How Spirituality Affects Your Mental Health

Mental Health

Spirituality is an integral part of all of our lives. Irrespective of the country 90% of the human population believes in some kind of higher power. This gives people hope for a good life here and after this worldly life.

There are vivid differences in the customs and laws for spiritual practices across the world. This is because of two reasons. 1. There are differences in the world religions’ laws. 2. Spirituality is different for each individual human being. 

Spirituality and religion may not be the same thing for a person. A person may have faith in something that may not be valid from his or her religious beliefs. 

Spirituality affects our mental health greatly. We can see its effects in all respects of our life such as careers, relationships, and health. A person may not be religious but spiritual. Religion winds people with customs and laws where I was spirituality gives you Liberty to choose whatever you believe. 

Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health: 

Spirituality is a major source of principles in someone’s life. One takes decisions as per his individual philosophy. Spirituality directly or indirectly affects this factor. Addition to these spiritual beliefs and practices help you to establish a better relationship with yourself with others with every force of nature and the supreme God. Practising spiritual learning in our daily life can improve the quality of our livelihood. But there may be some never-negative impacts too.  

Positive Impacts of Spirituality: 

There are several positive impacts of spirituality on our mental health. Below are some of them. 

– You may feel hopeful peace, love, and a greater sense of existence. 

– You will be confident, self-controlled, and have high self-esteem. 

– It can give you a sense of your every experience. 

– It gives you the strength to fight unwell situations in your life. 

– A spiritual community can help you mentally, emotionally, and sometimes financially. 

– It will help to create better relationships with others. 

– You may create a good impact on society. 

– People who suffer from mental illness get hope by talking to spiritual teachers. 

– Spirituality is helpful in treating people, especially in the case of any mental suffering. 

Negative Impacts of Spirituality: 

Spirituality is a very important part of everyone’s life. In general, spirituality has no harmful impact on your lifestyle. But here are a few circumstances that you should be careful of. 

Spirituality Happiness & religion can cross each other’s way. Religions follow several customs and laws. Whoever breaks these laws is punishable by the law of religion. The fundamentalist of any religion can become very harsh to the people who don’t follow their faith. This can create turbulence in social harmony. 

Spirituality is a soft corner of a person, others can take advantage of your beliefs and your faithfulness. You should be careful of what you are doing in the name of spiritual growth. The world is full of manipulators who want you to fulfil their motives. You should be emotionally strong to tackle all these mindful threats. 

Talk to the Doctor about Your Faith: 

Being a doctor means being fully professional in treating people’s health and curing diseases. Mental diseases also come under a doctor’s domain. Since our faith directly affects our mental health, it would be a great step to talk about your beliefs to your doctor. 

Your spirituality can sometimes cause you stress in your regular life. Talking with a professional can help you get back on the right track. If you are suffering through a mental illness or mental barriers due to spiritual beliefs, expressing your concerns to your therapist can benefit you. When their recommendations are not cooperating with your belief system. 

Treatment of mental issues through spirituality: 

Medical science has developed an entirely separate division of mental treatment methods that includes spiritual beliefs. This psychotherapeutic method is known as spiritually augmented cognitive behaviour therapy. Therapy inwards brains cognitive functioning according to the spiritual laws of faith. The method focuses on four factors. 

1. Acceptance

2. Hope

3. Meaning & Purpose

4. Forgiveness 

The therapy deals with the important aspects of life such as birth, death, and the meaning of every experience. It then focuses on your understanding and confronting methods to these unavoidable aspects. 

The therapy includes the following techniques to treat the patients. 

1. Empathetic Listening

2. Encouragement of Emotional Expression. 

3. Problem Solving

4. Spirituality Meditation, Yoga, Prayers, Rituals, etc. 

5. Monitoring the effects of your beliefs on your health. 

Improving Your Spiritual & Mental Health: 

Your mental health is also dependent on your spiritual health. It’s important for you to take care of that too. Quality is all about finding yourself and your relationship with the universe. You may or may not follow certain customs of religion. 

Focus on what makes you happy and peaceful. Different approaches work for different people, don’t try to follow anyone blindly. Rather find your own place of sense. 

You can follow some of the below-given practices to grow into spirituality. 

  – Search for what makes you peaceful, feel loved, and strong from within. 

  – Be a part of any community service program. 

  – Read books. 

  – Start meditation. 

  – Start travelling.  

  – Practice Yoga

  – Pray alone or in a group. 


Like our mental and physical health, we cannot ignore our spiritual health too. Spirituality brings peace and hopes to everyone. For some people, it’s important to know who they are and where they belong above this materialistic world. 

The questions of spirituality directly affect our mental health. And you need to be very careful about your belief system and where to balance it with the reality you are living in. In this blog from ‘Ayurveda Sahi Hai,’ I have discussed the relationship between spirituality and mental health. Also, you read how impactful spirituality is and how you can improve your spiritual health. 

Start taking care of your spiritual health as it will help you accomplish a new benchmark in your life. 

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