The Benefits of Practising Ayurveda


We all have heard of the term Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an alternative medical treatment method that originated from the land of India. Experts say that Ayurveda is at least 5000 years old. No need to say that it has seen numerous civilizations from their beginning to end. 

In the 21st century, Ayurveda has become one of the most famous alternative medical methods in the whole world. People from every corner have been coming to India and recognized Ayurvedic brands such as Patanjali and Dabur have made it available to the world. 

The term Ayurveda has two Sanskrit words in it- Ayur and Veda. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. The term simply means the knowledge of life. Today most people recognize Ayurveda as some herbal medicine or herbal packs for a healthy body. But this is not the complete truth about Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda teaches you the right way of living a healthy life for longer times. It goes deep down into human physiology and psychology. Ayurveda includes yoga, pranayama, a healthy diet, and emotional well-being. Thus following Ayurveda will no doubt lead you to a much healthier life than you may live today. 

To know the benefits of Ayurveda in detail, read the complete blog. We have discussed 8 benefits of Ayurveda. 

How Ayurveda Works?

Ayurveda works on the principle of balance. The Ayurvedic philosophy says that our bodies have doshas. These Doshas only govern our body’s health. These are Vaata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. 

For a person to be healthy, his doshas must be in balance. Balanced doshas keep you healthy. With age and due to our unhealthy habits, these doshas face imbalances and as a result, we fell ill. An unhealthy state of being is called Vikruti. Vikruti means the imbalanced state of mind and body. 

Ayurved is not just medicine but a complete lifestyle. You adopt a low-maintenance lifestyle with herbal and nutritious food, yoga and exercise, pranayama, and diet. All of these help you to balance your doshas. Regularly practicing Ayurveda in your life gives you a healthy life for years ahead. 

Benefits of Ayurveda:

1. Helps in Maintaining Weight:

Ayurveda deals with diet. It says that a balanced diet can maintain your weight profoundly. Ayurveda teaches us Yoga and a healthy diet. A natural diet with proper nutrition can bring balance to your body weight. Also, it will help you build your muscles and burn your fat. Science has already admitted that your body weight and body health can easily be controlled by your food intake.

For getting a diet, you first need to determine the imbalances in your Doshas. First, find out which dosha is in excess in your body and then design your diet as per your requirements. 

2. Keeps Your Skin Healthy:

Ayurveda is world famous for its numerous remedies for skin and hair. Ayurved tells us to consume Green vegetables and fruits which are high in water. This is very beneficial as our body composition is 80% water and 20% food. Veggies like cucumber, lettuce, and radish boosts your skin health. 

Yoga and exercise help your body expel toxins through sweat. Also, the omega-3 in seeds and nuts helps maintain your skin healthy and glowing. 

3. Lowers Your Stress:

Stress is a world problem today. Almost all of us have gone through or are suffering from stress. Ayurveda very smartly deals with many mental ailments like stress and depression. It suggests you practice meditation, yoga, and nutritious food. Ayurveda says that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body only. 

The Ayurved practices create a balance between your mind, soul, and body. Yoga keeps you flexible and healthy. Regular Meditation calms your mind, increases focus, reduces stress, and helps you fight many mental diseases such as depression and PTSD. 

4. Reduce Inflammation:

Inflammation occurs when you live a bad lifestyle. Poor sleep, unhealthy food, and a bad diet lead your body to inflammation and other digestive problems. Ayurveda reduces inflammation by improving your heart health and digestive system. 

Ayurvedic treatments recommended foods, and Yoga helps your body to increase your metabolism and antioxidants gently. It increases your energy and reduces inflammation. 

5. Detoxifies Your Body:

Our body develops toxins once it comes in contact with harmful substances of the outside world. We must be careful but it’s impossible to completely get rid of harmful things. In today’s world, we all are habituated to eating oily fast foods. Ayurveda promotes panchakarma to get rid of toxins in your body. Also, there are oil, enemas, and massage therapies that are beneficial in reducing toxins in your body. 

6. Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol:

High blood pressure and heart attack strokes are the results of plaque in internal arteries. Due to our unhealthy eating patterns, cholesterol, and fats plaque starts to form on the inner lining of arteries. This increases the pressure inside the blood network and increases the risk of a heart attack. 

Ayurved offers numerous medicines and herbs which play a significant role in reducing the fat stored and giving the right minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The essential oils and herbs balance your doshas and improve your heart health. 

7. Helps In Insomnia:

Insomnia is a common problem in today’s world. An irregular and unhealthy lifestyle is the prime cause of this. Late-night dinners, excess caffeine intake, long times staring at TV or mobile, an unhealthy diet, and an extra spicy diet can lead to insomnia. 

Simple tips from Ayurveda such as drinking warm almond milk, regular oiling, and chamomile tea are some of the effective treatments for Insomnia. 

8. Helps Reducing Bloating:

Ayurved has numerous methods to treat bloating and poor digestion. Ayurved promotes herbs, and spices like cumin, cardamom, fennel, and ginger that are helpful in curing bloating. Chewing ginger and cumin increases digestive power. Drinking cardamom and fennel in boiling water calms the digestive system and cures cramps. 


Ayurveda as an ancient medicinal method still holds its value. Indian people still admire it and practice its method in their day-to-day lives. Especially in Covid-19 months, Ayurvedic home remedies helped people to fight against the virus by increasing immunity. 

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