Indian spices help in making dishes tasty as well as cure many serious diseases.

One of these is Clove, which reduces the symptoms of many diseases and gets rid of them.

What Are Cloves? Clove is a spice, which we use to make dishes tasty. Clove is found in the evergreen tree.

Nutritional Value of Clove: The amount of nutrients in cloves is very high. – contains minerals, vitamins, and fibre.

Health Benefits Of Clove You Must Know: Clove has many health benefits, due to which consuming it is very beneficial for us.

1.Relieves Cough: We use Clove as a traditional medicine. It has anti-cough properties, which help in relieving cough, sore throat, etc.

2. Removes Toothache: Clove acts as a natural pain reliever. Therefore it helps relieve toothache. It protects teeth from infection.

3.Removes Bad Breath: Consuming clove helps in destroying the micro-organisms produced in the mouth.

4.Prevents Cancer: Clove has antioxidant properties, by which we can protect the cells in the body from destruction.