Sanatan Dharma Rules

Here are some of the key rules and principles of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism):

Dharma (Righteous Living)

- Follow one's dharma (duty/righteousness) based on life stage and social order - Practice non-violence (ahimsa) - Uphold truth and honesty

Karma & Rebirth

- Belief in the law of karma (cause and effect) - Actions in this life determine one's future birth - Aim to achieve moksha (liberation from rebirth cycle)

Codes of Conduct

- Practice self-discipline and self-restraint - Respect elders, teachers, and parents - Exercise control over senses and desires

Environmental Ethics

- Live in harmony with nature - Avoid wastage and overconsumption - Protect plant and animal life

Social Responsibilities

- Fulfill duties based on one's varna (social order) - Practice charity and selfless service - Promote equality and oppose discrimination

Personal Conduct

- Observe purity in thought,       word, and deed - Cultivate virtues like humility, patience, and compassion - Practice spiritual disciplines like meditation

Eternal Principles

- Respect all paths to the Divine - Seek knowledge and self-realization - Embrace pluralism and tolerance