Top 7 Most Important -Yoga Asanas For Healthy Heart

Top 7 Most Important Asanas-Yoga  For Healthy Heart

At present, due to bad eating habits and deteriorating lifestyles, not only adults but youth are also suffering from heart-related diseases. People under the age of 20 are also facing heart attacks. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is very important for your heart health. Along with keeping the body healthy, it also protects it from many diseases. Ayurveda describes many types of yoga to avoid heart attacks and get rid of heart-related diseases. To keep the heart healthy, you can take the help of yoga, which keeps your heart completely healthy and strong. Some important postures in yoga have been told to remove heart problems. If you do not know about these asanas then rest assured because, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about the Top 7 Most Important Asanas that Yoga Asanas For Healthy Heart mentions.

Here are some Important Asanas To keep the heart healthy are as following below.

1.    Tadasana


Tadasana is one such asana that strengthens the heart. You must take deep breaths while performing this asana. This expands the lungs and greatly benefits your heart. This asana is very important for heart failure patients. This posture is also very important for people with a healthy heart. Performing this asana will keep heart health issues away from you for a long time and also helps in removing heart-related disorders.

2.    Vrikshasana


Vrikshasana develops our body in a balanced posture, it works to broaden the shoulders, then opens the Deki. By doing this asana, a person becomes self-confident. This posture has a lot of contribution to improving the functioning of the heart. This asana also helps in the improvement of systolic blood pressure.

3.    Uttanasana


By doing Uttanasana, there is an increase in the heart as well as the respiratory rate. Regular practice of this asana expands the chest. The expansion of the chest stimulates the heart and prevents heart-related diseases. This asana helps in the smooth circulation of blood in the heart.

4.    Padangusthasana


This asana proves very beneficial for patients suffering from heart-related diseases. It keeps the heart healthy as well as keeps it strong. This asana is also practised to reduce high blood pressure. This yoga asana provides strength to the body and increases flexibility. Regular practice of this asana reduces heart risks and benefits the heart a lot.

5.    Adomukhi Svanasana

Adomukhi Svanasana

Practicing Adomukhi Svanasana strengthens the chest muscles. This helps the lungs expand, which increases lung capacity. By doing this asana, the heart remains strong and there are no heart-related problems. This asana provides energy to the body and also helps in reducing the stress level. While doing this asana, the force of gravity acts on the opposite side of the body. This is the reason that by regularly practising this asana, the flow of fresh blood present in the body occurs at a rapid rate. This asana helps in improving blood circulation in our bodies.

6.    Dandasana


Dandasana is very beneficial for the health of the heart and lungs. Its continuous practice makes our hearts strong. Practising this asana opens the diaphragm of the lungs and also relieves shortness of breath. Dandasana strengthens the back. Along with this, by regularly practising this asana, our shoulders, and chest also expand, which is responsible for balancing your heart health. 

7.    Paschimottanasana


In Paschimottanasana we move the head down from the heart. By doing this asana, the heart rate decreases. Along with this, the respiratory rate in our body also decreases, due to which the heart remains healthy. This asana keeps the heart strong and healthy for a long time. It also improves the immune system. This asana helps in reducing stress and maintaining mental health.

What are the precautions to be taken while doing yoga for Healthy Heart?

 People do many types of yoga to get rid of physical ailments and various diseases, but sometimes they do not know some such things which are important to know. It is very important to take these precautions, especially during the yoga asana you practise to cure heart-related diseases. You should take some precautions while practising the yoga asana that we have mentioned here.

  1. Do not take stress while practising any kind of yoga asana. You should know that our lungs are such organs, which are very delicate. Being stressed about these can harm your health. 
  1. You must not practise any kind of yoga asana immediately after having food. Morning time is best for yoga asana. If there is a paucity of time, then keep in mind to do yoga only after at least 3 hours of having food.
  1. If you feel tired or restless due to work pressure, avoid doing yoga asanas for some time. If you want, you can also take advice from your yoga teacher in such a situation.
  1. Whatever yoga posture you are doing, never do it in a hurry. Avoid doing yoga asanas even in the condition of tiredness.
  1. While doing yoga asana, keep in mind that doing yoga asana in a small room is not good for your health. That’s why practice yoga asana on the terrace, courtyard, or any airy room of the house.

At present, we can get rid of all kinds of diseases with the help of yoga. These days most people are falling prey to heart-related diseases. The yoga asana that we have mentioned here proves to be very effective and helpful in curing heart-related diseases. Practise these yoga asanas daily to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay disease free. With this, you feel the positive energy in your life, which also provides you with many health benefits of Yoga.

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