Amazing Ayurvedic Summer Tips To Stay Cool

India has a scorching summer because it is a warm country. People frequently experience temperatures of 40 degrees or more, particularly in parts of Mid-India. 

Stay Hydrated & Refreshed

The first important summer tips for staying cool with Ayurveda for staying cool is to stay hydrated always.

Avoid Hot Drink & Spicy Food

Spicy food heats up your body and affects your digestion. The hot chilies, hot peppers, and salt leave your stomach dehydrated. Sam goes with hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

Take Cold Showers

The best idea to stay cool is to take cold showers each day. Taking showers helps your body to stay hydrated, clean, and free of sweat, giving you a shot of refreshment each day.


Exercises raise your body temperature. However, it’s not limited to exercises. Yoga has several cooling exercises that calm your body temperature.

Sleep Well

Sleep is your body’s healing booster. Your body rests, calms its conscious activities, and heals you from the inside.


In this article, you have read some of the best cooling Ayurveda summer tips. Follow them all and be the coolest in your circle.