Top 8 Cool Summer Drinks: Beat the Heat

Watermelon Juice

The sight of green and red watermelons at roadside stalls and supermarkets signals summer’s arrival. With the highest water content among fruits, watermelon is the ultimate refresher.

Jal Jeera

A traditional North Indian beverage, Jal Jeera combines tamarind, cumin, coriander, and mint with sugar and water.

Nannari Sharbat: The Flavor of the South

Popular in Tamil Nadu, especially during the hot summer months, Nannari Sharbat is made from the roots of the Indian sarsaparilla plant. 

Lassi and buttermilk

Both lassi and buttermilk, derived from curd, are renowned for their cooling effects. Lassi, a sweet yogurt drink, often includes fruits like mango or strawberry,


A classic summer staple, lemonade not only quenches thirst but also prevents dehydration, aids digestion, and regulates blood sugar.

Seasonal fruit juices

For variety, try homemade seasonal fruit juices like black grape, amla (rich in vitamin C), pomegranate, and orange juice. 


This traditional Indian drink is a summer favorite, known for its delicious taste and numerous health benefits. 

Sugarcane Juice

Widely enjoyed in India, sugarcane juice is a quick pick-me-up rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals.