Vastu Shastra:The Higher Science Of Architecture

Our ancient architects and engineers have built such masterpieces that amaze even modern architects and engineers. And it is not just the amazing buildings and temples but also the positive energetic vibes that you get in these monuments and places! And this architectural style was called Vastu Shastra.

Five Elements Of “Panchbhoot”:

In this they took care of the five elements from which this world is made up of; Fire Water, air, space, and earth.

Earth’s Magnetic Field:

We all know that earth has a magnetic field that pulls everything towards it. It also affects how it revolves around the sun and how it rotates.

Sun, Moon, Their Position, And Effects:

Sun and moon are the 2 very important aspects due to which life on earth is possible. Thus taking care of their positions and effects on your house is essential.

8 Cardinal Directions:

Finally, all 5 elements, the earth’s magnetic field and the sun and moon and their effects need to be complemented with the direction they are placed in.

We have given you a glimpse of the deep science behind Vastu Shastra and we hope you have understood how scientific and geographical our ancient Vastu Shastra is.