What is Sound Healing Therapy and How Can It Benefit You?

sound healing

Sound Healing is an ancient technique practiced all around the world. We still can witness the traditional Tibetan bowl sound healing practice in Nepal and Tibet. Other than Tibet, we find pieces of evidence of Sound Healing in Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and many other civilizations.

The ancient doctors used to perform sound healing to enhance one’s well-being, especially mental ones. People used to believe that sound healing with chanting can cast away evil spirits. However, we don’t claim it as anything like that.  If you are not aware of the ancient healing process of ‘Sound Healing’, here we are with this blog. You will find all details about Sound Healing here.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing Therapy is all that you are thinking about right now. It is a process in which different sounds of instruments are used to cure your physical & mental ailments. Sound Healing is a very ancient healing treatment that started nearly 2000 B.C.E. Sound Therapy has now become very famous all around the globe. Thousands of people who are tired of their hectic lives are trying this to gain a state of calm and peace. Generally, there is a professional to help you out with this healing. They can take sessions such as meditation, sound baths, Tibetan bowl sound, and even some dance with some healthy music. Through various music, the practitioners touch different aspects of your mind and your body and try to heal. Many times you will be asked to sit or lie down, relax, and let the vibrations of different sound equipment such as ‘Tuning Fork’ or ‘Tibetan Bowl’ interact with your body.

History of Sound healing:

The history of Sound Healing leads us back thousands of years. We find signs of Australian people who used to do sound healing nearly 40,000 years ago. They used music from different natural resources to heal their mind and body.

In Ancient Egypt also, we find high-quality musical instruments. Ancient Egypt texts reveal that they believed music was an effective healer for various illnesses. People from Native America used to believe the same.

India, on the other hand, always has mastery over various arts. The Ancient Indian scriptures tell us about Nada Yoga in which Yogis use various sound vibrations to calm the mind. The religious texts of India are full of ‘Mantras’. These mantras are said to have magical power due to their vibrations that affect people’s bodies.

Pythagoras who is also known as ‘The Father of Music’ was the first person to prescribe music in a medical prescription. He further explored the use of harmonics in all things of the world such as music, architecture, family, friends, national development, and personal growth journey.

In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered the health-beneficiary effects of binaural beats. In 1896, America proved that sound affects our thought process and even blood flow. Thus it can be an important tool for relieving many ailments. In 1950, Sir Peter guy Manners made a machine to heal the body cells through therapeutic sound vibrations.

Health Benefits of Sound Healing:

Our body has all the power to heal itself. The immune system of our body fights back various ailments and keeps us healthy. As the doctor says, “A man can not be treated if he does not want to be saved.”

Sound Healing does not work on the ailments directly. It interacts with your energy body and balances your chakras. It uses the magic of sound frequencies to affect the brain & nervous system. As a result, you become stress-free and calm. The body starts healing itself.

Below are some of the benefits of Sound Healing.

1. Deep Relaxation: There are various feel-good hormones in our body such as Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Norepinephrine. When we go through some relaxation sessions, our brain releases these feel-good chemicals.

Sound Healing Therapy uses various relaxation music to lead you to a stress-free state. The brain in response releases these chemicals and helps you go into deep relaxation.

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2. Enhanced Sleep:

In this hectic lifestyle, almost all of us to some extent face sleep cycle problems. Either we can’t sleep properly at a proper time or we don’t get quality sleep. It is proven that slow peaceful music helps your brain to go into a relaxed state. Regular listening to some good music before your bedtime can effectively increase your sleep quality. You sleep faster and for longer. Over the top, you feel fresher after waking up in the morning.

3. Fewer Headaches:

Note that migraines have no permanent treatment. Many people have claimed to get relief from these chronic diseases. Sound Healing Therapy focuses on stress, hypertension, and other common ailments in your brain. These are some underlying causes of regular headaches. People who were exposed to such music sessions claimed to get relief from the symptoms of migraine.

4. Increased Confidence:

Sound Therapy also helps you to gain confidence in your day-to-day lives. Peaceful music helps your brain to create positive patterns in your mind. These positive patterns further result in better decisions, more awareness, and better responses in regular lives. Hence listening to soothing music regularly can help you to gain confidence in abundance.

5. More Focused:

Sound Therapy sessions help you to improve your focus. Our brain functions hundreds of thoughts in a second. Hence our brain is always in chaos. This shatters our ability to focus on one subject at a time. Good music helps your brain to calm down, and neglect all thoughts for some time. Similar to meditation to some extent. When your brain gets calmed, you become more focused on your daily activities.

6. More Energy:

When we are stressed, we always feel tired. Our stressed brain sends signals to our body organs to feel fatigued. Guess what, our ears play a very vital role in affecting stress levels in our body. Sound Therapy feeds our brain with various kinds of sound patterns that help your brain to get relaxed. A relaxed brain then makes your body feel energetic and aware all the time.

7. Improved Interpersonal Relationships:

Stressful relationships get broken easily. A person under stress can’t have a healthy relationship with his/her partner, family, friends, and even in the workspace. For all kinds of relationships, your mind needs to be in a calm state where you can enjoy the precious moments of your life.

Sound Healing Therapy helps you achieve a state of calmness and peace. As result, you become happier. This further leads you to develop quality relationships at all places.

8. Think More Clearly:

A lot of people face the problem of complex thinking in their lives. They get lost in their thinking which results in something terrible and destructive for their health. Sound Healing makes a person think more clearly with its soothing music pattern. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body and breaks the negative cycle of thoughts.

9. Helpful in Pain:

You may not know it but Sound Healing can help you to gain relief from physical also. Our brain stops producing some hormones as they can cause inflammation in your body during the pain. Sound Healing on the other hand makes your brain release endorphins. These feel-good hormones help in reducing pain and pain relief. 

10.  Helps with Several Mental Disorders:

Sound Healing is used in curing several mental disorders. However, it is not an alternative to regular medicines. But it is used to enhance the effects multiple times. Following are some of them.

– Depression

– Anxiety


– Dementia

– Autism Spectrum Disorders

– Sleep Issues

– People with learning issues, and behavioral & psychiatric disorders

11.  Helpful in Several Physical Disorders:

-Sound Healing is also beneficial for these physical ailments

– Blood Pressure

– Lowers Cholesterol Levels

– Helpful in Pain Management

– Reduces the risk of strokes

– Reduces the risk of Coronary Artery Diseases

Get Sound Healing Sessions at Your Home:

If you are not able to get to a professional sound healer, you can do it by yourself at your home only. Note that it would not be as effective as professional sessions. Simply add some good peaceful meditation music to your playlist. Make 10-15 every day where you can sit and relax with the music around you. You can also improve your room environment to support the sessions.

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Sound Healing has been in this world for thousands of years. Famous personalities like Pythagoras have stated their importance. Many temples and churches are made in such a way that they can perform like a sound, energy, and magnetic center. In this blog, we have discussed the details of Sound Healing and its benefits. The therapy is helpful not only for mental ailments but also for physical ailments.

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