Know These Life Transforming Health Benefits of Clove

Know These Life Transforming Health Benefits of Clove

Indian spices help in making dishes tasty as well as cure many serious diseases. One of these is Clove, which reduces the symptoms of many diseases and gets rid of them. The importance of clove is very high in Ayurveda. Since ancient times, it has been used to cure many diseases. This is such a spice, which you can use in food as well as use as Ayurvedic medicine. We use it for making mouth freshener to cure diseases of the stomach, liver, etc. In today’s article, we are going to share with you the information about 11 Health Benefits of Cloves, so that you will be able to get acquainted with the benefits of Cloves.

What are Cloves?

Clove is a spice, which we use to make dishes tasty. Clove is found in the evergreen tree. Most of its production is in the Asian continent, where hot and humid weather is required. It is found in the form of dry black, which can be crushed and made into powder. We also use it to make Ayurvedic herbs. Its scientific name is Syzygium Aromaticum.

Nutritional Value of Clove: 

The amount of nutrients in cloves is very high. You can see its nutritional value through the following points:

  • contains minerals, vitamins, and fibre.
  • A source of manganese, carbohydrates, calories, beta-carotene, and iron.
  • Low glycemic index, due to which it is a low-carb food.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antiviral and Analgesic Properties.
  • Antimicrobial and Antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits Of Clove You Must Know: 

Clove has many health benefits, due to which consuming it is very beneficial for us. The amount of nutrients present in it keeps the body healthy. For this reason, experts advise us to include cloves in our daily diet. If you are not familiar with the benefits of clove, then it is necessary for you to know about it because it is necessary for home use as well as for curing diseases. The benefits of clove are given below :

1.Relieves cough

Relieves cough

We use Clove as a traditional medicine. It has anti-cough properties, which help in relieving cough, sore throat, etc. Clove acts as an expectorant, which clears the bowels. It removes mucus from the mouth and gives relief from cough and cold. Mixing cloves with hot beverages and consuming them relieves the problem of cough.

2. Removes toothache

Removes toothache

Clove acts as a natural pain reliever. Therefore it helps relieve toothache. It protects teeth from infection. Clove contains analgesic components that relieve pain by reducing inflammation around the tooth. Along with this, it also has antibacterial properties, which prevent the spread of infection.

3. Removes bad breath

Consuming clove helps in destroying the micro-organisms produced in the mouth. This is the reason why clove is used in many toothpastes. We also use it to remove the bad smell coming from the mouth.

4. Prevents cancer

Clove has antioxidant properties, by which we can protect the cells in the body from destruction. As the rate of destruction of cells decreases, the risk of cancer in a person also decreases. Clove oil contains a variety of components that have the potential to prevent breast cancer.

5. Lowers the risk of liver disease

Clove contains an element called eugenol, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Therefore, the symptoms of liver cirrhosis are reduced by consuming cloves. The liver remains healthy by consuming clove. This reduces the risk of liver-related diseases. Consumption of Clove increases the working capacity of the liver. This makes detoxification of the body easier for the liver.

6. Removes headaches and migraine

Cloves remove headaches. It also removes the problem of migraine. By adding salt to clove powder and consuming it with a glass of milk, you can get rid of the headache.

7. Relieves bone and joint pain

Elements like manganese and flavonoids are present in Clove. It relieves bone and joint pain. Along with this, it makes the bones strong. You can also use clove oil to relieve your joint pain.

8. Increases the sperm count of men

Men are greatly benefited from consuming Clove. It helps in increasing the sperm count in men but it should be consumed in a certain amount only.

9. Helps to digest

Clove is a source of fibre. It contains digestive juices which help in the digestion of food. It also removes stomach problems like constipation and gas. Consuming roasted clove powder mixed with honey keeps the digestive system strong and does not cause problems related to digestion.

10. Removes obesity

Regular consumption of cloves can reduce your belly fat. With this, it is easy to remove the problem of obesity. By consuming it daily, you get a fit body and you remain healthy for a long time.

11. Reduces the symptoms of diabetes

Clove has anti-hypoglycemic and hepatoprotective properties. By using Clove, you can avoid diabetes because it reduces the symptoms of diabetes. Due to diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. Clove lowers blood glucose in the body and prevents diabetes.

Ways to Consume Clove: 

Clove is a ubiquitous spice, which we use to enhance the taste of our food. Following are the ways to consume it:

1. Clove Tea: 

You can use cloves while making tea. It is very beneficial to use it while making black tea, which also cures colds and flu. To make Clove Tea, take one teaspoon of ground cloves. Boil it in water for a few minutes. After that filter it and enjoy clove tea.

2. Use in curries and chutneys

Clove acts as a flavouring agent. You can use it while making Indian dishes, pickles, or sauces. Along with this, you can also use it to make curries and chutneys delicious.

Side-Effects of Clove: 

Due to the nutritional properties present in clove, it has many health benefits but it also has negative effects on the body. By consuming more of it, you may have to face many types of problems. The following are the side effects of clove:

Consuming clove in excess can cause eye irritation.

This can damage the liver.

This increases the chances of skin allergies.

It causes a burning sensation in the eyes.

Consuming cloves during pregnancy can harm both the pregnant woman and her baby.

By consuming it in excess, the amount of testosterone hormone starts decreasing in men.

Consuming cloves is beneficial for health but experts forbid using it excessively. Its limited quantity benefits you, but consuming cloves in excess can also harm you.


Clove is small in size but has many health benefits. The nutrients present in it provide many health benefits. It improves gastric health and oral health. In Ayurveda, it is also used in the preparation of herbs. It acts as a pain reliever. Along with healing your digestive system, it also relieves tooth and gum pain.

We hope that today’s information has been beneficial for you because here we have told you the benefits of cloves, through which you can avoid many diseases. 

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