8 Magnificent Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

8 Magnificent Benefits Of Ayurvedic Massage

We all love body massage. It makes us feel very light and stress-free. However, many people are not aware of the various benefits of massage, as it also prevents many types of diseases from taking birth in our bodies. Ayurveda has been practised in India for 3000 years and is equally effective today. Ayurveda has importance in India as well as in every corner of the world. Ayurvedic massage is a method that has been used since ancient times. This gives the body a lot of rest and immunity against several diseases. It’s a practice that provides internal relaxation and peace to the body. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the benefits of Ayurvedic massage.

1.    Ayurvedic massages reduce stress and blood pressure:

Due to busy schedules and work pressure, people are unable to take care of their health. This increases stress and can lead to depression. Many times people also take different types of medicines to reduce stress, which is harmful to health. 

For this, it is necessary that some such natural methods should be used, which can keep the body healthy. Ayurvedic massage helps relieve stress and lower blood pressure. Along with this, this massage is also very effective in relaxing the fast heart rate of a person. Different types of Ayurvedic oils are used to massage the muscles of different parts of the body such as the soles, feet, waist, neck, and shoulders. This calms the muscles and reduces stress. Along with this, massaging also improves blood pressure.

2.    Patients with diabetic neuropathy who receive Ayurvedic massages report less burning:

Patients with diabetic neuropathy who receive Ayurvedic massages report less burning:

Talking about patients with diabetic neuropathy, Ayurvedic massage proves effective in reducing the burning sensation in diabetic neuropathy patients. According to Ayurveda, foot massage for about 20 minutes daily for 14 days can reduce the symptoms and pain of patients with diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes can happen in people of all ages. Physical pain, nerve, and blood circulation-related problems are seen in patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy. In such a situation, by doing this massage, blood circulation increases, due to which the feet of the suffering patients improve.

3.    Ayurvedic massages help lessen roughness, dryness, and heel cracking:

 Problems, like lessening roughness, dryness, and heel cracking, are also treated with ayurvedic massage. Regularly massaging sesame oil in your feet and ankles for about 1 month gradually reduces the cracked heels and dryness of the feet. The roughness often results in the loss of moisture under the feet. Massaging in this way increases freshness, well-being, and moisture in the parts of the feet, which can reduce dryness and cracking of heels. For this, you can massage with any oil like coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil, etc. every day.

4.    Ayurvedic massage relieves chronic back pain:

The waist is an important part of our body, with the help of which we are able to walk, sit and run. That’s why it is necessary that we take special care of our waists. Sometimes back pain remains calm for a long time but suddenly starts again. This causes restless pain in the body. At present, due to a deteriorating lifestyle, back pain has become a common problem. Ayurvedic massage provides relief from chronic back pain. If you do this massage regularly then its effect remains for 6 months. In such a situation, people who are victims of chronic pain can experience relief by using the methods mentioned in Ayurveda. You can use garlic or mustard oil to massage the waist. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain. Mustard oil helps to cool your back muscles, which can reduce strain. In this case, heat mustard or garlic oil a little and massage it well into the painful area. You will see its benefits within a few days.

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5.    Ayurvedic massage helps in improving Hemiplegia:

 Hemiplegia is a special kind of disease that paralyses the vertical side of the body. Research has found that regular massage with an oil made by combining different medicated oils and techniques can show significant improvement in people suffering from hemiplegia. If Ayurvedic massage is done regularly, it increases the patient’s ability to hold and lift and also improves the strength of his wrist and fingers. By massaging, the muscles of the patient become loose, which makes their body flexible and the patient feels light and well. Swedana is also a special type of Ayurvedic treatment that can be beneficial for patients with hemiplegia. In this, the body is smoked with hot oils, which cleanse the body and increase blood circulation. This gives quick relief from hemiplegia.

6.    Ayurvedic massage helps in softening skin:

Exposure to dust particles and pollutants sometimes leads to skin-related problems. It can also cause spots and acne on the skin. Due to not treating it at the right time, the skin starts getting damaged gradually. It can stop skin diseases from spreading throughout the body. In Ayurveda, many such methods have been used for this, which are really effective. Ayurveda says that regular massage with medicated oil not only cures various diseases but also makes our skin smooth and soft. 

The medicated oil that is present removes all the toxins from the body, due to which the skin looks healthy and soft, which makes Ayurvedic massage equivalent to a facial.

 Massaging all parts of the skin with different types of medicated oil or clove oil makes the skin soft and supple.

7.    Ayurvedic massage helps in weight loss:

Ayurvedic massage is also very beneficial for weight loss. Massage destroys the fat tissues present in the body, which decreases physical fat, due to which the person’s fat levels remain regular. By doing this regularly, the person’s weight decreases. That is, Ayurvedic massage done regularly is also helpful in giving a person good shape. Massage increases blood circulation in the muscles of the body, which helps with weight loss.

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8.    Ayurvedic massage increases physical strength:

Consuming unhealthy food reduces the immunity of the body. Along with this, the body does not get as much physical strength as it needs. Many times people take medicines to increase their stamina and physical strength, which can cause side effects in the body. Regarding Ayurvedic massage in increasing physical strength, Ayurvedic scriptures say that it is the best recipe that can also increase the immunity of a person by strengthening the immune system. Apart from this, the physical strength of a person becomes very intense with oil massage for a few days continuously, due to which he feels relief even when he feels pain or fatigue.


Ayurveda helps us stay healthy naturally. Despite the expansion of technology in present times, Ayurveda is still as important as it was 3000 years ago. The deteriorating routine of today’s lifestyle and food causes stiffness and severe pain in the body. Ayurvedic massage is indeed helpful to get rid of these problems naturally. We hope that the information we have shared with you about the benefits of Ayurvedic massage has been beneficial for you. If you liked this information, then definitely share it with your friends and relatives so that they too can be aware of these ideas. If you like this information, then definitely read our other blogs.

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