Exploring Unani Medicines and Its Proven Benefits

Unani Medicines and Its Benefits

There are several kinds of medicinal practices in the world. Unani medicines are one of them. If dating, this medicinal way leads you back thousands of years. This comes from the land of Greece. In the Hindi language, Greece translates into ‘Unan’ and hence Greek medicines translates to Unani Medicines. 

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates discovered and taught this medicine to his followers. Hippocrates was born in 460 B.C.E and died in 375 B.C.E. He is also famous as the father of medicine whose medical teachings are still valid for systematic medicine and treatment practices. 

In this blog, we will discuss the importance and benefits of Unani Medicines in detail. Read the blog completely. 

What is the Unani Medicinal Way?

Unani Medicines or Greek Medicines are alternative medicinal treatments. It has its origins in ancient Greece. In the 4th century B.C.E, a Greek physician Hippocrates discovered and developed this method of treating diseases. He and his followers played a great role in developing kinds of literature containing the methods of Unani Medicines. 

Unani Medicines also include the suggestions of Greek philosophers such as Galem and Razes. The effectiveness of these medicinal practices made them famous throughout the country. During the Middle Ages, Arab and Persia made immense significant contributions to this medicinal process. Still, now, Unani Medicines are practiced in several parts of the world. 

Fundamentals of Unani Medicine:

The Unani medicines fundamentals include a significant philosophy in its methods. Like the ancient Indian culture, Greeks also believed that the human body has some base elements. These elements are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air collectively. These elements are collectively responsible for anyone’s healthy life. They believe that when there occurs an imbalance among these four elements of the body, the body falls ill. 

Furthermore, Greek medicine tells us about the core humor of the human body. These are Blood, Phlegm, Black Bile, and Yellow Bile. These four humor also must be in equilibrium to always be healthy. Unani Medicine’s fundamentals are a mix of ancient science and Greek Philosophy. 

How Does This Work?

Unani treatment works by analyzing the body’s natural responses in all conditions. It asks practitioners to examine the pulse rate of a patient. Pulse rate examinations have a heavy role in almost all the Unani treatment methods. Other than pulse rate analysis, Unani treatment also examines human body features like size, strength, consistency, speed, fullness, heart rate, temperature, regularity, and rhythm. All these factors help decide whether a person is healthy or not. Other than these, Greek medicinal treatment also examines urine and stool samples to examine a patient’s condition. It helps them to recognize the disease and how severe the disease is. 

We can divide Greek medicine or Unani Medicine into four different parts. 

  1. Regimental Therapy: This treatment includes exercises, massages, Turkish baths, and other physical activity that does not require any medicines in its course. Only oiling and a physical workout are required. 
  2. Dietotherapy:  In Dietotherapy, Unani medicine guides you to consume a balanced diet. 
  1.  Pharmacotherapy: This is the type where you need to consume Unani Medicine as prescribed by doctors. Most of these drugs are from plant bases only. But some drugs contain animal and mineral origins also. 
  1.  Surgery: At the last, Unani medicinal methods are also able to perform surgeries on patients. Their literature guides the practitioners to perform it successfully on needy patients. 

Where Can This Unani Medicine be Used?

Unani Medicines were very effective in ancient times. It is regarded as trustworthy and effective throughout countries. Here are some of the common ailments that Greek Medicines or Unani Medicines are very effective. 

1. Joint Pain :

Joint pain is not a new problem. Almost all old people face this ailment. In the current age, it is common in young ones also. Joint pain is of two types. One is Rheumatoid Arthritis and the other is Osteoarthritis. 

Unani medicines offer you treatment of both kinds of joint pain or Knee Pain through a drug named Majoon Suranjan. The drug contains plant-based substances such as Ginger and Aloe Vera. The drug is anti-inflammatory and this modifies the disease and works as an anti-arthritis. 

2. For Your Eye-sights:

Ailments causing eyesight problems are also very common these days. Well, not to mention that Unani treatment works on this well. There are several medicines in Greek treatment which are effective in improving eyesight. These are also great to treat Cataract disease. A cataract is a disease that causes blindness. It is one of the most common eye problems in the world. 

Unani Medicine ‘Kohl-Chikni Dawa’ is famous internationally for treating Cataract disease. Studies show that regular drops of this Unani medicine slow the process of Cataracts in patients. 

3.  For Brain:

You may not believe it but ancient Greece had developed medicines for treating brain ailments. Although it was limited to the natural process, we can believe that it was a great achievement in medical science. ‘Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala’ is a recognized medicine for treating the normal aging process of the brain. The medicine contains numerous natural elements such as saffron, cardamom, Indian Bay Leaf, Citron, and extra. 

Its antioxidant properties protect the brain from the harmful effects of free radicals. It is also helpful in treating brain impairment due to aging. 

4. Sexual health:

In Unani medicine, Satwar is an aphrodisiac medicine famous for its positive effects on premature ejaculation in men. It tastes sweet and produces saliva when one chews this. Unani Medical describes it as a cold and wet temperament medicine. For note, its root powder is used for treating diseases like Diarrhoea and Dysentery. 

5. Hair loss:

Who is not facing this issue in the whole world? In my personal opinion, hair fall may be the most common problem of all ages at the current time. However, it is not new. Ancient Unani medicines tell us to use aerial roots of banyan trees. 

Crush the aerial roots of banyan trees and leave them in coconut oil for 15 days. Regularly do oiling with this coconut oil. This will help you Reducing Hair Loss.  

Other than these very common ailments, Unani medicines are also effective in treating autoimmune disorders. Some of them are Psoriasis, Eczema, and Lichen Planus. 


The Unani methods of treating disease are older than some civilizations. It is effective and creates minimal side effects. If you are going through an ailment, you can go for Unani medicines once to try. 

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