Nutritional Facts about Sugarcane Juice

Nutritional Facts about Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is the most famous beverage enjoyed in many parts of the world. Enjoying a hot summer with chilled sugarcane juice is the best combination to relish a hot afternoon. Not only is it refreshing and melodious, but it also offers various health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, this natural drink has been consumed for centuries due to its medicinal properties. It contains water, fiber, and a small amount of sucrose. 

It is grown in both subtropical and tropical areas. Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop as per production quantity. Many varieties of sugarcane grow in different parts of India. Tropical Sugarcane is found in regions like Maharashtra, Goa, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Gujrat. In this article, we will explore the nutritional facts about sugarcane juice and its potential health benefits.

Some of the Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice are as follows: 

Speeds up Wound Healing:

Speeds up Wound Healing

Sugarcane is enriched with potent ingredients that enhance wound recovery. It contains high amounts of sucrose, glucose, and fructose, which provide an energy boost to the body. It helps fight infections in the wounded area. 

These sugars facilitate the healing process by promoting tissue repair and cell regeneration, making sugarcane juice an effective remedy for wounds. One can also apply the juice to the wounded area for a fast recovery process. 

Effective Remedy for Febrile Disorders:

Effective Remedy for Febrile Disorders

Febrile Disorders are common in infants and children. Sugarcane juice possesses natural cooling properties that help reduce body temperature during febrile disorders such as fever, and heatstroke. 

There are lots of nutritional facts about sugarcane juice, which also acts as an excellent rehydrating agent, replenishing lost fluids and electrolytes, while its natural sugars provide instant energy.

Reduces Pain Associated with STDs/UTIs:

Reduces Pain Associated with STDs/UTIs:

Sugarcane juice, along with lemon juice and coconut water, gives relief from prostatitis and kidney stones. Sugarcane juice has diuretic properties, which means it promotes urine production and helps flush out toxins from the body. This makes it beneficial in reducing pain and discomfort associated with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Sugarcane Juice Keeps Away Tooth Decay:

Sugarcane Juice Keeps Away Tooth Decay

Sugarcane contains a lot of minerals like phosphorus and calcium that further strengthen the teeth. Contrary to popular belief, sugarcane juice can help maintain dental health. 

It contains a natural compound called triclosan, which has antimicrobial properties. Regular consumption of sugarcane juice can inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, preventing tooth decay and bad breath, which in turn leads to nutritional deficiencies. It also helps in removing skin problems like acne. Sugar cane contains glycolic acid, which exfoliates the skin and removes acne buildup.

Helpful in Pregnancy:

Helpful in Pregnancy

Sugarcane contains all the necessary nutrients that are needed during pregnancy, such as Vitamin B complex, calcium, and antioxidants. Pregnant women often experience low levels of iron, leading to fatigue and anemia. Women during their pregnancy must consume fresh sugar cane juice and avoid drinking from roadside stalls, as it may contain impurities and be harmful to the future baby. 

Sugarcane juice is an excellent source of iron, which aids in the production of red blood cells and helps prevent anemia during pregnancy. Additionally, its natural sugars provide a quick and natural energy boost. Since it does not contain any fat or cholesterol and also helps ease bowel movements through the large intestine, and so on.  

Makes Bones and Teeth Stronger:

Makes Bones and Teeth Stronger

It is an essential source of calcium for growing children, as this will strengthen their bones and prove helpful during their growth stage. Sugarcane juice contains essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are crucial for maintaining strong bones and teeth.  It is not only helpful for young infants but also for adults to make their bones stronger and their teeth shinier. Regular consumption of this juice can help prevent conditions like osteoporosis and tooth decay, promoting overall dental and skeletal health.

Improves Digestion:

Improves Digestion

Sugarcane also works as a good digestive tonic as it balances the high pH level in the stomach due to the high potassium content in it. Sugarcane juice is rich in dietary fiber, which aids in proper digestion.  It helps prevent constipation, promotes regular bowel movements, and soothes the digestive system. The natural sugars present in the juice also provide instant energy without causing digestive distress.

Diuretic in Nature:

Diuretic in Nature

It has excellent diuretic properties that protect the body from toxins and infections. Sugarcane juice acts as a natural diuretic, stimulating the production of urine and helping to eliminate toxins from the body. 

This nutritional sugarcane juice aids in maintaining kidney health by preventing the formation of kidney stones and promoting healthy urinary function. If you drink a mixture of coconut water and lemon juice in sugarcane juice twice a day, this will help you get relief from the burning sensation in the stomach.

Energy Booster:

Sugar cane contains natural sucrose, which is known to be the powerhouse of our energy. Due to its high sugar content, sugarcane juice is a natural energy booster. It provides a quick source of carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed by the body, resulting in an instant surge of energy. It normalizes the glucose level in the body. This nutritional sugarcane juice makes itself an ideal beverage for athletes or individuals needing a quick pick-me-up. 

The juice provides carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and hydration to the body which helps in dealing with hot and dry summers. Sugarcane is a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants that boost your immunity as well as remove digestive and liver problems. 

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Sugarcane juice is not just a tasty refreshment; it also offers a range of health benefits. From speeding up wound healing to improving digestion and promoting dental health, this natural summer drink is packed with essential nutrients. However, Ayurveda Shi Hai provides you with more significant knowledge about the importance of consuming sugarcane juice in moderation, as excessive intake of sugar can have negative effects on health. Enjoy this delicious beverage as part of a balanced diet to reap its nutritional rewards while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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