Top Benefits of Rice Water for Skin & Hair

Benefits of Rice Water for Skin & Hair

The 21st-century population is shifting towards chemical-free and in-budget beauty hacks that can clear your skin, hair, and overall health. This means people are looking for alternatives to branded products and putting their faith in natural, homemade products. And if you are reading this, I believe that you are also searching for it. Well, here it is. We are going to talk about Rice Water and the benefits of rice water for skin & hair. Read the full article to learn everything about it. 

What is Rice Water?

Rice water is nothing but water with starch. When we leave rice soaked in water at medium temperature, the rice leaves starch in the water. Once you take the rice out of it, you can use the water as your home beauty hack.

Rice Water is rich in Inositol, Ferulic Acid, vitamins B8, C, and E, minerals, and antioxidants. Inositol is very effective for your skin. It makes it more elastic, reduces sebum secretion, and fights free radical damage in the cells. The special thing about Inositol is that it can penetrate your hair and repair them from within. Overall, it makes your skin glowing and young & booms your hair’s health. 

Benefits of Rice Water for Skin:

The leftover water from rice is enriched with vitamins B1, C, and E, minerals like magnesium, manganese, and fiber that nourish your skin cells. Apply rice water to your face regularly, and you will see the difference in just a few days. 

1. Glowing Skin:

Rice is an essential element in the lives of South Asian people. They have been using it for thousands of years in their cuisine. But they are also using it for beauty procedures. Southeast Asians have a glassy, clear skin texture. Many experts believe that this is because of the regular use of rice water as a toner, face wash, etc. The rice water is enriched with vitamins C, E, and B1, minerals, and antioxidants that reduce fine lines, blemishes, and dark spots. It is also used as an exfoliator to wash off dead skin cells from your face and give you glowing radiant skin.

2. Anti-Aging:

Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and a dry texture are signs of aging. If your skin is heavy on Elastase, you would likely face premature aging symptoms. Rice water, with its antioxidant properties and vitamins, nourishes your skin from deep within and gives you radiance. It reduces the age marks, dark spots, and other symptoms of aging and keeps your skin young & timeless.

3. Brightens the Skin Complexion:

Many people face uneven skin tones. This looks bad when you go outside. But it is something that you can treat easily with Rice water. The Ascorbic acid present in the rice water gives you evenly blemish-free skin throughout your whole body.  

4. Protects Your Skin from Environmental Damage:

Our skin has a natural skin barrier that fades when we age. Strengthening the natural skin barrier is another benefit of Rice Water for skin. The starch present in it restores the skin cell’s vitality & strengthens the barrier against environmental pollutants. It also reduces hyperpigmentation and reverses the UV rays’ effects on our skin. Not to forget that rice water enriches you with hydration & brightness in your cells.

5. Reduce Acne, Pimples, and Open Pores:

People with oily skin face a war with acne & pimples. The redness on their faces is very common, and sometimes it causes pain. The open pores also welcome environmental pollutants, oil, and sebum and worsen your skin’s texture. Rice Water is a natural solution for it. Being rich in starch and medicinal properties, it removes the excess sebum, fills up the pores, and moisturizes & brightens your skin. 

6. Soothes Sun Damage:

Being rich in antioxidants, rice water’s properties are highly effective in healing sun damage. Although it doesn’t replace your SPF-15 or higher sunscreen, the antioxidants strengthen your skin’s protective layer and reverse the UV rays. Regular use of rice water hydrates your skin and relieves you from sunburn or skin damage.

7. Reduces Skin-Cancer:

Rice Water enhances the speed of new cell production with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. These new cells fight with the cancer cells and help relieve the symptoms. Regular use enhances the skin’s beauty and makes it healthy & supple.

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Benefits of Rice Water for Hair:

1. Repair the Damaged Hair:

As previously stated, rice water is high in Inositol. Inositol is known for its hair-repairing properties. It penetrates the hair and heals it from within. Rice water is high in amino acids, which are essential for hair growth and protection. 

2. Washes Off Dandruff:

Rice water is highly beneficial for removing dirt & dead cells from your scalp. It also removes inflammation, itching, and rashes from there. Use your regular shampoo and then wash it with water. Apply rice water to your scalp and massage for a few minutes. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off. 

3. Increase Hair Volume:

Rice Water is enriched with vitamins B, C, and E. All three of them are essential ingredients for healthy hair growth. It nourishes your hair strands, removes split hairs issue, and increases the hair growth rate. Regular use of rice water makes your hair bouncy, smooth, and stronger. 

4. A Natural Conditioner:

If you are tired of chemical conditioners, try Rice water. It is free of cost and a quick replacement for any branded product. With minerals, vitamins, and fiber, this magical water nourishes your hair strands and makes them shiny. Apply rice water on hair strands and leave it for 10–15 minutes. After rinsing it with cold water. 


Rice water is no less magical. The benefits of rice water for skin & hair can do wonders in our regular lives. Above, we have discussed the benefits of Rice water in detail. However, there are a few side effects too. Some have complained of dryness and hair fall due to excess protein on their scalp. Therefore, before using it, consulting a doctor would be beneficial.

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