Best Life Lessons from Bhagavad Gita for You to Follow in Today’s Life

Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is an integral part of one of the holiest books in Hinduism- the Mahabharata. Mahabharata is an epic that refers to a proud dynasty named ‘Kuru’. The Kurus were further divided into Pandava & Kaurava. Both sides started a national-level war among themselves. The book mentions the deaths of millions of people in that war. The motive of the war was to establish ‘the good’ in society. Krishna who was the incarnation of the supreme God Vishnu was with Pandavas. 

But there is a section just before the war where we see the greatest archer of that time Arjuna in confusion. That portion of Mahabharata tells us about the compassionate heart of Arjuna towards people. He asked Krishna about the necessity of the war. He was ready to forgive Kauravas for their sins and leave all inheritance at once for the sake of saving people’s lives. Krishna on the other hand told him that fighting Kauravas was better than stopping the war as they would never stop torturing the common people. Krishna and Arjuna had a long conversation about the very basic nature of the world, philosophy, motives of life, and Dharma-the rightful duty. 

The whole conversation is recorded in the Gita. Bhagavad Gita is the holiest book of the Hindu Religion. In this article, we will discuss some of the teachings from Gita that are still relevant in current scenarios of our messy lives. Read the full blog to understand what Gita has to offer you today. 

1. Do Your Work, Don’t Fall For the Results:

This is the most important lesson from Bhagavad Gita. Especially in a fast generation like us, this lesson gives a deeper sense of understanding. Bhagavad Gita says that you must do all your rightful work but you must never worry about the results. Gita says that a man always gets attached to the results of his work which eventually leads him to failure. Even if he succeeds, he does not gain the knowledge and witnesses the beauty of his journey. This lack of experience destroys the whole meaning of doing any work. 

Krishna says that you must not focus on the results before completing the work. Do everything with all your might. You must worry about what life has kept for you. Accept whatever result life gives to you. Be calm in all situations as you may fail. Also, be calm when you get your desired success. Wise people keep their minds silent in both victory and failure. 

2. Do not Fear:

We all have some kind of fear in our life. Be it as dangerous as death or be it as simple as a dog. All of us have some phobia in our hearts. Often these fears stop us from performing at our best potential. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that we must not fear anything. Once you remove the fear from your mind, you become unstoppable. Krishna suggests we fight against our fears. He tells us to become bigger than those and overcome every obstacle in our lives. Brave men do not fear death. Rather death kisses their feet and takes their permission. 

3. Always Keep Control:

Control is an absolute necessity for all of us. If we lack control over our lives, we would further lose all our goals. As a result, we will face absolute failures in whatever we do. In today’s time when we are surrounded by a bunch of devices ready to distract us all the time, this lesson can guide you to always be focused on your target. Arjuna was the greatest archer of that time because he was focused all the time. 

To gain control over your life’s professional & personal situations, you can start meditating. Meditation gives you room and time to heal from within. It helps to gain control over all your situations and also develops new ideas to deal with them. 

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4. Lift Yourself Above Your Desires:

Bhagavad Gita says that all humans have desires. Some are good and some of them are bad. As a human, we always follow what our body says to fulfil its desires. It can be simple as eating your favourite fast food and can be complex as not giving taxes for your personal gain. 

Krishna says to Arjuna that one must have control over his desires. He/ she must do what is for the benefit of all and reject all those sinful desires that cost others happiness. This way you will also be in peace always. 

Follow the Dharma and not only what the mind demands. As humans, we all long for countless things each day that are not necessary and hold evil in their core. This will save our lives more often than we can think of. 

5. Everything Happens For Good:

Krishna says that life has meaning. Even if we don’t get famous or become a great personality worthy of history books, our lives still hold value. God has a plan and whatever happens, happens for a reason. It happens for the greater good. 

In the modern age, we face more problems than ever. As humans, we always face complexities in our lives. For note, with time, it is increasing only. Life often gives us reality checks that everything will go as we wish. 

Often we get stuck in the past with guilt and worry about the future. The reality is we can change any of them. Rather living in the past & future will only hurt us more. So what to do? Accept the situation and learn from it. It will give you immense wisdom and support you in your future journey. Eventually, it will fulfil the quote- ‘Everything happens for Good’.  

6. Accept Your Responsibilities:

Our young generation often refuses to accept their responsibilities. This is dangerous as it will cause destruction in our lives. In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that we all have different responsibilities to fulfil in this world. We must do it regularly for the betterment of the world. 

A child grows as a man or woman. After that he/she has a moral obligation to serve the world. It’s not their choice but their responsibility. 

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7. You Can Take Nothing From This World:

Bhagavad Gita says that Death is the ultimate truth. We all take birth and we all die over time. No one can live here forever. But most importantly, Krishna says that whatever you have earned here, you will eventually leave here. There is no way you can carry any materialistic thing with you in the afterlife world. Only your karma will go with you. 

The whole lesson is to not become greedy and attached to this very world. You are always alone here. You came here empty-handed and will go empty-handed. 

8. Do Not Doubt:

Self-doubt is very common in all of us. During Mahabharata, Arjuna was also in self-doubt about the war. He was thinking of quitting as he doubted himself being able to kill their relatives in the Kurukshetra. Krishna then tells Arjuna to remove all self-doubts as it was his rightful duty to destroy the evil. 

It is still relevant in today’s time. With self-doubt, you can achieve nothing great. Every one of us has the potential to become mighty. But not all of us have the same level of conviction in our hearts. Bhagavad Gita tells us to remove all our self-doubts to become the best of ourselves. 

9. Anger is the source of Deception:

Look around yourself. How many people do you see each day who are short-tempered? There are numerous. Everywhere we can see them. These people are always angry. They start fighting over little stupid things that would not matter even for 5 minutes. These people have zero control over their anger. They start yelling at anyone anywhere. 

Lord Krishna in Gita tells us to gain control over anger. Anger is one of the biggest causes of deception in our lives. Krishna says that you must not do anything in anger as it makes you blind, unable to see the right & the wrong. You do whatever you like and later live in the guilt of your loss. 

In anger, you can destroy your relationships, your professional life, and your very own peace. Hence it is a must for all of us to gain control over our anger. 

10. Greed Leads to Self-Destruction:

After anger, the second most dangerous human action is greed. People who have greed in their hearts can never live their lives. These people always run after names, fame, and stuff. A greedy person always thinks about himself and his progress. He does not serve society. Such a man/woman chooses the wrong ways to earn money. They hurt others for their personal gain. 

As a result, they never sleep in peace. Greed makes them run from one stuff to another, making their lives a circus where greed is the master. 


Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of the Hindu religion still holds value in it. All have read it says that it helped them to design their lives from whatever position they were in previously. We have discussed 10 important lessons from the Gita that can help you to deal with your life situations. I hope this will help you significantly. 

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