Vastu Shastra:The Higher Science of Architecture

Vastu Shastra

Our ancient architects and engineers have built such masterpieces that amaze even modern architects and engineers. And it is not just the amazing buildings and temples but also the positive energetic vibes that you get in these monuments and places! And this architectural style was called Vastu Shastra.

As per Vastu Shastra, everything in this world has energy, even non-living things like rocks, that are often used to build houses. And thus from the material used for building houses, the way it is used till the time it is used at. Everything is important.

The major things that are taken care of in vaastu Shastra are:

Five elements of “Panchbhoot”:

In this they took care of the five elements from which this world is made up of; Fire Water, air, space, and earth. All these aspects must be placed in the right manner to get that positive and radiant vibe.

Humans are made up of these 5 elements, and thus fire in us gives us passion and energy, water in us gives us cool and calmness, Earth makes us stable and firm, Air is needed to keep the fire burning, and also to live and Space element in our body gives us a vibe an aura that defines our natural behavior.

A house must compliment all these 5 elements and also manipulate them like the Chameleons change colors, the frog’s heart beats very slowly sometimes, the bear hibernates the whole winter, and ants don’t come out in the winter. Similarly, we must also manipulate and complement these 5 elements as per our needs.

Like the windows and ventilations should be in accordance to the flow of wind currents in different seasons. The water element must be taken care of to face hot summers, muddy monsoon, and cold winters. The properties of the soil and the land upon which the house is to be built must be taken care of and so on.

Earth’s magnetic field:

We all know that earth has a magnetic field that pulls everything towards it. It also affects how it revolves around the sun and how it rotates on its own axis, and accordingly, should it be used so that we are making use of these magnetic fields effectively, by placing the things in our houses the right manner.

Every human has an energy field around him. Have you ever realised that someone is standing behind you without turning? This is because of our energy fields, as per ancient texts, the average human has about 60-80 centimeters of energy field and one can easily realise if you enter into this zone! Modern psychologists call this area the personal space of a person.

A depressed person will have it less, a happy joyful person will have it more. And this energy field is very much affected by the magnetic field of the Earth and thus, you must build and arrange your house in a manner that your field is aligned to the earth’s magnetic field.

Sun, moon, their position, and effects:

Sun and moon are the 2 very important aspects due to which life on earth is possible. Thus taking care of their positions and effects on your house is essential. If you keep the things in the right places in your house, then it will complement your geographical locations, and magnetic fields of the earth and you will have a very positive behavior and mindset.

In earlier times, if a girl was having menstrual cycle issues, she was often told to sit under the moon for some time every day and it would align her menstrual cycle. And there are a lot of similar stories about the power of the Sun and the Moon. And as per to many modern Vastu Shastra specialists, if females in your house are facing irregularities in their menstrual cycle, your house may not be in accordance with the Moon.

8 Cardinal Directions:

Finally, all 5 elements, the earth’s magnetic field and the sun and moon and their effects need to be complemented with the direction they are placed in. The interior, the exterior, and the center of the house all should be taken care of while designing the house.

It isn’t dependent only on a single factor, the direction is not enough, every direction is divided into 9 sections and each of those 9 sections may be auspicious or inauspicious, depending on the topographical, climatic conditions and the above-mentioned elements of the area you live in.

We have given you a glimpse of the deep science behind Vastu Shastra and we hope you have understood how scientific and geographical our ancient Vastu Shastra is.

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