. These sounds are generally from traditional devices such as singing bowls, flutes, tuning forks, and extra. These sound frequencies help the mind to get into relaxation mode. This calm state helps you to control your mental ailments such as migraine. It also helps you overcome anxiety, PTSD, depression, blood pressure, maintenance of cholesterol, and pain management.

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Benefits of Energy Healing:

Energy Healing, as people claim, can heal a wide range of diseases. However, most of them are not medically certified. Medical organizations have not discovered any effect of most of the energy healing practices. Sound Healing is therefore an exception to this.

Energy Healing is majorly associated with mental ailments. It helps you to calm down. You feel yourself in a better mental state. It helps you overcome PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and other various mental disorders. Energy healing also helps you in dealing with blood pressure, pain management, and other physical ailments.


Energy Healing is an ancient healing practice. It is proven helpful in dealing with several physical and mental diseases. However, these are not a replacement for regular medicine. You may continue it alongside regular medical treatment. Above we have discussed four major types of energy healing that are famous all around the world. Thousands of people are inclined towards it. In return, they are getting a better healthy life.

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