Benefits of Multani Mitti Uses for Face & Hair

Multani Mitti

Most of us have heard it somewhere whether in our homes or from an aunt nearby. Ayurveda has mentioned it as their ‘Rambaan’ (The arrow of Ram) for all skin issues. If you are a person who loves to keep a check on your skin health and searching for a home remedy, you have landed on the exact article you needed to.

Your beauty lies in your home with natural ingredients like Multani Mitti, Turmeric, Gram-flour, cucumber, and many other natural things. Say goodbye to your packed products labelled with false promises and adore Multani Mitti uses for face with Ayurveda Sahi Hai. 

Below you will get to know about the amazing benefits of using Multani Mitti. Read the full article to understand all in detail. 

What is Multani Mitti? Why is It Important?

Multani Mitti uses for face have always been widely famous in India. Almost every Indian household keeps this clay. Ayurveda mentions it regularly in order to clean skin issues. Note that Multani Mitti comes from the city of Multan in Pakistan. The clay is similar to normal clays but is finer than that. It is high in ingredients & minerals that make it so powerful & beneficial for skin & hair. It is rich in hydrated aluminium silicates, magnesium chloride, and calcium bentonite.  

Fun Fact- 

English men have called it the ‘Fuller’s Earth’.

Benefits of Multani Mitti:

Multani Mitti has many ingredients that can enhance your natural beauty. Along with skin, Multani Mitti is surprisingly beneficial for your hair also. Therefore we will here discuss both the skin & hair benefits of this amazing clay. 

Benefits for Hair:

1. Cleanse Your Scalp:

Most of us have dandruff and suffer from itching on our scalps. This is due to dead cells present in our heads. The dirt or any other build-up present on our scalp damages the overall health of our scalp. A thick layer of Multani Mitti is mixed with water and applied to your hair. After 15-20 minutes, wash it gently. Multani Mitti weakens the dirt & dandruff stuck and gives you a clean scalp. 

2. Healthy hair Growth:

Multani Mitti, when massaged on your scalp, improves your blood flow significantly. As the blood circulation goes better inside your head, it nourishes your hair from within. It boosts your healthy hair growth and gives you thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. 

3. Is a Promising Hair Conditioner:

Above I have discussed Multani Mitti as a great cleansing carrier (a shampoo) but it is not the only way we can use this clay for. Multani Mitti absorbs extra oil on your scalp, keeping your hair from freezing and conditions your hair deeply, and nourishes them. 

4. Builds Up Your Follicles Strength:  

Hair fall occurs due to the weakening of the follicles. In order to make them strong, we need minerals. Multani Mitti is a great source of minerals that promotes healthy hair growth with strong hair follicles. It nourishes them from within and also protects them not to fall off. 

Benefits for Skin:

1. Is Good for Gentle Cleansing:

Is Good for Gentle Cleansing:
Is Good for Gentle Cleansing:

The best thing Multani Mitti is famous for is its cleansing properties. Make a thick layer of Multani Mitti and use it on your face, hands, and anywhere else you want. It will extract all dirt particles and other impurities from your face and other places. 

2. Good for Exfoliation:

Multani Mitti works as an ideal exfoliator and removes all the dead skin cells from your face. Thoroughly it results in clear & bright skin. 

3. Brightens the Skin:

 Brightens the Skin
 Brightens the Skin

Multani Mitti is rich in minerals that help de-tan your face. It brightens up your skin and also tones it evenly to make you more presentable. You can apply it on your hands & face to give them a bright shade of colour. 

4. Heals SunBurn:

Heals SunBurn
Heals SunBurn

The ‘Fuller’s Earth’ has incredible healing properties. It is rich in cooling properties that heal many skin problems. It is helpful in treating sunburns, infections, wounds, and any kind of inflammation with its ions. 

5. Cleans Clogged Pores:

Cleans Clogged Pores
Cleans Clogged Pores

Clogged pores occur due to excess sebum on the face. Oily skin people face this especially. Multani Mitti removes the core problem of it by removing excess sebum from the face. This helps you in getting clear skin without clogging. 

6. Gives You Glowing & Radiant Skin:

Gives You Glowing & Radiant Skin:
Gives You Glowing & Radiant Skin

Who doesn’t want to look young? And using Multani Mitti is an excellent idea to achieve so. The magical clay improves your blood circulation and therefore gives your skin new life. Remember your skin is a direct reflection of your inner health and blood has a deep connection with it. Applying it on a regular basis will result in youthful & radiant skin always. 

7. Remove Acne:

Remove Acne
Remove Acne

Enriched with many minerals, Multani Mitti is a boon for people suffering from breakouts on their faces. The minerals present in the clay magnesium chloride and calcium bentonite clear the skin and remove the breakouts. 

– Multani Mitti reduces the harm caused by any acne-created inflammation. 

– It removes impurities from the skin and dead skin cells. 

– It absorbs excess oils from the face, resulting in no-acne clear skin. 

– People suffering from pores must use Multani Mitti to remove them. 

– It is a must-use for removing blackheads & whiteheads. 

8. How to Use Multani Mitti:

How to Use Multani Mitti

You can use Multani Mitti in a number of ways for benefitting your skin & hair. Below are some ways given. 

– Mix Multani Mitti with water to make a thick layer of it. Apply it to your hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly and gently. 

– Directly rub it on your face. It will work as a scrub and exfoliator. 

– You can mix it with aloe vera, tomato pulp, and honey. Apply it on your face as a moisturizing face pack. 


Using Multani Mitti is in the traditions of India. Gladly people from each corner are accepting it and Ayurveda. As the team of Ayurveda Sahi Hai, our motive is to bring light to the Ayurvedic viewpoint of life & health. In this article, we have discussed Multani Mitti uses for face and its magical benefits for skin & hair. Don’t forget to check out our other articles too. 

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