10 Holistic Benefits Of Aloe Vera On The Face And Skin

Aloe Vera is one of the most modest plants in Indian households. Aloe Vera does not belong to the cactus family as people think it to be. This has thorns on its leaves. It belongs to the ‘Asphodelaceae’ family.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin Health:

In case of any chronic disease, you must consult your regular doctor before applying aloe vera to your skin . Below are some benefits of aloe vera gel on the skin.


Aloe vera has healing properties for Skin burns. If by accident, you have burnt your skin, apply aloe vera gel on the burnt skin three times a day. 

Slows Skin Ageing:

Aloe vera gel is highly beneficial for skin aging. It easily benefits the epidermis of the skin. It is a moisturizer and hydrates the skin cells.

Cold Sores:

Herpes virus is the source of cold sores. Aloe Vera, when applied daily, kills the Herpes virus effectively.


Ayurveda mentions aloe vera as holy for the skin. Above we have discussed the benefits and also the cautions of aloe vera.