Top Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin & Hair

Rice Water is rich in Inositol, Ferulic Acid, vitamins B8, C, and E, minerals, and antioxidants. Inositol is very effective for your skin. It makes it more elastic, reduces sebum secretion, and fights free radical damage in the cells.

Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin

Apply rice water to your face regularly, and you will see the difference in just a few days.


Glowing Skin

Rice water is enriched with vitamins C, E, and B1, minerals, and antioxidants that reduce fine lines, blemishes, and dark spots. It is also used as an exfoliator to wash off dead skin cells from your face and give you glowing, radiant skin.

Reduce Acne, Pimples, And Open Pores

Rice Water is a natural solution for it. Being rich in starch and medicinal properties, it removes the excess sebum, fills up the pores, and moisturizes & brightens your skin.

Reduces Skin-Cancer

Rice Water enhances the speed of new cell production with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. These new cells fight with the cancer cells and help relieve the symptoms.

Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair

Repair The Damaged Hair

Rice water is high in amino acids, which are essential for hair growth and protection.

Increase Hair Volume

Rice Water is enriched with vitamins B, C, and E. All three of them are essential ingredients for healthy hair growth.


Above, we have discussed the benefits of Rice water in detail. However, there are a few side effects too.  Therefore, before using it, consulting a doctor would be beneficial.