10 Amazing benefits of Manjistha in Ayurveda

benefits of manjistha

Mother Nature has gifted us with natural medicine and herbs. Many such herbs are mentioned in Ayurveda, which we have been using for centuries. Ayurveda provides us with information related to many home remedies, ranging from removing physical problems to maintaining mental health. Its list of herbs includes many Indian spices and medicinal plants. Using Ayurvedic medicines helps us increase harmony in our lives. Manjistha is one such medicinal plant that has great importance in Ayurveda.

In today’s article, we are sharing with you the complete information related to the benefits of Manjistha in Ayurveda, with the help of which you can get rid of various diseases. For complete details, read the article till the end.

An Overview of Manjistha:

An Overview Of Manjistha

Manjistha is the root of the plant named Manjit. It is an Ayurvedic root. The scientific name of Manjit is Rubia cordifolia L, which belongs to the Rubiaceae family. We also call it rose madder or common madder. This plant is cultivated only for the purpose of obtaining its roots. We use Manjistha mostly as a blood purifier. It blocks calcium channels.

It has many medicinal properties, like anti-diabetic, antiplatelet, and anti-stress. It is also used in the treatment of skin problems. Along with this, anti-cancer properties are also found in it. Manjistha has many biological properties due to the presence of anthraquinones in it. These include antimicrobials, hypotensives, hepatoprotectives, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

10 Amazing Benefits of Manjistha:

Manjistha is a medicinal plant. Manjistha mainly works as a blood purifier, which purifies the blood by eliminating the waste elements of the body. Just like the nutrients present in Mulethi Powder work on your weight without any side effects, Manjistha also reduces belly fat and helps in weight loss.

Manjistha helps make the skin healthy and glowing. Manjistha removes stomach problems by improving the digestive system. Manjistha helps reduce arthritis and inflammation in the body. Apart from all these benefits of manjistha, it also has other benefits, which we will talk about below.

1.) It helps with wound healing:

manjistha helps with wound healing

We use Manjistha for the quick healing of wounds. Manjistha reduces inflammation and brings back the normal structure of the skin. By making a paste from Manjistha, you can use it for wound healing.

To prepare this paste, first take 1-2 spoons of Manjistha powder. Make a paste by adding coconut oil to it. Apply this paste properly to the affected area. After this, keep it on the wound for 4-5 hours and wash it thoroughly with clean water.

2.) It cures skin diseases:

manjistha cures skin diseases

Manjistha oil is very beneficial for our skin. By using this, you can control the symptoms of skin diseases, especially eczema. Symptoms of eczema include peeling, swelling, itching, and bleeding of the skin. The application of Manjistha oil reduces swelling and helps with bleeding problems.

Sandalwood is very helpful in removing skin diseases, but you should know that Manjistha also cures your skin diseases in the same way as sandalwood. If you use it in the form of oil, you get more benefits. To prepare Manjistha oil, take two to five drops according to your needs. Mix Manjistha oil with coconut oil. Now apply it to the affected area 1–2 times. Use it daily to get rid of skin diseases.

3.) It helps you get rid of acne and pimples.

manjistha helps you get rid of acne and pimples

Most people use Multani Mitti to make their skin beautiful and glowing, but most people are not familiar with the benefits of Manjistha for the skin. Using this makes the skin glow and look young. Manjistha is also very beneficial for removing acne and pimples.

Along with this, it also helps eliminate blackheads and whiteheads. Make a paste of Manjistha to get rid of acne and pimples. To make this, first, take one to two spoons of Manjistha powder, as per your needs. After this, make a paste by mixing honey or rose water in it. Apply this paste thoroughly to your face. After this, wash it with cold water for 1-2 hours. Apply this remedy 2-3 times a week.

4.) It removes Cardiovascular Disorders:

It removes Cardiovascular Disorders

Cardiovascular disorders are caused by disorders of the heart and blood vessels. This disorder includes symptoms related to heart disease as well as hypertension and heart stroke. You can also use Manjistha to treat heart diseases, but it requires more analysis and research. So consult your doctor before using Manjistha for your heart.

5. It manages diabetes

manjistha manages diabetes

The hypoglycemic effect of Manjistha helps lower the blood glucose level. Due to its antioxidant properties, consuming it reduces the risk of diabetes significantly. Manjistha helps the body absorb it by reducing gastric acid, thereby correcting the weak action of insulin. Therefore, consuming Manjistha controls the blood sugar level.

To get rid of the problem of diabetes, most people consider Tulsi to be a more effective medicinal plant, but Manjistha also helps you get rid of the problem of diabetes completely. If you use it regularly or after consulting a doctor, you can get relief from the problem of diabetes.

6.) It removes the symptoms of cancer:

manjistha removes the symptoms of cancer

According to Ayurveda, using Manjistha is very beneficial. It removes heart and skin-related disorders, and along with this, it also acts as an anti-cancer agent. Manjistha prevents the growth of cancer cells, reducing the risk of cancer in our bodies. It contains the molugin compound, which reduces cancer-related disorders.

We can use manjistha powder as an adjunct in cancer treatment. Experts also use it for the manufacture of medicines. It can help control various types of cancer, such as ovarian and uterine cancer. Hence, it helps to get rid of cancer-related problems.

7.) It treats psoriasis:

manjistha treats psoriasis

Psoriasis is a problem in which there is itching on the skin, and rashes start coming out along with it. It occurs on the skin of the knees, elbows, torso, and head of our body. It is a kind of chronic disease. Due to this, there may be a problem with insomnia. People who suffer from this problem find it difficult to concentrate.

Psoriasis causes inflammation in the body. People can suffer from this problem due to the deterioration of the immune system. In this case, new cells of the skin are not formed quickly, due to which dead cells start accumulating on the skin. Manjistha proves to be very effective in the treatment of psoriasis. By using it for a few days, you get relief from itching and redness from cuts.

8.) It keeps the Liver safe:

manjistha keeps the liver safe

Manjistha has strong petro-protective properties. It helps in removing liver disorders, especially jaundice. Jaundice affects the liver a lot. This herb supports liver function. Bile released from Manjistha helps bring liver enzymes to normal levels.

Manjistha is used to cure liver related diseases. It detoxifies the liver and removes impurities from the body. It improves liver function and keeps the liver healthy. If you want to keep your lover safe, you can consume it regularly according to the advice of the doctor.

9.) It increases fertility:

manjistha increases fertility

If you take medicines to increase fertility, they can harm your body. That’s why Ayurvedic medicines are best for increasing fertility.  Using manjistha increases fertility. Manjistha root has been used since ancient times to increase fertility in women. If there is a problem of infertility in women due to cervical mucus, the medicinal properties found in the roots of Manjistha can overcome this problem. It is also used to increase sexual ability in men. It increases the testosterone hormone by activating the male reproductive gland.

It removes the problem of irregular periods in PCOD.

Manjistha root can be used by women to overcome the problem of irregular periods in PCOD. Using Manjishtha daily purifies the blood. It also provides relief from pain for women during their periods.

10.) It strengthens the immune system:

manjistha strengthens the immune system

Due to a lack of nutrients in the body and an unbalanced diet, the body’s immune system becomes weak. Due to this, the weak body gets affected by the infection very quickly. By using Manjistha root, you can improve the body’s immune system. Aloe vera also helps boost your immune system as it has properties like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you do not have aloe vera, you can also prefer manjistha.

The roots of Manjistha help fight the infection spreading in the body. The medicinal properties present in it help you avoid all kinds of infections. There are more chances of getting a fever, cold, cough, etc. in the rainy season. By using Manjishtha, you increase immunity in your body, which helps fight diseases.

How to use Manjistha:

Manjistha is such a medicine that you can use it in many ways. It is present in many forms on the market, each with different advantages. The way to use it is as follows:

1. Manjistha Powder:

manjistha powder

Manjistha Churna is very beneficial for your skin, but before using it you must take your doctor’s advice. Manjistha is used in the form of powder. Manjistha powder provides relief from skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema. Though Triphala powder can also relieve you of all these problems, Manjishtha works faster in your body.  It does not generate any kind of side effect.

You can also use Manjistha powder to remove blemishes on your face. To do this, first wash the dry leaves of Manjistha thoroughly and dry them in the sun. After this, grind the dry leaves and make powder. Store the powder in a clean, dry container and use it.

2. Manjistha Capsule:

manjistha capsule

Manjistha capsules are also available on the market. Those who use it get a lot of benefits. If you want to use it, take 1 capsule of Manjistha with water after eating. The use of Manjistha capsules is very beneficial for the skin.

Manjistha capsules clear the complexion of the skin and also reduce blemishes. You should consult a doctor before using Manjistha tablets, as he will be able to prescribe you the right dosage and method of use, taking into consideration your medical history

3. Manjistha Oil:

manjistha oil

If you want to get rid of the symptoms of skin disease, then Manjistha oil can prove to be very beneficial for you. You can also apply Manjistha oil to your hair. If your hair is turning prematurely white or falling, then use it. It is helpful in solving hair problems.

Manjistha’s Negative Effects:

Due to the lack of information related to side effects after consuming Manjistha or applying it to the skin, you should use it with caution. Use it as per the suggestion of the doctor. There are no side effects when Manjistha is used in the right amount. It is highly effective in normalizing aggravated biliousness in the body. We can see some negative effects from its overdose, which are as follows:

  • Change the color of the urine
  • Stool into orange or brown
  • Constipation in some women

If a person is already consuming anticoagulant drugs, he should be cautious while consuming Manjistha, as Manjistha also has antiplatelet action. Apart from this, women should not use Manjistha during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Remember that whenever you use Manjistha, you must consult a doctor.



Manjistha works to remove the impurities in our bodies as well as the symptoms of different types of diseases. Through this article, we have shared with you the benefits of Manjistha, how to use it, and complete information related to it so that you too can benefit from its use. Before using Manjishtha, take a doctor’s advice so that you can avoid getting affected by any kind of side effects.

If you have liked this information about the benefits of Manjistha in Ayurveda, share it with your friends and relatives so that they too can use Manjistha to get rid of diseases and live a happy life by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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