Do You Know These Health Benefits Of Methi?

Methi is among the common ingredients of our daily kitchen activities. It is used to add taste to food and make it spicy. But the taste is not the only reason what we would suggest you add methi in your daily meals.

Role Of Methi In Ayurveda:

Methi is a medicinal herb and comes in use very often in Indian homes. Ayurveda calls it a heating energy element helpful in boosting the Virya in the body.

Health Benefits Of Methi:

In Ayurveda, methi is a common herb and has the following health benefits for humankind. Using methi in culinary preparations adds up taste as well as health in your plate.

How To Consume Methi?

Methi is a common ingredient of Indian cuisine. Methi is available in the form of seeds, leaves, powder, paste, and sprouts. You can use methi roasted or ground in various Indian dishes.


As methi is so common in Indian households, we often ignore that it has so many benefits. From our digestive health to sexual health, methi improves our lifestyle.