Types of Spirituality You Should Go for Practising in 2024

Types of Spirituality

Spirituality, being a very interesting subject of all the world’s civilizations, has always drawn the attention of people. Throughout history, we find the accounts of hundreds of teachers preaching spirituality and the message of God.

After modernization, this inclination toward spiritual experiences & teachings has been on its downfall. But as there is a saying that only change is permanent. 

All the world countries have been witnessing a high inclination of people towards spirituality. They want to know, understand and excel in the morality of spiritual laws. This sudden change can be a response to the cut-throat competition and intense materialistic hunger of the world population. 

The Path of Spirituality is an act of finding yourself and the nature of beliefs, truth & myth. 

If you are on this blog, I want to congratulate you from Ayurveda Sahi Hai for taking your first step in the search for spirituality. There is much diversification in the spirituality field and in search you can get lost in the mess of right & wrong. In this blog, we will discuss the very fundamental types of spirituality and practices that will help you to go nearer to a peaceful state. 

What is Spirituality?

The term Spirituality is a fascinating word. Human history is itself proof that no single domain definition is possible for defining spirituality. Thousands of spiritual teachers have preached about hundreds of different ways to achieve peace. Their teachings also mention heaven, nirvana, moksha, and the supreme God. Many philosophers have also guided society to spirituality according to their wisdom. And no doubt those teachings gave a new direction to all at their time. 

There is no possible single-domain definition of Spirituality. And neither am I trying here to define spirituality objectively. For me, spirituality is about the act of understanding my own life’s existence and its relation to nature. Along with it, understanding the basic laws of humanity which are love, compassion, humility, peace, courage, truth, and freedom. 

Spirituality and religion are separate in my opinion. Spirituality lies with my faith whereas religion is a result of constant dynamic changes in culture. Thus my spirituality and religion cum culture, both stand alone. 

Spirituality is an individual’s perspective of an ideal life where he/she can attain peace and harmony with other individuals. Indian culture has always validated the different worldviews in its ancient scriptures. We, throughout Indian civilization, can find two major spiritual paths ‘Vaishnava’- the path of Vishnu and ‘Shaiva’- the path of Shiva. You need to define your spiritual path through which you can be at peace and let live with peace. 

Your spirituality may be connected to the realm of religion by following the laws. On the contrary, you can go with the spiritual practices that demand no rules. The other form of practicing spirituality is performing Yoga, meditation, art, dance, Yoga Mudra’s devotion, service, etc. 

Types of Spirituality:

Understanding your true self and your connection to the universe apart from the materialistic world we see around us is the core fundamental of spirituality. You can achieve this through several paths. Only you can choose what works for you. 

1. Mystical Spirituality: 

This spirituality deals with the mystical aspects of life. People who follow this path believe that all living creatures are connected with each other. Everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences. It revolves around the institutional part of the soul and follows no rules. 

2. Authoritarian Spirituality: 

This spiritual path revolves around a set of laws. These rules are often associated with religious beliefs. People who follow this spirituality believe in a set of the hierarchy of authority. Often people punish those who don’t follow the customs of a group or go against them. The mess of religious laws often creates a fundamental mindset that causes religious intolerance. Often people treat their religious laws as the only truth and others as false. 

3. Intellectual Spirituality: 

Intellectual spirituality inspires one to gain knowledge. Some people believe that only knowledge can offer a true sense of spirituality. Followers of this spirituality focus on learning the theories of fundamentals of any spiritual belief. Often it is termed theological studies. But don’t think of it as the study of only religious belief’s fundamentals. A person can study anything that he/she believes to be helpful in their spiritual growth. 

4. Service Spirituality: 

Service Spirituality’s fundamental is to serve others without gaining anything in return. Many people claim to gain inner peace by serving others wholeheartedly. It is also one of the most common spiritual beliefs that service without personal gain is above all good deeds. 

5. Social Spirituality: 

Social Spirituality teaches you to be near people. People experience spiritual growth when they become a part of a community. It is not limited to any religious group of people. You can become a part of any yoga, meditation, studies, and exercise community as well. 

Spiritual Practices Paths:

There are 5 major paths of spiritual practices which can help you to grow spiritually. Below I have explained them in detail. 

1. Path of Knowledge: 

Path of knowledge inspires you to gain knowledge. It tells you to become knowledgeable and wise. Knowledge gives you power, liberty, and freedom from all things that tie you. This covers the understanding of society, the world, and other people. But most importantly it inspires you to understand yourself first. Who are you in truth? Self-reflection is the key to this path. You can practice this path through study, regular meditation, and asking questions to yourself.  

2. Path of Devotion: 

This spiritual practice asks you to leave your ego and submit to the above-all God. Your will and work should be dedicated to God’s path. You must spend time praying, chanting mantras, and worshipping God. Often this spirituality connects with religious beliefs. So the way of devotion can be different for different individuals. 

Many do not submit to the religious Gods but to one higher power. They may not follow the rules but devote themselves to their faith. 

3. Path of Meditation: 

Meditation has a rich history in spirituality. It is also one of the most adopted paths to gain spiritual awakening. Alongside meditation, there are several techniques such as breathing exercises and asceticism. Spiritual Meditation calms your mind and makes everyday challenges easier for you to tackle. Many believe meditation is a source of spiritual understanding. 

4. Path of Service: 

As mentioned above, you must start serving others without expecting anything in return. This will only make you more joyful and give you a sense of satisfaction. The ultimate liberation will happen when you expect nothing and give everything to others. There are no rules in the service path of spirituality. 

5. Path of Energy: 

More than any technique, this path believes in the energy connection among all. This path revolves around the purification of one’s body, mind, and soul. There are many organizations that teach several energy healing techniques. A few of them are Pranic healing, Chi healing, and Chakra Healing. Some use this path with rituals while others go only for their physical health. Whichever way you choose, the sole foundation of this path is based on the energy which connects all being. 


The hunger for spirituality has risen in people. The reason can be anything but it’s now growing. But one can lose his/her grounds in the mess of spirituality and religion. This blog lights only a small part of this infinite world of spirituality. You can practice any of the above-mentioned spiritual paths to grow yourself above this materialistic world. Choose what suits you the best. 

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