Ayurvedic tips for foot care

The feet are one of the important parts of our body. Not taking care of the feet can lead to many problems. These problems include cracking of the feet, bleeding from the ankles, and foul smell in the feet.

While cleaning the feet, remove the dirt by rubbing the feet with soap and wash the feet with clean water. After this, let the feet get air. This keeps your feet clean and healthy for a long time.

1. Comfort and cleanliness

Foot massage has been given great importance in Ayurveda. Along with this, it is told in Ayurveda that foot massage not only gives relief to the feet but also to the whole body.

2. Get a foot massage

According to Ayurveda, washing the feet or basic foot hygiene is the best way to take care of the feet. Take special care of hygiene during foot care and cleaning.

3. Basic foot hygiene

By doing this, there is no problem related to the feet. You can take an herbal foot bath every other week. To prepare it, first take lavender, sage, and rosemary.

4. Weekly herbal foot bath

According to Ayurveda, foul smell from the feet is not good for the health of the feet. An herbal foot bath is a very good option to remove the odour from the feet.

5. Prevent foot odour

With the help of these tips, you will be able to pay attention to your feet as well as take care of them.