How to Keep Your Brain Healthy For Longer Times


The brain controls all functions in the human body. Functions that we don’t even control with our conscience. Such as the growth of our nails & hair. But it is true that like all the other organs of our body, our brain also loses its potential as we grow older. 

Declination of the brain is very common. Especially due to aging we lose memory, our intelligence, and our ability to make decisions. Furthermore, people face many diseases due to their declining brain capacity. Despite it being a natural process, we can actually slow it down. Through some very daily lifestyle habits, we can keep our brains healthy & happy for always. In this blog, we will discuss some of them. How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

1. Practice Mental Stimulating Activities:

Solving puzzles was everyone’s favorite in their childhood. Elder people say that it helps children to strengthen their minds. This technique works on adult minds also. Through several experiments on mice and humans, we have results that suggest this. Brain-stimulating activities help your brain to develop the connection between nerve cells. The activities can also develop new nerve cells. It also helps you to develop neurological plasticity that will replace cells that would be lost in the near future. Some of these activities are reading, scribbling, painting, chess, puzzle solving, maths problems, and many others. These activities are known as mental gymnastics.

For a healthy brain, you must include these activities. Don’t make your age an excuse to run from growth.

2. Do Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise is an all-time hit solution to almost all problems in your body. Regular exercise also helps develop a healthy mind. Your muscle training increases the amount of oxygen in your blood cells. The oxygen gets to your brain, helping it to function more efficiently. 

Regular physical exercise comes to More Sociales also helps generate new nerve cells. It also develops the connections between the nerve cells named ‘Synapses’. The development of these nerve cells and their connections helps the brain to become more active, efficient, adaptive, and plastic. You will be aware of the environment around you. For aging people, exercise will give you a new life completely. Not only exercise improves your mind but it will also keep several diseases in control. Such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and stress. 

3. Improve Your Diet:

Our body is what we intake. It is very important to look at food and its nutrition if we want to live a healthy and longer life. Our food affects our bodies as well as our mind. Nutrition, protein, vitamins, and minerals give strength to our overall health. 

For example- people who are more inclined to fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and plant-based protein sources are more likely to have healthy hearts and brains. They have better chances of not having brain diseases such as dementia.  

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4. Maintain Your Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure is a very common disease in midlife adults. We can even see the symptoms in teenagers and early adults. In India, every 1 in 4 people is a patient with blood pressure. But blood pressure does not leave us at this only. It leads to midlife brain declination in old age. 

It is better to take precautions for this. In your early adulthood only, make modifications to your lifestyle. Focus on having a life of peace and activeness. Healthy modifications will keep your blood pressure low and your brain healthy. 

5. Maintain Your Cholesterol Level:

Like blood sugar and blood pressure, cholesterol or bad cholesterol-Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the reason for many common diseases. Even cholesterol further becomes the main cause of blood pressure and heart attacks. High Cholesterol also increases the risk of dementia. You can also keep it balanced by doing some modifications in your daily life. A good healthy diet, exercise, weight control, and avoiding any kind of tobacco consumption help to keep your cholesterol within limits. 

6. Avoid Tobacco:

Tobacco is a very bad habit in adults and even teenagers. It results in mouth cancer. But it also leaves bad effects on your brain. It blocks your brain’s calculative and creative power. Stop tobacco as soon as possible. 

7. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol has now become a sign of class. People, adults, and teenagers consume it on different occasions. However, people soon get addicted to it. This is where it starts harming your life. Excessive consumption of alcohol directly affects your power. It leads to a high risk of dementia. To not get bad effects from alcohol consumption, you need to limit it. We suggest consuming only two drinks a day. 

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8. Take Care of Your Emotional Health:

Our brain is the sole source of our emotions. Whether we feel happy, sad, or frustrated; all come from our brain only. But when you get stuck in your negative emotions such as depression, stress, anxiety, and self-deprivation, you are highly likely to have brain decline in old age. These people also have low cognitive scores. For maintaining good brain health, you must care for your emotions.

9. Protect Your Head:

Several times, brain damage in an injury. They can be dangerous. You may get several diseases from any accident. Whenever something like this happens, you must go for a diagnosis in a reputed hospital. Also, be protective all the time. 

10. Become More Social:

Humans are social animals. It is foolish to think that you can live alone. So go outside, be friendly and make quality relationships. But first, make healthy warm relationships with your family. Hanging out with friends actually lowers the risk of dementia. It also controls blood pressure and increases your life expectancy. 


The brain is the most important organ of our body. It controls everything, from the smallest to the biggest part of our body. Your life will have more quality only if your brain is healthy. It is highly important to take care of your brain health as you do for your physical health.  Above in this blog, we have discussed some of the ways you can keep active and healthy always. Start adapting some or all of these and enjoy your life. 

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