Best Natural Ayurvedic ways to Improve Digestion

Natural Ayurvedic ways

Ayurveda describes our digestion power as the fire element ‘Agni’. This Agni is only responsible for our energy, our prana, and our daily work which includes not only the external actions but also the internal processes controlled by our subconscious mind. Food edition is one of them and is highly affected by the Agni. This Agni is also sometimes called the digestive fire. 

The strength of Agni and our digestive health are highly affected by the type of food we intake. Factors like temperature, state, and cooking properties affect either in good or bad ways. Cold food package food, processed food, and highly fried meat can be the reason for Ama in your body. 

Ama refers to toxins and undigested foods in the human body. These Ama get stored in the digestive tract and cause physical pain, weak digestion, and emotional issues. For a Healthy lifestyle, your body must possess a powerful Agni for an energetic and healthy lifestyle. 

Unlike your expectations. This is very easy and simple to improve your digestive health. Not the medicines but the kitchen are the right places to find natural ayurvedic ways to improve digestion. 

In this article, I will share with you four ways and a few tips to improve your digestive health. 

1. Hot Water With Lemon: 

Hot Water With Lemon
Hot Water With Lemon

Best Timing- Early Morning Empty Stomach.

For- Best for elimination. 

A very simple yet effective way to improve digestion is hot water with squeezed lemon. The best time for consuming this in the morning is on an empty stomach. Hot water digestive process to be active throughout the day. Also hot water benefits highly in elimination. The lemon hot water kick starts our digestive fire resulting in better digestion and regular elimination. Also, it helps in treating bowel movements. If you have a severe digestion issue you can take this 2 to 3 times throughout the day. 

How to Make it? 

Take 1.5 cups of hot water and squeeze one tablespoon of lemon in it. You can add a little honey as it will taste sour. 

2. Raw Fennel Seeds: 

Raw Fennel Seeds
Raw Fennel Seeds

Best Timing- After a meal. 

For- Soothing digestive pain

Have you ever felt pain, cramps, and gastric after having your meal? It’s common and you certainly do not enjoy it. Fennel seed is a highly recommended Ayurvedic herb to help the digestive process. It soothes several physical pains in the stomach and helps release gas. It is helpful in bloating, heartburn, and gas-like issues and gives you relief. 

How to Eat it? 

You can either rest it raw or you can roast it lightly. Eat after your heavy meals. 

3. CCF Tea: 

 CCF Tea 
CCF Tea: 

Beat Timing – Eat between meals. 

For-. Soothing Indigestion. 

CCF refers to Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel seeds. When mixed and boiled in water, it becomes highly effective on the human body’s digestive system. Refers as the holy grain in Ayurveda, CCF tea helps soothe digestive pain, and cramps, and also detoxifies your body. 

2-3 cups of CCF tea a day will help you with bloating, gas, cramps, etc. 

How to make it? 

  1. Take equal amounts of cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds. 
  2. Add one tablespoon of the mixture to use for one cup of water. 
  3. Mix the suggested amount and water and leave for boiling. 
  4. Enjoy your CCF Tea. 

4. Ginger Lime Appetiser: 

Ginger Lime Appetiser
Ginger Lime Appetiser

Best Timing- Anytime. 

For- Increasing appetite. 

As the name suggests, ginger Lime improves your appetite. You can have it anytime in an entire day. It is helpful for you to eat more. If you get easily full after eating a few bites or you have an imbalanced appetite, you can use this Ayurvedic home remedy. 

How to make it? 

  • Cut an inch of ginger into small pieces. 
  • Take the juice of half a lime. 
  • Add ¼ tablespoon of salt to it. 
  • Put the gingers into the juice and leave for 1 hour to marinate. 
  • Now chew the pieces 15-20 minutes before your meals. 

Other Ways to Improve Digestion: 

  1. Eat only  cooked food: 

This may sound ridiculous but it is very important. Raw foods are hard to digest and cause you several issues such as stomach pain, bloating, and discomfort. To avoid these, all you need to do is to cook the food. You all must be thinking that we do cook the food. Yes, you do but often it is half cooked, many of these fall in the fast food categories. Avoiding these will improve the digestive fire within your body and help desk with indigestion. 

2. Walk after eating: 

Walking stimulates our food and helps it to move in the digestive tract easily. After having each meal, 4:15 to 20 minutes and you will see a miraculous improvement in your digestion. 

3. Eat Slow: 

Fast eating always leaves us with digestive issues. This increases the chances of Ama in your body. Ayurveda suggests that we chew each bite 32 times for better digestion. 


Digestion is a very common problem and you cannot get rid of this with heavy doses of medicines. This problem belongs to your overall lifestyle, food habits, and your health. Therefore following the Natural Ayurvedic ways which directly says to improve the lifestyle will help you see the results quickly. 

In this blog, I have shared Ayurvedic remedies and 3 tips to improve your digestion. Apply all of these in your life and you will see a drastic change in your digestive system. 

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