Everything You Need To Know About Vata Dosha Is Here

Ayurveda mentions the three prime elements of our body. These are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These elements decide your body type. These are important as Ayurveda treats each disease considering these individual body types.

What Is Vata Dosha? Vata’s literal meaning is to flow like the wind. Vata manages the flow of the body elements. It resembles two of the five elements of the body- air & space.

Characteristics Of The Vata Dosha: Ayurveda further divides Vata dosha into five subparts. These subdivisions or sub-doshas process differently in our bodies.

How To Balance Your Vata Dosha: 1. Start Meditation 2. Nourish Your Mind & Body 3. Stay Warm, Stay Calm

Food Habits To Balance Vata In Your Body: When you come to the Vata dosha, food plays a much more important part than you think. A peaceful environment and fully focused eating.

Conclusion: The Vata element in our body plays a pioneering role in our body. It includes the air & space elements present in the body.