Ten Highly Health-Benefits of Yoga Mudras

yoga mudras

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice. People generally resemble it with exercise only. But Yoga has much more depth than a few body movements only. The ancient books originating from India mention Yoga as a holy way to enhance your body, mind, and spiritual abilities. You must have heard about Asana but have you heard about Mudras? If not, we are going to tell you each detail about it today. Read the full blog with patience.

What are Yoga Mudras?

Mudra is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘Gesture’ or ‘Attitude’. Mudras do not stand for physical gestures but emotional and physical ones. They are described as postures for flowing the energy such that it balances your chakras. These Yoga mudras help you to get your Pranic forces connected with nature or cosmic universal energy. Yoga Mudras have a wide variety. It is as simple as hand gestures and it can be complex as a mixture of Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, and Visualization.

Yoga Mudras help you to balance the flow of chakra energy. It also awakens your Prana & Kundalini. It pushes the chakra energy upwards giving you a higher sense of consciousness. It results in you becoming more alert and rightly responsive to the circumstances that happen to you. Each Mudra helps you to make a relationship with the five elements of the body Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space. Each Mudra has separate effects on the Body, Mind, and Prana.

How do We Perform Different Mudras?

Performing Mudras are easy in comparison to other forms of Yoga. However, some Yoga Mudras need to be combined with Asana, Pranayama, and Visualisation also. Mudra deals with all five elements Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space. Each of our fingers represents each element. By making contact with your Thumb, you can balance each of your elements. Mudras balance the elements and treat imbalance-caused sickness.

AIR/ VaayuIndex Finger
FIRE/ AgniThumb Finger
WATER/ JalLittle Finger
EARTH/ PrithviRing Finger
SPACE/ VyomMiddle Finger

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Top 10 Beneficiary Yoga Mudras for Health:

All the Yoga Mudras are performed in the Sukhasana position only. You must be in relaxed mode while performing these Mudras.

1. Jana/ Gyan Mudra:

Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra is associated with knowledge and concentration. It helps you to gain more consciousness and focus. Gyan Mudra is also the most common and famous Mudra of all time. Follow the below steps to practice Gyan Mudra.

– Sit comfortably in Sukhasana Position.

– Touch the tip of your thumb with the thumb of your index finger.

– Straighten all your other remaining fingers. Keep their bases slightly apart.

– Keep your palms facing up.

– Breathe normally.

2. Chinmaya Mudra:

Chinmaya Mudra

Chinmaya or Awareness Mudra is a great practice to increase your concentration and awareness. It also helps in the continuous right flow of energy in your body. Chinmaya Mudra is also helpful in balancing your mental well-being. Follow the below steps to perform the Mudra.

– Create a ring with your thumb and your index finger. Make contact with the tip of both fingers.

– Curl your other fingers into your palms.

– This will make a light semi-fist.

– Now place your hands on your knees.

– Keep your palms facing upwards.

– Observe the flow of your breaths.

3. Vayu Mudra:

Vayu Mudra

Vayu means air. As the name of the mudra suggests, this deals with the air element of your body. It helps in reducing your gastric problems. Excess gastric leaves you with chest pain. This mudra helps you to repulse the trapped air and gives you relief. Follow the below steps to practice this Mudra.

– Fold your index finger in half.

– Put the tip of your index finger on the base of your thumb.

– Keep all your other fingers straightened and slightly apart.

– Keep your palms facing up.

– Place your hands on your knees.

– Keep your arms and hands relaxed. Breathe normally.

4. Agni Mudra:

Adi Mudra

Agni or Fire mudra deals with the fire element of your body. It is thus helpful in increasing metabolism. It helps maintain your weight by improving digestion and strengthening your body.

Note- If you are suffering from acidity or indigestion, don’t perform this Mudra.

Following are the steps for this Mudra.

– Fold your ring finger.

– Press the base of your thumb with the tip of your ring finger.

– Press the second phalanx bone of your ring finger with your thumb.

– Place your hands on your knees.

– Keep your palms upwards.

– Make sure that your other three fingers are straightened and relaxed.

– Continue normal breathing.

5. Varun mudra:

Varun Mudra

Varun means water. As the name suggests, this mudra deals with the fluid or water element in your body. It helps to enhance your overall body look. It lets the fluid inside your body move freely the whole body. As a result, it works as a natural remedy for pimples and skin diseases. It keeps your body hydrated, making your skin glow naturally. It also relieves your muscles. Follow the below steps to perform Varun Mudra.

– Make contact between the tip of your little finger and thumb.

– Keep all the remaining fingers straight and relaxed.

– Place them on their knees with palms facing upwards.

– Keep the bases of your other fingers slightly apart from each other.

Note- Don’t touch the tip of your little finger with the nails. It will result in the exact opposite. It will dehydrate your body.

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6. Prana Mudra:

Prana Mudra

Prana means life. As the name implies, this mudra helps you to strengthen your life element. It fights against lethargy and energizes your body. It enhances your life energy. This mudra is also helpful in enhancing your eyesight and your immune system. It fights back any eye disorder and improves vision. Follow the below steps to perform Prana Mudra.

– Bend your ring & little fingers.

– Make a ring by making contact with the thumb finger.

– Keep your other finger straight.

– Place your hands on your knees.

– Make sure you keep your palms upwards.

– Relax your hands and arms.

– Breathe normally.

7. Shunya Mudra:

shunya mudra

‘Shunya Mudra’ or ‘Paradise Mudra’ helps people who are losing their hearing due to natural causes. It is also helpful in motion sickness or vertigo. If practiced regularly, this helps you to achieve a tranquil state. Here are the steps to do this Mudra.

– Half-fold your middle finger.

– Press the phalanx of your middle finger with your thumb.

– Straighten all our remaining three fingers.

– Keep their bases slightly apart.

– Keep the palms facing upwards.

– Place your hands on your knees facing up.

 8. Surya Mudra:

surya mudra

Surya Mudra presents the sun element in your body. This mudra balances your sun element, increases blood flow, helps to fight against anxiety, reduces bad cholesterol, and also helps you gain weight. As the name represents, this mudra uses the sun’s vitality. Hence you must do it in the early morning every day. Follow the below steps to perform this mudra.

– Press your ring finger with your thumb.

– Straighten all your remaining fingers.

– Make sure that the bases of these fingers are slightly separate.

– Place your hands on your knees.

– Keep the palms upwards.

– Let your arms and hands relax. 

9. Prithvi Mudra:

prithvi mudra

Prithvi means the Earth element. This mudra helps you to improve blood circulation in the body. It also enhances your tolerance, patience, concentration, and peace. Surprisingly, this mudra also increases the strength of your weak bones. It helps your lean bones to become wide and strong; your body to gain weight. Follow the below step to perform this.

– Connect your thumb finger and the tip of your ring finger.

– Keep your other three fingers straightened.

– Don’t stretch your fingers forcefully. Keep them relaxed.

– Place your palm on your knees facing upwards.

– Make sure that your hands and palms are relaxed.

 10. Adi Mudra:

adi mudra

Adi- this Sanskrit word means the start of everything. It’s a ritualistic hand gesture that helps you to silence the voices inside your mind. It also helps you to calm your nervous system. It makes your body and mind relaxed. Follow the below steps to do it. It helps you to make you more aware. Breathing exercise helps you boost your oxygen level and maximize your lung capacity.

– Place your thumb at the base of your tiny finger.

– Now curl all your other fingers over the thumb.

– Make a light fist.

– Face your palms upwards.

– Place your light fist on your knees.

– Start taking deep relaxed breaths.


Mudras are an integral part of Yoga. It is easy and very helpful in establishing a balance between your chakra energy and awakening your Kundalini. Above we have discussed the 10 different Yoga Mudras and how to perform them. Practice them daily and enhance your life quality.Fre

 Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of Practising Yoga Mudras? 

Practising Yoga Mudras help you mentally & physically both. It has several effects on your body, mind, and consciousness as given below. 

– Mudras help you reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, and improve your rational thinking & focus. 

– Certain yoga mudras help improve blood circulation and channel the flow of energy. 

– It helps you sleep better. 

– Some mudras can help you relieve your pain such as headaches and menstrual cramps. 

– Regular practising mudras help in boosting immunity. 

2. Is It Safe to Practise Yoga Mudra During Pregnancy?

Yes, they are safe. But you must avoid some mudras as they can have some side effects. Therefore it is important to perform the yoga mudras under the guidance of an expert only during pregnancy. 

3. How Do Yoga Mudras Work With the Body’s Energy System? 

Ayurveda explains the Nadis & chakras as major energy points of the body. Certain yoga mudras help your body to channelize your energy in a specific direction for specific usage. The practice of yoga mudra involves hand gestures, breathing, and body postures which calm the mind and improve the energy circulation in the body. 

4. Can Yoga Mudras Help With Stress and Anxiety? 

Yoga mudras involve breathing exercises and a calm mind. This helps you to calm your thought process and improve your rational thinking with a balanced emotional state of being. The yoga mudras use hand gestures to channel your energy in a specific direction and soothe your messed up mind. 

5. Are there specific Yoga Mudra for Specific Health Conditions? 

Yes, there are specific mudras for some specific health conditions. For example: 

– Gyan Mudra- to sharpen your brain abilities. 

– Vayu Mudra- to balance the air element in your body. 

– Prana Mudra- to have a healthy heart. 

– Linga Mudra- to lose weight. 

6. Can I Practise Yoga Mudra with Music? 

Yes, you can. Some soothing soulfulness can help you better concentrate during your practice. Music also helps your mind to calm down thus it can go parallel with the Yoga Mudras. Don’t listen to hard rock music as it energises your body instead of calming it. 

7. Do Yoga Mudras Affect Our Emotional Well-Being? 

Ayurveda mentions certain mudras which can help you increase your emotional intelligence. Shuni or Shoonya Mudra helps improve intuition, alertness, and sensory powers and improve your emotional stability. 

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