Importance of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is the young grass of the plant wheat and is called Triticum Aestivum.


Boosts Your Immunity

Wheat-grass has several amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and fibre to safeguard your body cells.They   give our body strength and immune them with the right nutrition.

Helps In Maintaining Weight

One glass of wheatgrass juice can heavily decrease food intake needs. It has several minerals and proteins including selenium in rich amounts.

Boosts Fertility

Wheatgrass is also helpful in improving your sex life. It improves your blood flow to your genital organs improving your stamina, sex drive, and vitality.

Works As An Antiseptic

Rich in Chlorophyll, wheatgrass is an excellent antiseptic treatment for all kinds of wounds.

Improves Hair Health

Hair health has become a strong common challenge for all men & women alike. One indirect benefit of drinking wheatgrass is improved hair health.

Improves Heart Health

Including wheatgrass juice in your diet for your heart health is an excellent choice. Its helpful in improving cardiac functions in the body.

Detoxifies Our Body

Wheatgrass juice has detoxification properties that help in removing toxins. It also revitalises the body’s liver, protects it from oxidative stress, and chronic liver amenities.

Normalizes Lipid Levels

 Wheatgrass directly affects our body functioning, cholesterol levels in our body, and lipid density in the blood.