Ayurveda For Eye Care

Eyes are also included as important parts of our body, due to their presence we are able to see the environment around us and do many important tasks.

Cleaning Protocol

Eye cleaning is very important to keep the eyes healthy. Ayurveda advises that we should keep washing our eyes.

Exercise Trataka

Practising the Tratak method every day for 10 minutes increases the power of your eyes and keeps the eyes healthy for a long time.

Ayurvedic Herbs

According to Ayurveda, many such methods have been used, using powders that are also made from herbs like Amla, Triphala,  By using these you can increase your eyesight.

Healthy Diet

If you take special care of your diet and follow a healthy diet every day, then you can keep your eyes healthy.

Add Carotenoids

Carotenoids protect the eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. Along with this, it also reduces the risks of macular degeneration.

Practice Yoga

by doing yoga, we can keep our eyes healthy. Along with taking a healthy diet, it is necessary that we spend some time doing yoga.


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