10 powerful Yoga Asanas for Heart Diseases from Ancient Texts


Yoga has been a cornerstone of holistic well-being for centuries, providing a multitude of benefits for the body and mind. In recent years, the importance of yoga in maintaining a healthy heart has gained considerable attention. Ancient texts, like Ayurveda, have long emphasized the profound impact of specific yoga asanas for heart diseases.

Our heart is one of the most important organs and is responsible for maintaining good blood circulation and the balance of oxygen and nutrients in every single part of the body. Despite performing these important functions, the cardiovascular system is truly exposed to a lot of stress. From the risks of atherosclerosis to generative heart diseases, there are a lot of problems that affect heart health. Recent studies show a rise in heart attacks and strokes in people under the age of 40.

Yoga plays an important role in not just maintaining one’s physical health but also helping prevent cardiovascular problems. Yoga asanas for heart diseases are quite effective, from boosting blood circulation to optimizing cholesterol levels. Some of the most popular ways by which yoga can easily improve heart health are:

  • Yoga, based on breathing, firmly reduces stress. 
  • Stretch your heart muscles for better heart functioning. 
  • Yoga helps burn excess calories, which further reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Improves peaceful sleep hours, which improves cardiovascular function.

In this blog, we will read about the 10 powerful yoga asanas that can help you maintain a strong and healthy heart. These poses, drawn from ancient wisdom, are not only therapeutic but also preventive in addressing various heart problems.

10 Best Yoga Asanas for Heart Health

There is a high need to provide individuals with the tools and techniques to cultivate mindfulness, enhance self-awareness, and achieve inner harmony through the practice of yoga. In this modern era, unfortunately, addictions, money, lust, tension, and many more things have entered the minds of people in such a way that they have forgotten about their health, mental peace, heart, and soul.

The basic cause behind most of the population of India being under depression, anxiety, and suicidal commitments, and even leading to a high number of patients in mental hospitals, is the lack of people opting for yoga asanas. Therefore, we are highly in need of getting rid of these distortions and relishing our body, mind, soul, and especially heart again with the most refreshing yoga asanas for heart health.

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)


Tadasana, or the mountain pose, is the starting point for many yoga sequences. To practice it, stand with your feet together, your arms relaxed by your sights, and your weight evenly distributed. Route your feet into the ground, engage your thigh muscles, and London your response. This does not encourage proper alignment, improving posture by elongating the spine and opening the chest.

By creating a space in the chest, Tadasana facilitates better long-term expansion, allowing for increased oxygen intake. This improved posture also fosters a strong heart-mind connection, reducing expression and anxiety, which are very important for a healthy heart. Practicing Tadasana regularly as a part of yoga for heart diseases enhances body awareness and can be a calming, grounding pose. 


  • This yoga improves body posture and alignment, which further boosts blood circulation and supports heart health. 
  • This also increases the height of individuals, making them confidential for every era. 

2. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)


Trikonasana is the triangle pose, which involves standing with your feet wide apart, extending your arms horizontally, and reaching toward your toes on one side while keeping the other arm pointing upward. This asana gives a deep stretch for the sides of your torso, chest, and spine. This asana mainly focuses on stretching the body sideways, which enhances spinal flexibility. It helps in lengthening the leg muscles and reducing stiffness in the legs and hips. 

Trikonasana is excellent for stimulating blood circulation around the heart and reducing the risk of heart disease. The chest-opening aspect of this pose helps elevate stress and anxiety, contributing to overall heart well-being. It also strengthens the legs and gives excellent body balance. This asana further leads you to a stronger life. In addition to the range of physical advantages, trikonasana is believed to provide energy pathways in the body. 


  • It helps in lengthening the muscles of the leg 
  • The sideways bending stretches the spine and enhances flexibility
  • It helps with digestion
  • Improves blood circulation and flow throughout the entire body
  • Strengthen the waist and the back muscles 

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)


Bhujangasana enhances the mobility of the spine and strengthens spinal support muscles, thereby helping in getting relief from back pain. Bhujangasana, or the cobra pose, is a halt-opening pose that you can do by lying on your stomach and lifting your chest off the ground while keeping your legs extended. This asana strengthens the muscles of the chest and back, improving spine flexibility and massaging the heart. Additionally, this posture opens the chest and front of the body.

Bhujangasana strengthens and supports the lower back, which helps to relieve back pain. Bhujangasana is performed while lying on one’s back with the legs extended and the torso raised with the aid of the hands. The body assumes a cobra attitude while raising its hood in this position. Bhujangasana is a heart-healthy posture that, when practiced regularly, can reduce stress and anxiety while fostering a strong heart-mind connection. Additionally, it aids in abdominal muscle toning and the alleviation of lower back pain.


  • Reduces the symptoms of depression
  • Helps in relieving back pain
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Highly Improves body posture
  • Reducing fatigue 

4. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)

Paschimottan asana

Paschimottanasana, or seated forward bend, is sitting with your legs straight and bending forward to touch your toes. This asana assists in calming the mind and reducing stress.

By stretching the back and hamstrings, it improves circulation and blood flow, benefiting the heart. Paschimottanasana also massages and stimulates the abdominal organs, promoting digestive health, which is closely linked to heart health. It’s a fantastic pose for overall relaxation and rejuvenation. 


  • Improve spine flexibility, 
  • Overall, it reduces anxiety.
  • Boost blood circulation.

5. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)


Sarvangasana, or the Shoulder Stand, is an inversion post where you balance on your shoulders with your legs extended upward. This arsenal is known for its ability to regulate blood pressure by improving circulation throughout the body. It also calms down the system, reducing stress and anxiety, which indirectly supports yoga for heart diseases.

Sarvangasana stimulates the thyroid gland, which plays a vital role in regulating metabolism and maintaining hormonal balance. This pose needs strength and balance, so it’s important to practice it with proper guidance.


  • Improves blood circulation, 
  • Digestion, 
  • Body balance,  
  • Body posture. 

6. Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

setu bhandasana

Setu Bandhasana, or the Bridge Pose, involves lying on your back, bending your knees, and lifting your hips towards the ceiling. This asana strengthens the chest and back muscles while improving blood circulation to the heart. It also stretches the neck and spine, providing relief from backaches. The name comes from a bridge, giving an identity to the posture of this asana. You must perform this asana on an empty stomach. 

Setu Bandhasana can alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety by contributing to the best yoga for heart diseases. Additionally, it’s a great pose to practice for toning the glutes and thighs. It’s best to perform this asana in the morning. 


  • It helps in pain relief 
  • It helps strengthen muscles, hips, and thighs
  • Truly beneficial for asthma patients 
  • It has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • Helps in lowering blood pressure and stress 

7. Marjariasana (Cat-Cow Pose)


The cat-cow pose is a regular asana that involves arching and rounding the spine on all four sides. This gentle moment enhances spine flexibility and promotes blood flow to the heart. It’s often used as a warm-up exercise before more strenuous poses. The Cat-Cow Pose is truly beneficial for the spine even in old age when some people don’t feel like walking due to spine pain. 

The rhythmic motion of the cat-cow pose is excellent for reducing tension in the back, neck, and shoulders, areas commonly affected by stress. By involving it in your daily practice, you can easily make a strong and resilient spine, which is truly important for heart health. This pose includes stretching your spine and torso which helps in giving posture to the body and reducing stress. 


  • Relaxes the body 
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves the flow of blood circulation
  • Reduces body fat and gives shape to the body 
  • Boosts digestion 

8. Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious Breath)

Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi Pranayama or the Victorious Breath, is a breath control technique that includes slight constriction of the throat while breathing, resulting in a deep, ocean-like sound. Begin this pranayam with a count of 3 seconds inhalation and 6 seconds retention. Gradually increase it every week by 1 second. Practice it daily as per your comfort. 

This technique comes to mind, reduces stress, and enhances lung capacity promoting better oxygenation of the blood, which is truly important for a healthy heart. Ujjayi Pranayama also helps in regulating blood pressure and improves focus and concentration. It’s a valuable practice for building a strong heart-mind connection and achieving emotional balance. 


  • Helps in fluid retention in the body 
  • Increases appetite 
  • Beneficial in chronic cough, cold, digestion, and liver problems
  • Enhances the voice melody 
  • Stimulates and balances the thyroid 

9. Halasana, or The Plough Pose:


Perfecting this yoga pose can take some time. So we recommend that you start this with a professional yoga practitioner who can perfectly trend you in this pose. One can start this yoga by lying down on a yoga mat and then lying down on it, placing the arms on the side of the body. Inhale the oxygen and lift both of your legs together to form a right angle. The time when you exhale, lift your hips off the floor and move the legs to the back of your head. 

Place your hands on the ground, and open palms facing towards the ground. This also helps you maintain optimal support. If you don’t feel comfortable in your position, you can easily interlock your hands for extra support and stability. Continue with this position for 30-60 seconds, depending on your ability. Once done, you can slowly exhale return your legs to the ground, and relax. After that repeat this same yoga for 5-10 times more to get the utmost benefit as one of the best yoga asanas for heart disease. 


  • Highly stretches your spine, 
  • Tones the back muscles, 
  • enhances muscle mobility, as well as boosts blood circulation. 

10. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)


Dhanurasana matches the shape of a bow and involves lying on your stomach, bending your knees, and grabbing your ankles by lifting your chest and thighs off the ground. This powerful backbend significantly strengthens the muscles around the heart and expands lung capacity. 

It stimulates the abdominal organs, helps indigestion, and promotes a healthy metabolism. Dhanurasana also opens up the chest and shoulders, improving posture and reducing the risk of heart disease. Regular practice can alleviate stress and strengthen the body. 


  • Beneficial for diabetes patients
  • Helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles
  • Enhances the blood circulation around the organs and muscles 
  • Give an amazing body posture


If you truly want to improve your heart’s vital functions with yoga, engage yourself in all the above asanas that help in improving blood circulation, muscle flexibility, cholesterol levels, and weight. Always remember to practice these yoga asanas with utmost patience, mindfulness, and respect for the body’s limitations. Regularly practicing yoga as a part of daily routine can be a truly changing step towards living with a healthy heart. Ayurveda Sahi hai comes up with the importance of holistic well-being and these asanas match perfectly with that philosophy. 

Do remember, daily consistency and mind makeup are only the keys being used to the practice for a healthy heart. By strengthening your heart with these time-tested poses, you can easily live your journey toward a healthier and happier life. One must take some precautions while following these poses. By considering the growth of the modern generation and the expectations of people in this changing world, Ayurveda Sahi hai is known to be a dedicated place for all who desire to enhance their mental and physical capacity and stay positive throughout their life circumstances.

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