Easy Ayurvedic Winter Skin Care Tips to Follow

Winter Skin care

Winter is coming with various skin issues. Each year during winter, we all face skin problems like dryness and chapped lips. The atmosphere loses temperature and a humid atmosphere leads to common skin problems at peak.  Almost each of us has been using or has used some kind of winter skin care product. The products may work for you but there are two main reasons why you should avoid them. First, they are costly, and second, they have chemicals in their composition which can harm your skin in the long term. 

You therefore can try some Ayurvedic natural ways for keeping your skin nourished & healthy in winter. There are many ways in Ayurveda for it. We will discuss some of them in this blog. 

Why Is Ayurvedic Skin Care Better for You?

Ayurveda Sahi Hai gives an alternative way for almost all common diseases and health problems. Skincare is no exception. Although the current world market is full of skincare products they are rich in chemicals (most of them). Ayurveda on the other hand uses only natural plant-based remedies. Herbs, roots, natural essence, and flowers are major parts of it. These remedies are written in our ancient scriptures by old wise sages. In the current age, they are tested and offer excellent benefits to all. The no-chemical composition assures you of no harm to your skin. It will give you a natural glow and freshness. 

1. Tips for Winter Skin Care:

In winter skin care becomes dry. We can easily see scratches on our hands and legs. In Ayurveda, winter is called the feminine time of year. The ‘Dakshinayana’ phase is a time of regeneration and receptivity. This time everything needs nourishment such as trees and several animals. They need the elixir of life. Our skin needs it too. We need to pamper our skin in ways so that it can be revitalized. Rejoice because Ayurveda uses the natural elixir found in plants. 

You also need to balance your Doshas during winter. Winter is a time for Vata Dosha. Vata dominates during winters in your body and makes your skin dry. 

2. Use Natural Butter:

The best way to nourish your dry skin is to use moisturizers. They provide needed ingredients and vitamins to our skin to make it healthy and make it glow again. There are several moisturizers in the market. But you should choose one which has natural ingredients in it. Coconut butter, shea butter, kokum butter, and almond butter are some of the best natural butter available. You can also go for other ingredients such as honey, rose, glycerin, and natural oils. 

3. Use Bathing Oils:

Ayurveda mentions ‘Abhyanga’ which helps you to revitalize your skin. The text mentions giving an oil massage to yourself before you bathe each day. It helps you to gain & keep moisture throughout the day. You can use sesame or coconut oil or mustard oil for this. The oil will keep your skin plump the whole day. Natural oils seal the moisture inside the skin that easily fades away in winter. 

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4. Oil Massage Your Feet:

Massaging your feet is always a great way to keep them shiny and healthy. Not only winters but you may go with this throughout the year. This is called ‘Pada Abhyanga’ in Ayurveda. Regularly massaging your feet with oil helps balance your Prana Shakti. 

Before going to sleep, rub your feet with a little warm oil. The night will allow your skin to absorb the nourishment. As a result, you will find your feet nourished, soft, and supple.

5. Head Oil Massage:

Ayurveda mentions head massage as ‘Shiro Abhyanga’. Head massage with oil is an easy process that anyone can do. The natural oil such as coconut & mustard oils are best for your hair. It is better if you give the oil a little heat. Warm oil goes inside the pores of your hair and makes them strong.  

Ayurveda mentions several benefits of applying oil to your head. 

– It helps reduce your hair fall. 

– Oil makes your scalp strong & healthy. 

– Your hair color remains black for a longer time. 

– Hairs become strong and deeply rooted in your scalp. 

Apart from the above, oil massaging your head helps your sense organs to work efficiently. Your skin gets a natural glow. Also, it helps you sleep soundly.

6. Use Night Serum:

If you want extra care for your skin, a natural night serum will work great for you. Make a mixture of rose water, glycerin, and lemon juice. Use this night serum with emollient butter on your skin. A perfect old remedy for the nourishment of dry skin. In the morning, take a bath and use a natural moisturizer on your body. Make sure that it does not have any kind of harmful chemicals in it. 

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7. Use a Nourishing Lip Balm:

Dry & chapped lips are a major drawback in winter. However, you can easily tackle it. Use a natural non-shiny lip moisturizer on your lips. You can carry it to your workplace too and use it whenever you feel like it.

8. Evaluate what’s on Your Plate:

Your skin is a reflection of the food you eat. If you eat unhealthy food like fast food, or tobacco or consume excessive alcohol, your skin will show the signals too. 

In the winter season, you need to balance your Vata Dosha as it dominates at this time of year. Ayurveda suggests food that will supply your skin from the inside. Add warm soups, spices, and ginger water to your diet. Also, cereal, nuts, seeds, fruits, and warm dishes will give you energy and keep you healthy. 

Also in winter care skin, you can eat ghee, leafy vegetables like cabbage, and chyawanprash that are excessively beneficial for your health. 

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9. Be Active:

Exercise is one top-notch solution to fight winter. Never make the cold harsh season for your inactivity. Make exercise an integral part of your daily life. Exercise will keep the whole of your body healthy always. 


Winters bring many common ailments you. Skin dryness is one of them. As winters are not so far, you will soon start to see advertisements for various products on your television. However, most of them contain harsh chemicals. Don’t take a risk. Above we have discussed various winter skin care routines for keeping your skin healthy and nourished even in the winter. Apply them this year. I bet you will never turn to those products again. 

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