Amazing Ayurvedic Summer Tips to Stay Cool

Amazing Ayurvedic Summer Tips to Stay Cool

India, being a warm country, offers a hot and harmful summer. Especially in the Mid-Indian areas, people face more than 40 degrees of temperature in general. It is harsh to people and causes extreme trouble while travelling, working, and even makes it difficult to stay at home. As the mercury rises, people face a lot of common issues such as dehydration, itching, sunburn, fainting, etc. Most of us always want to be under Air Conditioners or drink freezing water to keep our bodies cool in the hot summers of the Indian subcontinent. However, what most people ignore are the natural ways of being Mr. Cool in summer. 

This article will discuss all the natural Ayurvedic Summer Tips to stay cool in the summer season. All of them are easily available & of nearly zero budget. Make sure you don’t miss any of them.  

This article will discuss all the natural Ayurvedic Summer Tips to stay cool in the summer season. All of them are easily available & of nearly zero budget. Make sure you don’t miss any of them.  

1.    Stay Hydrated & Refreshed:

Stay Hydrated & Refreshed

The first important summer tips for staying cool with Ayurveda for staying cool is to stay hydrated always. Harsh sun rays drain the water from our bodies. It causes dehydration further leading to fever, aches, loo, and fainting. You must drink a lot of water to avoid this. Drink plenty of water. You can go for fruit juices and smoothies that will cool down your body heat. Although don’t intake smoothies with ice cream or frozen yoghourt on it. This will slow down your digestive fire, resulting in improper digestion and stomach-related issues later. Drink fresh fruit juices, coconut water, and fresh cool water to stay hydrated.  

2.    Avoid Hot Drink & Spicy Food:

Avoid Hot Drink & Spicy Food

Spicy food heats up your body and affects your digestion. The hot chilies, hot peppers, and salt leave your stomach dehydrated. Sam goes with hot drinks such as coffee and tea. But you must understand that cold drinks & soda also aren’t good for you. Stop eating citrus fruits, beetroots, and carrots. Instead, start eating salads that have plenty of water in them such as cucumber. Include watery and cool fruits such as mango and watermelon. Keep your hands away from spicy food, packaged food, and heavy foods. Also don’t overeat as this will cause indigestion. 

3.    Take Cold Showers:

The best idea to stay cool is to take cold showers each day. Taking showers helps your body to stay hydrated, clean, and free of sweat, giving you a shot of refreshment each day. Taking showers twice a day will keep you more refreshed. 

4.    Exercise:


Exercises raise your body temperature. However, it’s not limited to exercises. Yoga has several cooling exercises that calm your body temperature. Water exercises such as swimming, water aerobics, and water walking can fill you with energy and coolness. A morning or evening walk on grass is a must for cooling down your temperature. 

You can do spinal twists, cat/cow cobra, and boat exercises to manage the temperature. Don’t forget to end with a Shavasana pose. During the Savasana pose, you should continue your breathing exercises, resulting in calming your body movements, restlessness, and your mind. 

5.    Take a Break from Messy Life:

A stressed lifestyle can harm more on summer days. It can cause fatigue, headaches, and even fainting. On the other hand, if you see, the summer season is a great time to connect with your friends, and families, or for a vacation. In case you live alone, try to make a trip to cool hilly places in the country. 

It’s really important to focus and work. However, it’s also important to nourish yourself too. So take a break and chill with healthy drinks in your hands. 

6.    Protect Yourself from the Sunlight:

The Indian summer season offers very harsh sun rays. It causes itching, sunburn, diarrhoea, and loo. Thus protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is a great way to stay cool on hot days. Whenever you’re going out, make sure to use a cap, and wear full sleeve cotton t-shirts or shirts. Also, apply a suitable sunscreen 30 minutes before steppin out in the sun. Take care of your neck and face especially. 

However, try not to be under the sun after 10 AM in the morning. It would only be harmful to you as the intensity of UV lights are maximum during the daytime from 10 AM to 4 PM. 

7.    Sleep Well:

Sleep Well

Sleep is your body’s healing booster. Your body rests, calms its conscious activities, and heals you from the inside. So keep your sleep schedule tight. Go early to bed as well as wake up early in the morning. Not only will it give you quality sleep but also enough hours to spend in cool hours of the day. You can take a nap also during the most heated hours of the day. It will help to avoid the restlessness then.  

8.    Avoid Icy Water:

Icy water or icy cold drinks are the worst things to drink in the summer. Though you feel cool while drinking, they further affect your digestion. It cools down the process by inhibiting digestive fire and creating toxins in the stomach. Further, the process results in indigestion, loose motion, and stomach pain. You need the energy to stay active in the summer. Digestion is the key to transforming food into energy and better if it works well all the time. 

9.    Start Meditation:

Opposite things attract each other. This is why we should continue calming our minds on these fierce hot summer days. Summer increases our restlessness. Our mind seeks rest and therefore becomes unable to focus on work. One of the best ways to cool down our bodies is to cool down our minds. That’s why you should opt for meditation. Meditation especially in summer slows your conscious activities and gives rest to your mind & body. It also helps with sleep, body functioning, digestion, focus, and joyfulness. It calms your anger, helps you with rational thinking, and better decision-making, and also improves the endurance and body healing process. 

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10. Use Cooling Oils:

Cooling oils are very effective in the summer season to stay cool. Essential oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, and khus oils have a soothing aroma and give cooling sensations when massaged. They are made up of herbs. They give nourishment to your skin, reduce irritations, and inflammation, and keep you refreshed. 


Summer is here with its heat waves and harsh sun rays that are enough to burn our bodies. Though summer is not easy to tackle, following summer tips for staying cool with Ayurveda can help you with it. Not only will they keep you cool but refreshed, healthy, and calm during the whole season. As always Ayurveda Summer Tips don’t go for medicines but ask you to adopt some cool lifestyle changes. In this article, you have read some of the best cooling Ayurveda summer tips. Follow them all and be the coolest in your circle. For many cool articles, subscribe to Ayurveda Sahi Hai

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