Know These Amazing Benefits of Mulethi Powder for Health

Benefits of Mulethi Powder for Health

The use of herbs made from medicinal plants has been going on in India since ancient times. We use it in the treatment of various diseases. The medicinal properties present in it protect us from many types of serious diseases. These herbs include ashwagandha, coriander, saffron, Mulethi, cardamom, ginger, mint, etc. Mulethi is the most effective and beneficial in terms of health among all these herbs. We use it as Ayurvedic remedies.

The antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties present in Mulethi protect against diseases as well as infections. The use of Mulethi powder prepared from the mulethi plant is also very beneficial and is used by experts in the manufacture of medicines. In today’s article, we are sharing complete information related to Mulethi Powder, especially its medicinal properties, benefits, and uses. For complete information, do read the blog till the end so that you can get complete information. 

An Overview of Mulethi (Licorice) Powder 

An Overview of Mulethi (Licorice) Powder 

Mulethi is a potent Ayurvedic herb. It has antioxidant and antibiotic properties. It is also known as Licorice. We use licorice to get relief from colds, coughs, and sore throats. Apart from this, we also use licorice in the treatment related to heart disease, eye, abdominal disease, wounds, constipation, etc. Its scientific name is Glycyrrhiza Glabra.

In ancient times, people used licorice as an herb in traditional medicine. Licorice extracts and various bioactive constituents of licorice such as glabridin, licorice in, licorisoflavan-A, licochalcone A, and glycyrrhizin show beneficial effects in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Since ancient times, traditional healers have been grinding the root of licorice plants and using it as a medicine, which is still prevalent today. 

Nutrients of Mulethi

Nutrients of Mulethi

Mulethi is very beneficial from an Ayurvedic and scientific point of view. Due to the nutrients present in it, its medicinal properties are also very high. Sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and selenium are present in licorice. Licorice is an excellent source of iron, zinc, copper, thiamin, vitamins, fiber, and sugar. Due to all these nutrients, licorice can cure serious diseases. 

Way to Use Mulethi

Mulethi is an Ayurvedic herb, which we can use in many ways. Mulethi is mostly used in the form of licorice powder. Mulethi powder is beneficial in the treatment of many diseases. We can use licorice in the following way – 

  • You can use licorice powder by mixing it with water.
  • Apart from water, mixing Mulethi powder in milk and consuming it is also very beneficial. 
  • You can also use licorice to make tea. This relieves stress.
  • Mixing licorice powder with fennel in water is also very beneficial. 
  • Soaking licorice pieces in water overnight and crushing them in the morning after extracting the juice and drinking it is very beneficial. 

If you want to get benefits from liquorice then you must know the right way to use liquorice. In the beginning, start eating small pieces of licorice. It is sweet. That’s why there is no problem with consuming it. Use it regularly but in limited quantities as excessive consumption can harm your health instead of benefiting it. You can consult a dietician for the exact dosage of Mulethi powder. 

7 Benefits of Mulethi Powder for Health You Must Know

7 Benefits of Mulethi Powder for Health You Must Know

Mulethi powder is very beneficial from the point of view of Ayurveda, which removes many types of health problems. Licorice has laxative effects, which provide many health benefits. Licorice also has many benefits from a scientific point of view, which are advised by the experts themselves to use. To get the benefits of the Ayurvedic properties of Mulethi, you can buy it from any grocery store in the market. If you can make liquorice powder at your home then it provides the best benefits. 

1. Respiratory Health Benefits of Mulethi Powder:

 Respiratory Health Benefits Of Mulethi Powder

Licorice is a potent herb, which we use to cure cough, cold, and respiratory diseases. Liquorice has an important role in curing respiratory diseases as licorice has anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic-like properties. These properties help in preventing infections like flu by relieving sore throat. To get rid of dry cough, mix one spoon of licorice with honey and lick it 2-3 times a day. This gives a lot of relief. 

Licorice helps in treating diseases like cough and bronchitis due to its expectorant and bronchodilator properties. Licorice powder helps in relieving congestion and promoting ease of breathing. Like Neem, licorice also removes the problem of bad breath.

Licorice powder also loosens mucus that blocks the airways by reducing the anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract, making it easier to expel the mucus through a cough. It prevents the accumulation of phlegm in a dry cough. It reduces the symptoms of asthma. 

2. Digestive Health Benefits of Mulethi Powder: 

Digestive Health Benefits of Mulethi Powder

The nutrients present in Mulethi powder remove digestion-related problems. It has medicinal properties to remove problems like acidity, heartburn, constipation, stomach irritation, and bloating. This is such an Ayurvedic medicine, which is beneficial in removing all the problems related to the stomach.

Due to wrong eating habits, there may be constipation or digestion-related problems in the stomach. Mulethi powder also relieves serious problems like stomach ulcers. Mix one spoon of licorice powder in one cup of milk and consume it thrice a day. 

3. Skin Care Benefits of Mulethi Powder 

Skin Care Benefits of Mulethi Powder 

As we know Multani Mitti is very beneficial for our skin but very few people know that Mulethi is beneficial in removing many types of skin diseases. The medicinal properties present in licorice show relief from the problem of acne, eczema, skin infection, and dry skin. Using licorice powder also helps us in treating various skin conditions like skin whitening, acne psoriasis, pigmentation, freckles, and pimples. Using licorice on the face brings a natural glow within a few days.

Licorice is an effective Ayurvedic ingredient, which we use for skin lightening. We can make a face mask of licorice powder and use it on the skin to clear the black spots on the face. Using licorice powder on the face gives coolness to the face, due to which a burning sensation on the face is relieved. Like turmeric, licorice also has properties that make the skin young and beautiful. 

We hear about various types of home remedies related to therapies for chickenpox. The use of licorice powder is also one of them. Boils come out on the body of a person suffering from chickenpox, due to which spots are born. To remove these spots, grind licorice and sesame seeds. Make a paste by mixing ghee in it and apply this mixture to the wound. This removes chicken pox stains immediately.

4. Mulethi Powder for Oral Health: 

Mulethi Powder for Oral Health

The soothing properties of Mulethi Powder maintain the oral hygiene of the body. It also protects against oral infection. We also use it for the treatment of eye, mouth, and throat diseases. We use licorice powder to treat bad breath caused by gum and dental problems. It also keeps our gums healthy. That’s why experts use licorice powder in toothpaste and mouthwash as well. 

It is very effective in removing mouth ulcers. People who are troubled by oral health or are facing the problem of mouth ulcers, take pieces of licorice and mix honey in it. Then suck it up. By doing this, many types of problems related to the mouth can be cured.

5. Immune System Support with Mulethi Powder:

Immune System Support with Mulethi Powder

In people whose immune system is weak, diseases catch them quickly. Many people use medicines to strengthen their immune system, but due to their excessive use, many times side effects are also seen, which is not right from the point of view of health. That’s why it is appropriate to use licorice powder. 

Liquorice plays an important role in immunomodulatory effects and boosting the body’s defense mechanism because we can use licorice powder from boosting immunity to heal the digestive system. According to Ayurveda, licorice powder improves overall vitality and immunity. 

Mulethi is rich in calcium, protein, and other nutrients. That’s why it is also called the best immunity booster. Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 as well as Vitamin C are also found in it, which helps in increasing the immunity of the body.

6. Mulethi Powder for Hormonal Balance: 

Mulethi roots have compound properties like phytoestrogens and adaptogenic, which are beneficial for hormonal balance. Glands in the body secreting too much or too little of important hormones into the bloodstream cause hormonal imbalance. 

Long-term hormonal imbalance has serious effects on health. Hormonal imbalance causes mood swings, decreased sex drive, hair fall, gray hair, tiredness, constipation, PMS, and menopausal symptoms. Mulethi powder helps a lot to get rid of them. It can prevent hormonal imbalance.

We see the problem of hormonal imbalance more in women. That’s why the use of Mulethi powder is very beneficial for women. It not only provides relief from menstrual cramps but also controls excessive flow during menstruation. 

7. Mulethi Powder for Stress Relief: 

Stress starts due to excessive work pressure and an irregular lifestyle. Many types of physical problems arise from this. People use many types of medicines and home remedies for stress relief. Mulethi powder helps in reducing stress.

Mulethi contains neuroprotective substances, which relieve stress on the brain by preventing memory loss and help improve mental health. Due to the beneficial properties found in licorice, its use gives relaxation to the body. It is beneficial for overall mental health. 

To get rid of headaches and tension, a mixture of one part of Mulethi powder with one-fourth part of Kalihari powder and mustard oil is very beneficial. Smelling this mixture gives relief from headaches and does not cause stress problems. Many times migraine problems can also occur due to stress, in which licorice powder is effective in getting rid of it.

Things to Remember:

There are many benefits of consuming licorice, but it is necessary to take care of some things while consuming it. If you are consuming liquorice powder, then take the following precautions-

  • If you drink licorice tea for stress relief, do not consume more than 2 cups in a day.
  • Patients suffering from liver and diabetes should not use licorice powder or any product made of licorice.
  • Patients suffering from heart problems should consult a doctor before consuming licorice regularly.
  • According to experts, pregnant women should not consume licorice.
  • People who are struggling with the problem of blood pressure should also not consume licorice.

Excessive use of licorice powder can harm your health, so use it in limited quantities. Liquorice is a medicinal herb from a health point of view, which provides many types of health benefits. Avoid taking medicines to get diagnosed with physical problems and get rid of them by using licorice. It does not give rise to any kind of side effects but keeps the body healthy. Every Indian should be familiar with the benefits of licorice powder so that they can cure many diseases at home.

If you keep all these things in mind mentioned here while consuming liquorice, you can get Ayurvedic benefits. Include licorice in your daily diet and stay healthy.


Mulethi is very important in Ayurveda. We have been using it since ancient times to treat various ailments. Apart from being good in taste, it is also beneficial for physical health. It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it different and special from other herbs. We also use it for manufacturing herbal medicines. Mulethi Powder is very beneficial for skin, eye, mouth, respiratory, liver, stomach, and oral health. We also use it to treat respiratory infections.  

If you like this information then share it with your friends and relatives so that they too can know about the benefits of liquorice. Do read our other blogs for similar beneficial information related to health.

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