Hair Loss in Women: Causes, Prevention, Foods and Myths


With good hair, we can give ourselves any kind of look, which improves our look and increases our confidence. Hair is also called a part of beauty but there are many people who are troubled by the problem of hair loss, like continuous hair fall, baldness appearing in front, hair suddenly stopping growing in the round spot in between the hair, etc.

It is a fact that men have more extensive balding, but women also face hair problems in very high numbers. Hair loss in women is also seen as a natural balance, but if your hair is falling more than the figure fixed in the balance, then it is a matter of concern. If you face these problems and want to get relief from them, read the complete information below.

What is hair loss in women?

Hair growth is a complicated process that involves various factors. Many factors can influence hair growth, but if one or some of the factors of hair growth gets disturbed or out of balance, we have hair fall issues.

Generally, there are many remedies available to prevent hair loss, but meeting with a trichologist, an expert who specializes in hair and scalp-related problems, increases the chances of getting quick relief from the problem of hair loss. In medical terms, the problem of hair fall is called ‘Alopecia’.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?

There are some reasons for hair loss when we start losing hair, or some changes happening in our body. Some of the reasons are given below:

1. Hairstyle


We do many types of experiments on hair. Experimentation means that if we go to any function, we give different styles to our hair. Generally, people tie their hair in ponytails to go to college, school, or the office, due to which they pull the hair. By doing a ponytail like this for a long time, hair starts falling after some time.

2. Dieting (rapid weight loss)

Avoiding many nutritious foods during dieting can cause hair to fall. You start reducing calories, which helps in reducing weight, but hair fall can also start. Nutrients like iron, biotin, zinc, and many other minerals help with hair growth.

3. Vitamin deficiency


Vitamins are very important for our hair growth, just as iron prevents the symptoms of anemia. Vitamin B lends its support to hair growth and helps keep hair healthy. Vitamin D is very important for people because it helps with hair follicle cycling. Thus, a deficiency of vitamin D, vitamin B, and iron can cause hair loss in women.

4. Restrictive diets

Many people suddenly start following a restrictive diet to lose weight, which reduces the amount of calories that should reach the body in a certain quantity, which starts playing its role in hair fall.

5. Excessive processing on the scalp

It happens, especially in women that when they go to a party or any special occasion, they use many types of hit styling tools on their hair which weakens the hair. 

When women go to a beauty parlor or a salon to style their hair, many types of chemicals are used to set their hair, which causes great harm to the hair scalp.

6. Stress

The problem of hair fall is mostly seen in people who live under a lot of stress. If you do not get good sleep and this happens for several days, the problem of hair fall can start. Due to excessive stress, cortisol salt hormone which is a stress hormone affects the hair follicles and starts hair fall.

How to prevent hair loss in women?

Hair loss occurs in women but we can see baldness much less in comparison to men. Complete baldness is seen in women only due to some health-related problems.

To prevent hair loss in women and maintain hair growth, we should take some nutritious food in our diet and there are many things which should be avoided to prevent hair fall. Below are some such measures which you can follow to keep your hair healthy.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a big role in preventing hair fall in women and making hair healthy. It helps a lot in the growth of hair cells and strengthens them. It contributes to the production of sebum, which moisturizes the skin and helps keep hair healthy.

2. Protein

The structure of hair is made up of carotene salt, a protein. If this protein is not present in the body, then hair fall starts and baldness occurs, hence consumption of protein prevents hair fall. Protein helps in hair growth and strengthening the hair. 

3. Hair processing

Straightening the hair, and making them stylish by using chemical substances is harmful. This hair processing is done keeping in mind the factors like the condition of the hair and strengthening of the hair, in which the hair roots are cleaned and some healthy elements are given to them which strengthen the hair. 

4. Coconut oil

You can strengthen your hair by using coconut oil because it contains lauric acid which is rich in antifungal properties. Thus it is beneficial for the scalp. It helps in making hair long, thick, and strong.

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5. Regular washing

To prevent hair fall, it is very important for the scalp to be healthy. Regular washing of hair keeps the scalp healthy. If the scalp remains healthy, the hair will also remain healthy, hence regular washing strengthens the hair and prevents hair fall.

6. Gentle styling

Gentle styling prevents hair fall and strengthens the hair. You have to avoid straighteners, curling irons, and many other chemicals used for hair styling and do such styling which will prevent hair fall and help in hair growth.

7. Onion juice

Onion juice is very beneficial for preventing hair fall and strengthening the hair. It contains sulphur which helps in the formation of carotene protein. It is mainly used in the scalp. Onion juice is a very good remedy to keep the scalp healthy.

8. Laser therapy

Laser therapy has a very good effect on strengthening the hair. It increases blood circulation due to which essential nutrients reach the scalp.

Inflammation in the scalp causes hair fall, hence laser therapy helps in reducing the inflammation and helps in hair growth by preventing hair fall.

Best Foods for Hair Growth

To prevent hair breakage, keep hair healthy, and give good growth to hair, we should pay attention to our diet. Below are the names of some of the best foods that are very important for hair growth.

  • Nuts

Nuts play a vital role in preventing hair fall and hair growth. Walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds contain a good amount of Vitamin E which prevents hair fall and helps in hair growth. 

  • Avocados

Avocados contain many nutritious elements that can be used as a food to get rid of hair fall. It is a good source of Vitamin A and iron which is very beneficial for hair.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes contain a good amount of Vitamin A which helps in keeping the hair scalp strong and healthy and prevents hair fall. It also contains a good amount of beta carotene which is beneficial for hair.

  • Spinach

Spinach is eaten as a vegetable which strengthens the hair. This can be called a good source of iron. Vitamin A is present in it which prevents hair breakage and keeps the scalp healthy.

  • Berries

Berries contain vitamin C which helps in keeping the scalp healthy. It can be called a good source of antioxidants because it contains a good amount of antioxidants that strengthen the hair.

Common Myths and Facts about hair loss

If we talk about hair loss, we usually hear many types of myths and facts. Some of the myths and facts are as follows:

Myth: Hair loss is always a sign of aging

Fact: While age can contribute to hair thinning, hair loss can occur at any age. Factors like hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, and certain medical conditions can result in hair loss in younger individuals.

Myth: Wearing Hats Causes Hair Loss

Fact: It is believed that wearing hats causes hair loss. But this is wrong because wearing heads keeps the skills protected from outside dirt. Wiring Heads Cause Hair Fall This False Myth.

Myth: Only Men Experience Hair Loss

Fact: It is believed that only men experience hair loss but this is wrong. Both men and women lose hair, but baldness and hair fall are more common in men than women, women also go through the problem of hair loss.

Myth: Shampooing Causes Hair to Fall Out

Fact: This is the myth that Shampooing Causes Hair to Fall Out. Shampooing keeps the scalp clean and no harmful elements remain in it which can cause hair problems, hence it is wrong to blame shampooing for hair fall.

Myth: Baldness Comes from Your Mother’s Side

Fact: It is believed that baldness comes from your mother’s side. This is considered wrong. If you are going bald due to a genetic problem then it can be due to the influence of both parents.

Myth: Hair loss is always permanent

Fact: The outcome of hair loss varies. While some types of hair loss may be permanent, others may be reversible, especially when the underlying cause is identified and treated. Early intervention often leads to better outcomes.


Nowadays hair loss in women has become a common problem that has a negative impact on their beauty. Above we have discussed in detail the causes of hair fall. We also discussed the solutions by which women can get relief from it. Women have to take care of their diet. They should also consume such nutritious food.

It is also very important to get the right quantity of vitamins in the body. Trichologists suggest that women should also consume a certain amount of vitamins in their diet so that their hair grows well and the chances of hair loss are reduced.

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