Best Natural Ayurvedic Ways To Improve Digestion

four ways and a few tips to improve your digestive health:

1. Hot Water With Lemon:

A very simple yet effective way to improve digestion is hot water with squeezed lemon. The best time for consuming this in the morning is on an empty stomach.

2. Raw Fennel Seeds:

Have you ever felt pain, cramps, and gastric after having your meal? It’s common and you certainly do not enjoy it. Fennel seed is a highly.

3. CCF Tea:

CCF refers to Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel seeds. When mixed and boiled in water, it becomes highly effective on the human body’s digestive system.

4. Ginger Lime Appetiser:

As the name suggests, ginger Lime improves your appetite. You can have it anytime in an entire day. It is helpful for you to eat more.


Digestion is a very common problem and you cannot get rid of this with heavy doses of medicines. This problem belongs to your overall lifestyle, food habits, and your health.