11 Wheatgrass Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Health

Wheatgrass Benefits

No, don’t get it wrong. We are not talking about wheat. Wheat and Wheatgrass are two separate things. Wheatgrass is the young grass of the plant wheat and is called Triticum Aestivum. The ideal temperature for growing wheatgrass is 25C-35C in India, Europe, America, and such countries in regions where temperature supports its growth. Many countries have been using it for several health benefits.

Once it was used for treating constipation & pain. Wheatgrass is generally used in juice form as the leaves are not easily digestible. You can blend it in a mixer. The juice will look similar to if someone cuts the lawn grass and blends it. However, capsules and powdered wheatgrass are also available in the market at any Ayurvedic or generic medical store. 

Wheatgrass Nutritional Value:

Wheatgrass is often famous as a superfood. This is due to its rich composition of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibre, and protein. It helps in fighting many common ailments such as colds, coughs, fever, and digestive issues, and researches have also seen wheatgrass benefits for skin problems. Here is a list of all nutrients found in Wheat-grass. 

– Vitamin A,E,C,K, and B6

– Calcium

– Selenium

– Magnesium

– Iron

– 17 Essential Amino Acids

– Antioxidants

8 GM of raw wheat-grass powder contains 25 calories of energy, 1 GM of protein, 6 GM of carbohydrate, 4 gm of fibre, 24 milligrams of calcium, and 1 mg of iron. 

Benefits of Consuming Wheat-grass Juice:

Ayurveda mentions wheat-grass and its health benefits briefly. The book mentions it by the name Kanak or Godhuma. This plant boosts your fertility, and digestive health, and also fights against cancer cells in the body. Ayurveda suggests drinking a cup of wheat-grass juice early in the morning empty stomach to attain its best results. 

1. Boosts Your Immunity:

Our body is always targeted by free radicals, carcinogens, and toxins. These elements can create havoc in your body and have harmful effects on your regular healthy life. Wheat-grass has several amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and fibre to safeguard your body cells. They give our body strength and immune them with the right nutrition. The antioxidants kill the free radicals and pollutants present in your body. 

2. Helps in Maintaining Weight:

One glass of wheatgrass juice can heavily decrease food intake needs. It has several minerals and proteins including selenium in rich amounts. Selenium directly the thyroid processing that as a result balances your weight. Also, the nutrients present in the Selenium help you to reduce your food cravings. 

3. Boosts Fertility:

Wheatgrass is also helpful in improving your sex life. It improves your blood flow to your genital organs improving your stamina, sex drive, and vitality. It energizes your body, keeps it healthy, and improves the secretion of hormones for better sexual health. 

4. Works as an Antiseptic:

Rich in Chlorophyll, wheatgrass is an excellent antiseptic treatment for all kinds of wounds. Further, it decimates the foul smell, strep infections, and vaginal infections. It also treats issues such as sinusitis, ear inflammation, ulcers, rectal sores, varicose veins, typhoid fever, and uterine cervix. 

5. Improves Hair Health:

Hair health has become a strong common challenge for all men & women alike. One indirect benefit of drinking wheatgrass is improved hair health. Wheatgrass is natural dandruff removal so you can apply it once or twice a month alongside your shampoo. The rich amount of antioxidants & catalase present in wheatgrass slows down the process of greying and makes the follicles strong from within. It is also beneficial in revitalizing skin. 

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6. Improves Heart Health:

Including wheatgrass juice in your diet for your heart health is an excellent choice. They are full of fiber and proteins helpful in improving cardiac functions in the body. Regular consumption of juice decreases bad cholesterol (LDL) & triglycerides in the body, further increasing the HDL aka good cholesterol levels. 

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7. Reduce Cancer Symptoms:

Although there is no permanent solution to cancer now, we have come across several studies that show the positive effects of wheatgrass juice on cancer cells. Due to the high amount of antioxidants, proteins, fibre, and several nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, and calcium, it kills the tumour present in the body and fights back the cancer cells lowering the symptoms of cancer. 

8. Reduces Arthritis Pain:

Wheatgrass has a high amount of Chlorophyll that treats inflammation and joint pain. The anti-arthritis properties of the juice help in fighting against rheumatoid arthritis and severe inflammation. 

9. Boosts Oral Health:

Wheatgrass juice is loaded with several antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Though it’s often known as an immunity booster or digestive health promoter, it also heavily promotes your oral health. To improve your tooth health, rinsing your mouth with wheatgrass helps in chronic inflammation, removes toxins from gums, and strengthens your teeth. Killing all bacteria in your mouth removes bad breath issues. 

10. Detoxifies Our Body:

Our body comes in contact with pollutants and also creates free radicals and toxins in the functioning. Wheatgrass juice has detoxification properties that help in removing toxins. It also revitalises the body’s liver, protects it from oxidative stress, and chronic liver amenities. Along with its amazing effects on the liver, it also detoxifies the whole body with the element Chlorophyll. It removes toxins from the whole body and clears your skin, improving your energy levels & overall health. 

11. Normalizes Lipid Levels:  

Wheatgrass juice increases metabolism and energy consumption in our body. This directly affects our body functioning, cholesterol levels in our body, and lipid density in the blood. Several studies (add the link) show that wheatgrass juice controls the elevated lipid levels in the blood, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and hyperlipidemia that is a result of the heavy presence of unhealthy fats, lipids, and cholesterol in blood veins & artery walls. 

Is There Any Side Effect of Wheatgrass Juice?

Wheatgrass is generally safe for all. However, some specific cases have reported mild side effects. They suffered from throat inflammation, mild headaches, mild nausea, and more serious allergic issues. These are rare and there is no harm in trying them in a small amount in the beginning. 


The manuscripts of Ayurveda very well describe the benefits of Wheatgrass or Kanak or Godhuma. Wheatgrass benefits juice for skin, hair, digestion, and immunity are amazing. Several studies have proved its authentication. This article is presented to you by the team of Ayurveda Sahi hai. If you didn’t know about wheatgrass and its benefits, we hope that this article would have helped you. Don’t miss such other amazing articles from us. 

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